J.J. Jones
J. J. Jones|
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Jason Jeffrey Alexander Jones
5' 10"
April 23, 1975
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Cathy (ex-girlfriend)
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Jason Jeffrey "J.J" Alexander Jones is the father of both CeCe and Flynn, and the ex-husband of Georgia Jones. He is first seen in "Parent Trap It Up", albeit he was only mentioned in some previous episodes. He is portrayed by Matthew Glave.


J.J. Jones is much like his daughter CeCe, being off sometimes, although he still maintains a responsible adult life. He and Georgia Jones are divorced. CeCe and Flynn stated that it would be worse if they were married. Although he still lives in Florida and his family is in Chicago , his family still loves him and he loves them just as much. He and Georgia compete to be to the parent who gives the best presents during Christmas.


Season 2

Season 3

  • I Do It Up: J.J. returns to Chicago for Georgia and Jeremy's wedding, but he and Georgia end up kissing and the wedding is canceled.


  • Him and Georgia are divorced.
  • He is the father of Cece and Flynn.
  • He lives in Florida.
  • He was dating a woman named Cathy, who he was going to propose to as of "Parent Trap It Up", but decided not to because they were too different with their interests.
  • According to Flynn and CeCe, he and his ex-wife get along better because they're divorced.
  • He was planning a trip to Hawaii with Cathy.
  • He and Georgia compete to be to the parent who gives the best presents during Christmas.
  • He likes Indian food.
  • The actor who plays J.J. is, ironically, the husband of the actress who plays Georgia Jones.
  • He has 2 kids with Anita Barone who plays Georgia Jones.
  • He showed some interest in getting back together with Georgia in I Do It Up, since he said the kiss meant something to him.
  • It is still unknown what J.J stands for.
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