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Many parts of the show contain hidden messages meant to be funny. These messages are usually intended to amuse the teen and adult audience, not children (under 12).

Season 1

Start It Up

  • CeCe tells Rocky to imagine everyone naked. CeCe is also grinning wickedly while Rocky shivers.
  • CeCe pretends she is naked while auditioning.
  • CeCe talks to Rocky about how they were once at camp and she tipped the canoe and her top came off. Rocky says that nobody even knew she was a girl. CeCe then says that she knew.

Meatball It Up

  • CeCe and Rocky are eating a piece of spaghetti and they almost kiss.

Give It Up

  • Mrs. Locassio says she used to dance as a Vegas Showgirl in her birthday suit.
  • Deuce: "FYI, Seraphina told me couture means fancy clothes. I thought it meant lady parts."
  • Cece was making out with someone in her dream.
  • Deuce in effect 'turns Rocky and CeCe on' when he makes their pants light up.

Add It Up

  • Tinka: "I usually hold out my cheese until the second date."
  • Deuce: "Just be glad we thumb wrestled and I won my underwear back."
  • Gunther is disappointed that he and Tinka won't get married one day. This is suggesting Twincest.
  • Mrs. Jones: "My taser is fully charged and I'm not afraid to use it."
  • Gary: "Right back at ya."
  • Mrs. Jones (to CeCe): "I hate to be bad cop here, but if you don't raise your grades, you're off the show."
  • Gary: "You know, I wouldn't mind if you played a little bad cop with me."
  • Gunther: "Hello-o-o! It is me, Gunther Hessenheffer! (No response) Gary? I got your text! Am I early for special rehearsal?"

Party It Up

  • Supermodel: "I could just eat guys up! You know, if I ate." (This suggests anorexia.)
  • Also the model said she could "EAT you guys up!" This could be mistaken for something more dirtier.
  • CeCe and Rocky groan after they do a body bump.
  • Flynn: "We need more boys in this house. I'm outnumbered!"
  • Georgia: "Hey, don't look at me! Factory's closed."

Age It Up

  • CeCe says that if she became a celebrity and needed to use an alias, she would go by "Crystal McHotness". She then moves her hands over the curves of her body.
  • (After seeing a picture of Justin Star kissing his manager) "Quite frankly, you are too young to feel this way!" - Cece

Hook It Up

  • Rocky: "Well, my banjo prefers to stay in it's case." (She says this when the dancer says that all dancers must be comfortable in their body and change in front of others.)
  • Tinka says that CeCe is a very dirty, dirty girl.
  • Ty says that he didn't want Flynn to pull something he was gonna need later.
  • Gunther: "You can't get to the top unless you kiss the bottom."

Match It Up

  • CeCe was wondering why Deuce was so turned off by her.
  • CeCe: "No wonder Deuce likes her more than me. I like her more than me."
  • CeCe: "No, I don't dig her."

Show It Up

  • Flynn takes Deuces's underwear without even reaching down his pants.
    • He also takes Deuce's pants.
  • Flynn: "Hey Deuce, I heard you kissed a girl and she didn't like it."
  • Flynn says that nobody wants to see Deuce naked.

Glitz It Up

  • CeCe: "Don't worry, in a few years, you'll have a figure."
  • Sally Van Buren: "You don't have a figure."
  • CeCe: "I have a figure!"
  • Sally Van Buren: "Yeah, if the figure is 1!"

Hot Mess It Up

  • In Tinka and Gunther's puppet show, Gunther's puppet says he's getting yarn in places he didn't have yarn before.

Reunion It Up

  • When Deuce was hugging Ty close and telling him how he always felt safe when he around him, Ty said: "A little more bro and a little less mance."
  • CeCe's future self as a pop star says she had a butt job and a face lift and that her cheeks look fuller. Which ones? Or both?
  • Rocky's future self has a large butt and both her and CeCe slap it.
  • Ceces Future self Makes out with Robert Pattinson of screen and Mentions not letting him bite her neck meaning hey may have tried to give her a hickey.

Twist It Up

  • Rocky says the circus theme has a human pretzel that can bite his own butt.
  • Ty and Deuce do the salsa together.
  • Dina's Mom: I'm moving parts of my body I don't even know I had!
    • Dina: Gross, Ma.
  • Deuce mentions that a bee flew up his gym shorts.
  • Rocky and Cece are sitting down next to Dina and look up into some hula people's skirts. They quickly cover their eyes, implying they didn't have any undies on.

Break It Up

  • Ty is dared to switch outfits with the person on his right; this happens to be Gunther, who seems all too interested in the idea.
  • When Ty shows reluctance, Gunther eggs him on by pulling him by his tie into the vacation house, earning him a slap on the wrist.
  • When they return in their reversed outfits, Gunther gushes about how good Ty looks, despite everyone else saying he looks foolish and embarrassing; he even goes so far as to place a hand on the small of his back reassuringly, which Ty doesn't seem to mind.
  • Rocky says that her butt hangs out of the back of her hospital gown.
  • CeCe is laying in Rocky's hospital bed, with Rocky still in it.
    • Rocky: "How long have you been in my bed?"
    • CeCe: "Long enough to know that your butt really does hang out of that gown."

Season 2

Shake It Up, Up & Away

  • CeCe: "If you don't stop singing, that jar's getting stuck in your guffenhuggen!"
  • When Deuce was digging in the dough for the phone, Ty screamed "That's NOT the phone!", implying Deuce was grabbing a male body part.

Auction It Up

  • When Ty scratches Deuce's back, the noises Deuce makes sound vaguely sexual.

Egg It Up

  • When CeCe catches Rocky looking for a new partner behind her back, their conversation is similar to that of a lesbian couple.

Tunnel It Up

  • Flynn takes a close up photo of a girl's breasts at the school dance.
  • When Deuce took the frill of Tinka's dress, she did not hesitate, this could mean that she would like to be "touched" by him.
    • Also, the frill was near of her... female parts.

Weird It Up

  • The girl that Ty likes slides her foot up Deuce's leg suggestively
  • Ty asks Deuce if he wanted to go on a date with him. Of course, he meant to be a translator, but Deuce thought that Ty was actually asking him out.
  • One of the challenges was to have their face rubbed with smelly feet. This could be hinted as foot fetish.

Made In Japan

  • The song that the blue guys were performing was about shaking your butt
  • People mention 'The Rocky and Cece virus'. Rocky asks if they were 'married' to that name

Season 3

Opposites Attract It Up

  • Rocky said she and Ty were on a date with each other.


  • The song Watch Me has the line "watch me do me." This could be interpreted sexually. Also, when Cece/Bella says, 'Stop (laughs)' it sounds like what someone would say during sexual activity
  • The song Scratch mentions "you need to get yours, I need to get mine."
  • The song "Not Too Young's title could be a reference to not being too young for sex
  • The song 'This Is My Dancefloor' contains some innuendos in it. 'This is the night.' could be a reference to a night of sex and 'To their feet.' could be hinted as Foot Fetish