Relationship Information
Between: CeCe Jones


Ship Name: JaCe
Status: Ex-enemies
First Interaction: Brain It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Bella Thorne

Ben Stillwell

JaCe is the romantic/friendship pairing of James and CeCe Jones (Ja/mes + Ce/Ce). 

Both Bella Thorne and Caroline Sunshine confirmed that CeCe would have a love interest in Season 3.

They are portrayed by Bella Thorne and Ben Stillwell.

Pairing Names

  • JaCe (Ja/mes + Ce/Ce) - Official Pairing Name
  • JeCe - (J/ames + C/ece)
  • JamCe - (Jam/es + Ce/Ce)
  • JameCe - (Jame/s + Ce/Ce)
  • Cames - (C/eCe + J/ames)
  • Cemes - (Ce/Ce + Ja/mes

Rival Pairings


  • They are both in the same class.
  • They scored the same score.
  • Are both somewhat arrogant.
  • Are both somewhat insecure when outside their respected element.
  • Both worry unnecessarily.
  • Both apparantly think alike.


Season 3

Brain It Up

  • CeCe said hi to James.
  • James already knew who CeCe was.
  • In first, second and third grade James helped CeCe with the scissors.
  • James asked CeCe how she aced the test.
  • James announces to everyone that CeCe entered the classroom.
  • James and CeCe call each other sweetheart (sarcastically).
  • James put his arm up for CeCe.
  • James was shocked when Mr. Polk praised CeCe.
  • James talked to CeCe when he walked into the room.
  • James noticed the bags under CeCe's eyes.
  • James and CeCe got the same results.
  • James apologized to CeCe.
  • CeCe wanted to prove James wrong.
  • James called CeCe really smart.
  • James told CeCe to push the door.

Opposites Attract It Up

  • James asked CeCe on a date and she gladly agreed.
  • CeCe had fun on their first date.
    Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 10.23.23 PM

    JaCe! Oh the feels! James and Cece on a Date!

  • CeCe asked Rocky to help her with her date, meaning she didn't want to be embarrassed and wanted to impress James.
  • James asked Ty to help him with his date, meaning he didn't want to be embarrassed and wanted to impress CeCe.

Psych It Up

  • James and Cece break up
  • CeCe was upset when they broke up


Brain It Up

James: Hey, everyone, look. CeCe somehow found her way back to the classroom. What you do? Leave a trail of lip gloss and press on nails? CeCe: No, I used used my Where To Find The Biggest Jerk In School app and it led me right here to you.
CeCe: I'm not really smart at all. James: CeCe, if you got the same score as I did you then you are really smart. I know 'cause, I'm really smart.

Opposites Attract It Up

CeCe: Rocky thinks you like like me.
James: Haha, that's hilarious, you wanna go out sometime?

Pysch It Up

Cece: If I didn't know any better I'd think you were breaking up with me. James: (Laughs) I am. I'll see you around.

Episodes with a JaCe Plots & Subplots

  • Brain It Up - CeCe and James meet in the Hounour Class and get off to a bad start. They both dislike each other and become enemies fast because James thinks CeCe is too dumb.
  • Opposites Attract It Up - James asks CeCe out on a date and they both have fun. Both James and CeCe develop feelings for eachother but overthink their relationship. CeCe tries to become smart and James tries to become cool. With Ty and Rocky's help they both start their relationship.
  • Psych It Up - JaCe break up because they realise their relationship isn't going anywhere. James breaks up with CeCe although she was going to break up with him first.


  • JaCe Color - Blue (When CeCe met James he was wearing blue, the next day, CeCe was wearing blue as well.)
  • JaCe Food - Salad =, Because on there date they were both eating salad
  • JaCe Day - June 23, as of right now, that's when they started dating.
  • JaCe Fan's Official Name - JaCeanators
  • JaCe Boss: Mr.Polk, he placed them in the same class
  • JaCe Number - 92 (they both scored on the test in Brain It Up)
  • JaCe Animal -Lion, because when they were enemy's they called eachother "Snorting Lions"
  • JaCe Queen - Cece Jones
  • JaCe King- James
  • JaCe Twitter RP (Exes) - 
  • JaCe Shipping Ambassador -
  • JaCe Writers - Everyone

Our JaCe

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JaCe Songs

  1. Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul
  2. Had Me @ Hello by Olivia Holt
  3. These Boots are Made For Walking by Olivia Holt
  4. Come and Get It by Selena Gomez
  5. Ready or Not by Bridgit Mendler
  6. TTYLXOX by Bella Thorne
  7. Contagious Love by Zendaya & Bella Thorne
  8. Watch Me by Margaret Durante
  9. Breakout by Margaret Durante


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