Jeremy Hunter is a Fire Captain who investigated the fire at Shake It Up, Chicago! and was the boyfriend/fiance of Georgia Jones for the first half of season three. He first appeared in Fire It Up and immediately fell for Georgia. The romance continued to blossom for several episodes until Oh Brother It Up where they become engaged. The couple planned to marry in I Do It Up, but they call off the marriage at the altar. Jeremy is the father of Logan Hunter and he is portrayed by Anthony Starke.


  • Fire It Up: Jeremy is the Fire Captain in charge of investigating the Shake It Up, Chicago! fire. He meets the Jones family for the first time in this episode.
  • Funk It Up: Jeremy and Georgia start dating. Jeremy is excited when Flynn invites him to be his guest for Career Day.
  • Merry Merry It Up: Jeremy and CeCe have an argument about Christmas decorations which causes problems with his relationship with Georgia.
  • Home Alone It Up: (mentioned)
  • Oh Brother It Up: Jeremy brings his son, Logan, to dinner at the Jones apartment and proposes to Georgia.
  • I Do It Up: Jeremy is nervous before the wedding and after Flynn's revelation, he decides to call the wedding off.



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