–Henry to Flynn in Kick It Up

Henry Dillon is Flynn's best friend when they met in "Add It Up" through his sister CeCe Jones. Henry started out as CeCe's math tutor and was the one who revealed that she had dyslexia. He is a super genius, having graduated college and teaches at various levels of schooling. He is portrayed by child actor, Buddy Handleson.

Personal life

Henry is an 11-year-old (previously 10) child college-graduate who first appears in "Add It Up" to help CeCe Jones with her algebra. Deuce Martinez is the first character to personally know him, and he gives CeCe a business card for Henry's services.

Henry tells her he realized she suffered from dyslexia because his brother is also dyslexic, and he is the one who tutors him.

Flynn also managed to get rid of his nerdy habits and taught him to play video games, although he has since gone back to those habits after some time. Henry also takes a lot of notes, as seen in "Add It Up". He is completely convinced that he is handsome and strong, but Flynn always tells him he is weak and scrawny, and that he is Henry's one and only friend. Henry was a substitute teacher for Flynn's class in "Three's a Crowd It Up", since their real teacher was on maternity leave. Flynn enjoys pulling pranks on Henry. (See: Flynnry)

He also learned karate to help defend himself from bullies after he got beaten up by Sally Van Buren ("Kick It Up") thanks to Flynn.

Add It Up 42

Henry Dillon with his "changed personality"


Add It Up 21

Henry with CeCe

  • He knows many long words.
  • He is the only friend that Flynn seems to hang out with.
  • Just by looking at his personality, Henry could be the next 'Sheldon Cooper' from The Big Bang Theory, though he seems to be more social and cares about the people around him.
  • He doesn't appear after the season two finale. (Made In Japan)
  • He is the second character after Gunther not to return for the third season.
  • Flynn taught him to play video games when they first met.
  • Deuce gave CeCe his business card. ("Add It Up")
  • CeCe wanted him to be cute.
  • He was CeCe's math tutor. ("Add It Up")


Season 1

  • Add It Up: This is Henry's first appearance in the series. Henry comes to CeCe's apartment to be her math tutor. He quickly makes friends with her brother, Flynn, who is about his same age and they play a video game together.
  • Kick It Up: Flynn encourages Henry to take karate lessons with him, after Henry admits to being bullied by a girl.
  • Match It Up: Henry asks Flynn for help with a camping trip.
  • Twist It Up: Flynn enlists Henry to help him defeat a rogue toy robot.

Season 2

  • Three's A Crowd It Up: Henry is Flynn's substitute teacher and Flynn joins the rest of his class to make his job miserable and pulls pranks on him.
  • Beam It Up: When Flynn and Henry go trick-or-treating, they meet a boy who Flynn believes is an alien and who Henry believes would be a great chess player.
  • Apply It Up: Henry and Flynn try to save the world from an asteroid.
  • Egg It Up (mentioned)
  • Judge It Up: Henry tries to teach Flynn how to ride a bicycle, even though Flynn is completely scared.
  • Shake It Up: Made in Japan: Henry, with his android, Andy, accompanies the Shake It Up, Chicago! crew to Japan.


  • "A bully attacked me."
  • "Nothing. There's no way a cricket and a tiger could possibly communicate. And technically, crickets do not speak. They rub their legs to create auditory vibrations."
  • "Diploma!"
  • Flynn: "Stop thinking!" (kicks Henry in the bottom)
    Henry: "OUCH! that's the only place that Sally left alone!"
  • Flynn: "Wanna play?
    Henry: "Sorry, it's not my thing. HIT IT IN THE NECK! HIT IT IN THE NECK!"
  • Henry:"I remember my first time"
    CeCe: "Learning?"
    Henry: "No, teaching."
  • "This might be the endorphins talking, but stuff it Flynn."


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