Oh CeCe, I love it when you play hard-to-get.

Gunther to CeCe in Reality Check It Up


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GeCe Reality Check
Relationship Information
Between: Gunther Hessenheffer
CeCe Jones
Status: Frenemies
Crush (one-sided)
Love interests (four episodes/one-sided)
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Kenton Duty
Bella Thorne
Cast Ship: Kella

GeCe (G/unther + C/eCe) is the romantic pairing of Gunther Hessenheffer and CeCe Jones. Gunther and CeCe maintain a love/hate relationship, and they are frenemies at the moment, although Gunther has shown signs of liking CeCe, and CeCe liking him. Gunther and CeCe show many signs of affection, for instance, they constantly smile and stare at each other, plus, they continuously stand closely together. Also, Gunther checks CeCe out whenever he's around her, and CeCe has also been seen checking Gunther out. It's more than likely that they are into each other. Many fans and some writers see a huge potential and a future in this relationship pairing and this is the most popular ship on the show. GeCe is shown to be the strongest love/hate relationship on the show and is supported by most of the Tynka, Reuce, Deucina and Rogan shippers, and is multi shipped by most of the DeCe shippers.

They have gone out once in Hot Mess It Up when CeCe and Rocky made a teen advice show called, You're a Hot Mess and We're Not! The two thought that Gunther was leaving back to the old country because of some bad advice CeCe gave him on the Webcast. Rocky tells CeCe to ask him to the dance and try to get him to stay. They seem to have a lot in common and get along with each other for the most part. Kenton Duty, who plays Gunther, has acknowledged the pairing in his interviews and even given a couple of hints for a centric episode (Split It Up, an episode where Gunther and CeCe dance together) before it first aired, saying that it was something that the fans have wanted.

[1]In the episode Reality Check It Up a national TV show claims that CeCe has a crush on Gunther. This episode showed that Gunther still has some feelings for CeCe and he still isn't over her from when they had gone out. In Surprise It Up, Gunther and CeCe go to a mailman's funeral together. It's majorly hinted that Gunther and CeCe will get together at some point in the show seeing as Gunther likes CeCe, and clearly, the writers are thinking about making Gunther and CeCe happen, seeing the episodes Hot Mess It Up, Split It Up, Reality Check It Up and Surprise It Up. As the show goes on you can see more and more that they may have feelings for each other. Even the smallest of moments, such as the one near the end in Auction It Up could be major and subtle hints that Gunther and CeCe will end up together. GeCe has many loyal fans (the GeCeBaybees) as well as Its Own Wiki!

They are portrayed by Kenton Duty and Bella Thorne.

I am Gunther!

And I am Gunther's girlfriend!
~CeCe & Gunther

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Pairing Names

  • GeCe - (G/unther + C/eCe) - Official Pairing Name
    Gece anon art1
  • Cunther - (C/eCe + G/unther)
  • GunCe - (Gun/ther + Ce/Ce)
  • Cether - (Ce/Ce + Gun/ther)
  • Centher - (Ce/Ce + Gu/nther)
  • CeGunther - (Ce/Ce + Gunther)
  • Ceunther - (Ce/Ce + G/unther)
  • CeCenther - (CeCe + Gu/nther)
  • CeCeGunther - (CeCe + Gunther)
  • GunthCe - (Gunth/er + Ce/Ce)
  • GuntCe - (Gunt/her + Ce/Ce)
  • CeCether - (CeCe + Gun/ther)
  • GuntherCe - (Gunther + Ce/Ce)
  • GuntherCeCe - (Gunther + CeCe)

Rival Pairings

CeCe's Opinion Of Gunther 

CeCe often thinks that the way Gunther acts and dresses is abnorma
Cece jones gece2
l or "awkward". She once tried to get him deported, and also she has put bugs in his sandwhich (Hot Mess It Up). When she mistakenly thought that Gunther was about to leave the country, she felt guilty because of the bad advice she gave him (which was really to his cousin) and in order to help him stay she went out with him. In Vatalihootsit It Up, because the holiday tradition requires one to pay compliments to an enemy, she compliments him, saying he can really pick a shirt. In  Auction It Up, CeCe says that Gunther is nice and caring. In Reality Check It Up, she is seemingly grossed out after the TV show claims that she has a "crush" on Gunther. In Made In Japan, when Tinka was about to be deported, Gunther was upset and CeCe jumped in to protect them, which shows that she actually cares about Gunther (Tinka). Basically she was doing all this for him so he can stay happy.

Gunther's Opinion Of CeCe 

Gunther often makes fun of CeCe, such as making comments about her bangs and her dancing. In Hot Mess It Up, he is at first suspicious when CeCe asks him out, but then he accepts it. H
Gunther hessenheffer gece1
e seems to be happy during their date, giving CeCe the nickname "little cookie", buying her a cookie, and calling her the future "Mrs. Hessenheffer". Later, during their slow dance, he states that he is having a wonderful time. In Split It Up, when CeCe compliments Gunther when they were dancing, Gunther tells CeCe (about her dancing), "You can only be as good as your partner." Despite the show showing that Gunther hates CeCe, his true feelings for her come to surface in Reality Check It Up. Gunther doesn't seem disgusted after the TV show claims that CeCe has a crush on him. Gunther feels confident in himself so he takes that risk to flirt with her by putting an arm around her shoulder, attempting to feed her a cookie, spraying his mouth with breath spray which was an attempt to kiss CeCe, and telling her that he loves how she plays "hard-to-get"; showing that he still isn't over her and still has feelings for her from when they dated. He was looking forward to the kiss, but CeCe ruined the moment by trying to prove him that she doesn't have any feelings for him. In Surprise It Up, he invites CeCe to his mailman's funeral, claiming that Tinka was out of town and all his other friends were busy. Later on in the episode, he calls CeCe his friend. He also attends to her birthday party after "Porky" chased after him which leaded him to CeCe's apartment, even though he could have just ran straight to his apartment.

Similarities between Gunther and CeCe 

  • They're both self-centered.
  • They're both single.
  • They do act foolish most of the times when around their best friends or to themselves.
    IMG 0934
  • They both act friendly around each other when alone.
  • They both wear jewelery.
  • They both wear watches.
  • They're both a little crazy.
  • They both love animals.
  • Their full names are longer than their best friends.
  • They both seem to enjoy teasing each other a lot.
  • They both like wearing sparkles.
  • They've had more moments together that any other pairing.
  • They both wear the GeCe color (Orange), sometimes at the same time.
  • They both live in apartments.
  • They both take long to do their hair.
  • They care about how they look.
  • They both love mixing colors and have "weird" clothing choice in their outfits.
  • They both have siblings.
  • They both have some modeling experience. ("Model It Up")
  • Both their full names are longer than their best friends'.
  • Gunther seems closer to CeCe than Rocky, and CeCe seems closer to Gunther than Tinka.
  • They sometimes touch/hold each other's hands.
  • Both their siblings are the opposite gender to them.
  • They're both dancers on Shake It Up, Chicago! (Well were, previously, before the fire when it burnt down.)
  • They both attend John Hughes High School.
  • They are both in love with modeling.
  • They are both are in love with dancing.
  • They're both fair.
  • They can be rude to other people but can be very friendly, too.
  • They both love themselves.
  • Normally, people say CeCe's or Gunther's name before both Rocky's or Tinka's (CeCe and Rocky, Gunther and Tinka).
  • Neither pay attention much to anything most of the times.
  • Gunther and CeCe love their best friends a lot, they care about them and help them out.
  • They look directly at each other in some episodes.
  • Out of Gunther-Tinka and CeCe-Rocky, they both seem to be less smart.
  • They may have feelings for each other.
  • They both were chosen to dance on Good Morning, Chicago!
  • They seem to be chosen for a lot of stuff as a pair.
  • They both love to wear animal print.
  • They sometimes stand quite close together.
  • They sometimes wear similar clothing.
  • They always seem to like insulting each other the most.
  • They have their own type of fashion.
  • There are some times when CeCe decides to add sparkles in her clothing like Gunther.
  • They both smile at each other a lot.
  • Sense of style that they like adding to themselves.
  • They're both matchmakers. In Add It Up Gunther got Ty and Tinka to go out, and in Match It Up CeCe got Deuce and Dina to go out.
  • They both played the Ukelele, the GeCe instrument.
  • They have a signature handshake that they made up in Split It Up.
  • They both like using the word "baby." In Hook It Up, CeCe kept calling Rocky "baby" and in Hot Mess It Up, CeCe called Gunther "baybee." Gunther always uses the word "baybee", and he mostly says it to CeCe.
  • They have the same passion and love for dancing.
  • They both love competing against other's especially to each other.
  • They both seem to be more brave and have courage.
  • They deny their feelings towards eachother.
  • CeCe seems to be disgusted of what Gunther wears on, and Gunther seems digusted of what CeCe chooses to wear on.
  • They're outfits are pretty much alike most of the times.
  • They both enjoy teasing eachother.
  • They both seem confident.
  • Enjoy wearing sparkles.
  • Passion for clothes that they choose to wear on most of the times.
  • They seem to be used to eachother being as frenemies.
  • They argue alot when it comes to dancing, either CeCe want's her and Rocky to have the spotlight dance or Gunther who want's the spotlight dance along with his twin sister Tinka.
  • CeCe denies her feelings for Gunther and so does he.
  • They both love glitter. 
  • They both have good friends. 
  • They both have weird siblings. 


Season 1

Start It Up

  • While Tinka is telling the girls about Shake It Up, CeCe and Gunther look directly at each other.
  • CeCe repeats what Gunther said earlier, even mimicking his accent and actions. 
  • CeCe simply said that they knew who Gunther and Tinka were, whereas Rocky was rude to them, saying "And when do we get to exchange you back?"
  • CeCe shot a subtle dagger look at Rocky when she said, "And when do we get to exchange you back?"
  • CeCe said "Wait a second, Stinka." She only insulted Tinka, not Gunther.
  • When Gunther had the Shake It Up Chicago audition flyer upside down, CeCe was smiling at him and looked like she thought it was funny.
  • During the part of when Gunther and Tinka came in, CeCe and Gunther mainly just look and talk to each other.
  • When Gunther and Tinka walk up to CeCe and Rocky and tell them that they are auditioning for Shake It Up, and that CeCe and Rocky will lose, CeCe seems to be more hurt than Rocky.
  • Gunther (and Tinka) told CeCe (and Rocky) to text them.
  • Gunther and CeCe both use the term "Looney Nutty" in this episode, and Gunther says it to CeCe.
  • At the train station when Gunther and Tinka teased CeCe, she seemed hurt.
  • Gunther and CeCe danced quite close to each other.
  • Gunther looked at CeCe many times when they were dancing.
  • CeCe was trying to encourage Rocky to dance on the show, even though CeCe wasn't on it, and she said "Gunther and Tinka will be there," in a happy way, and she said to encourage Rocky to dance on the show, meaning she thinks it's a good thing and she's happy that Gunther (and Tinka) joined the show.
  • When CeCe (and Rocky) were cheering and said they can't believe they made it this far, Gunther (and Tinka) mimicked their happiness.
  • Since Gary hired both CeCe and Gunther to dance on Shake It Up Chicago, he must think they're both great dancers.
  • When CeCe was about to audition, it seemed like Gunther was looking forward to see her dance.
  • At the end when everyone is dancing, Gunther is making a heart with his hand in the background and it looks like he was making it around CeCe.
  • In the end, both CeCe and Gunther (and Rocky and Tinka) got picked to be dancers on Shake It Up, Chicago!
  • When Rocky was against Gunther, you can see CeCe staring at him.
  • When Gary said "Have fun!", Gunther smiled at CeCe.
  • When Gary said "Have fun!" Gunther gestured towards CeCe.
  • Gunther stared at CeCe as she came on the stage.
  • When CeCe froze, Gunther kept leaning on one side to see what was wrong with her.
  • When Rocky was trying to help CeCe with her audition, it seemed Gunther was making fun of Rocky, not CeCe.
  • Gunther didn't tease CeCe as much as Tinka did.
  • When CeCe ran off, Gunther stared after her.

Meatball It Up

  • When they wave to the audience, CeCe stands in front of Gunther.
  • CeCe and Gunther were both impressed by the dance performance at the end.
  • Gunther cracked a joke about CeCe and Rocky eating too much of the meatball, meaning he must have been listening to CeCe's (and Rocky's) conversation.
  • When they got paid, CeCe asked Gunther (and Tinka) what they were going to do with their money, trying to be nice.
  • When they got paid, CeCe asked Gunther (and Tinka) what they were going to with their money, meaning she must have noticed Gunther (and Tinka).
  • Gunther answered CeCe's question, saying him and Tinka were going to do what they always do, buy golden shoes and fancy pants.
  • When Gunther showed off his golden shoes and his fancy pants, he was looking at CeCe.
  • When Gunther showed off his golden shoes and his fancy pants, it seemed like he was trying to impress CeCe.
  • When Flynn said that CeCe had the twins watch him, Gunther was smiling and had nodded in agreement.
  • CeCe said that Gunther (and Tinka) were the best babysitters that money could buy.
  • Gunther (and Tinka) agreed to babysit Flynn for CeCe.
  • CeCe could've asked anyone to babysit Flynn, but she chose Gunther (and Tinka).

Give It Up

  • CeCe and Rocky were talking during the marathon, and while they were swapping places, CeCe looked at Gunther.
  • Gunther dances in front of CeCe, possibly trying to impress her.
  • Gunther (and Tinka) danced during the break, possibly to impress CeCe.
  • When Gunther (and Tinka) danced during the break, CeCe was the first one to comment, meaning she must have noticed Gunther (and Tinka) dancing.
  • When Deuce noticed that CeCe's and Rocky's make up was messed up, CeCe kind of freaked out, probably because she didn't want Gunther to see her like that.
  • During the marathon, Gunther and CeCe both had sparkly black tops on.

Kick It Up

  • Gunther and CeCe have a short conversation about who the mystery guest star will be. Gunther says it will be Justin Bieber, but CeCe tells him: "You always guess Justin Bieber and it's never gonna be Justin Bieber."
  • Kick It Up 46
    When Rocky was right about the guest star, Gunther pushes his sister in front and seems to be look over at CeCe at the end of the scene with a worried look hinting he worries about her.
  • When Rocky said "I don't guess.. I know!" CeCe was staring at Gunther.
  • In the first scene about the mystery guest, CeCe and Gunther stand next to each other.
  • CeCe and Gunther like switching their lunch with Rocky and Tinka.
  • When switching lunch, CeCe and Gunther sat on the same side of their benches.
  • CeCe learnt something about friendship from Gunther (and Tinka).
  • When CeCe and Rocky looked at Gunther and Tinka, CeCe was just mostly looking at Gunther.

Age It Up

  • CeCe and Gunther both had nicknames in this episode.
  • CeCe called herself "Crystal McHotness" and Gunther called himself "G".
  • When Gunther was talking about how great Horis the Juggler was, at many points him and CeCe look directly at each other.

Hook It Up

  • When CeCe and Rocky mock Gunther and Tinka, CeCe is Gunther.
  • CeCe has a sweatshirt with her name on it, like Gunther (and Tinka) have their names/initials on their sparkly clothes.
  • When Rocky was finished using CeCe as a dustmop, Gunther and CeCe talk straight to each other.
  • When they are being "doo-doo girls" Gunther and CeCe dance next to each other.
  • When CeCe and Rocky got Deuce to put their faces clearly on the floor and everyone was pointing at the floor with shock, Gunther was mostly pointing at CeCe.
  • At the end, when CeCe and Rocky had finished talking to Gary and everyone had started dancing again, CeCe bumps into Gunther.
  • When CeCe bumped Gunther, and just before that bit, Gunther and CeCe were just looking at each other.

Wild It Up

  • CeCe said to Rocky "I'm a hot mess!" Hot Mess It Up was a GeCe centric episode where CeCe and Gunther went out because CeCe wanted to stop Gunther from leaving America, so she asked him to the school dance and he accepted.

Show It Up

  • CeCe, along with Rocky, asks Gunther and Tinka to join them to defeat Candy in the talent show.
  • Gunther called both of the girls, or just CeCe "Bay-bee".
  • CeCe and Rocky were waiting for Gunther and Tinka, and when they finally came, Gunther said "Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and baybees" and looked at CeCe when he said "baybees."
  • CeCe gets mad when Gunther and Tinka join Candy and Randy. She then looks very sad.
  • When Tinka said she admitted CeCe (and Rocky) had fabulous hair, Gunther was slightly nodding in agreement.
  • When Gunther did a cheer with Randy and Candy, CeCe looked upset.
  • When Gunther joined Candy and Randy, CeCe seemed very sad and confused.
  • When the four of them were doing the twins' opening, Gunther was first and CeCe was last.
  • CeCe was the one who asked Gunther (and Tinka) to join them. 
  • Whe Gunther had jumped after doing a cheer with Randy and Candy, CeCe stared after him.
  • When Gunther said 'Baybee' he was looking at CeCe.

Reunion It Up

  • When Rocky was thinking about what her life would be like without CeCe, CeCe was a popstar and was wearing orange, the GeCe color.
  • At the beginning of the episode, CeCe wears a gold sparkly top, a lot like Gunther's (and Tinka's) attire.

Glitz It Up

  • CeCe had dreamed of getting the crown of Little Miss Cutie Queen, and in Vatalihootsit It Up, it's announced Gunther's family is royalty.

Hot Mess It Up

  • CeCe asks Gunther to the dance, and he accepts.
  • CeCe felt bad that Gunther might leave America.
  • CeCe did this so Gunther would stay in America, possibly because she wanted Gunther to be around her.
  • Gunther thinks that CeCe has a huge crush on him because Rocky told him that CeCe talks about him all the time. Tinka recalls that CeCe constantly pranks Gunther and had even called 
    immigration to deport him.
  • When they were dancing together, Gunther, using his puppet, Little Gunther, said he was having a wonderful time and he also used this puppet to kiss CeCe on the cheek.
  • Gunther calls her his wife and says he wants to marry her.
  • When CeCe tried to run away from the dance, Gunther picked her up and tickled her.
  • When Tinka said (about CeCe) "She's obviously smitten like a love sick kitten!" Gunther smiled and looked like he agreed.
  • CeCe didn't care about the questions at first, but when she realised it was Gunther (and Tinka) she started caring.
  • CeCe read "Gunther's" question.
  • When CeCe said "Aww, that's so sweet of you. Do you really believe that?" she touched Gunther's hand.
  • At the beginning, both Gunther and CeCe had a bit of silver in their outfits.
  • GeCe
    At the beginning, Gunther said (about the dancers) "They are dancing machines" and CeCe agrees, saying "Yeah they can really bring it."
  • At the beginning, CeCe was standing closer to Gunther (and Tinka) than Rocky.
  • When Gary said he needs a teen advice show, CeCe said "We would be great for that" and Gunther said "So would we."
  • When she was wacking Rocky with "Little CeCe", Gunther was smiling at staring at her.
  • Gunther bought CeCe a cookie.
  • Gunther accepted to go to the dance with CeCe, but if he didn't like her, he would have refused to go with her to the dance.
  • Knowing CeCe, she would have put up a fight if she was really desperate not to go with Gunther, but she didn't put up much of a fight at all.
    GeCe Hot Mess It Up 006
  • Gunther and CeCe had matching outfits at the dance.
  • CeCe was happy when Gunther said she was the best dancer on Shake It Up, Chicago!
  • In the end, he breaks up with her (even though they never actually dated), and she seems really upset.
  • Gunther says that "Little CeCe" was a sweaty sock, and CeCe quickly hid it away of embarrassment.
  • Gunther hugs CeCe after she asks him out.
  • When CeCe says "Hello, Baybee!" to Gunther, she puts her hand on his shoulder.
  • Gunther and CeCe are boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • CeCe calls herself "Gunther's girlfriend" in the episode.
  • After Gunther says that she is the best dancer in Shake It Up! Chicago, she calls him sweet.
  • CeCe asks Gunther if he means that CeCe is the best dancer on Shake It Up! Chicago, and Gunther says she should get used to him lying to her since she's going to be his wife.
  • Gunther and CeCe seem to be closer now that they dated.
  • Gunther called CeCe darling.
    Gecehotmess it up
  • CeCe was clearly disappointed when Gunther broke up with her.
  • Gunther gave CeCe the nickname little cookie.
  • Gunther called CeCe the future Mrs. Hessenheffer.
  • When CeCe called Gunther "Baybee!" she leaned into him and smiled a bit.
  • When CeCe and Gunther are sitting outside the apartment building, they look like they're smiling at each other.

Vatalihootsit It Up

  • CeCe pays compliments to Gunther, saying he really knew "how to pick a shirt", though this is mainly because she has to since it's the day to "break the bread" with your enemies.
  • CeCe also decided to go along with Rocky over tickets to Katy Perry because Gunther and Tinka's parents told them that Gunther and Tinka cared that they showed up.
  • In the beginning of the episode, when CeCe was all wanna be Jabbawockee, Rocky unmasked her and out of the corner you can see Gunther looking at CeCe.
  • At the dinner table Gunther and CeCe sit next to each other.
  • GeCe 13
    CeCe decided to pay her compliments to Gunther, not Tinka.
  • Gunther looked flattered and really happy when CeCe complimented him.
  • Gunther gently touched CeCe's arm at the dinner table.
  • Gunther said his father was an excellent butcher, possibly to impress CeCe.
  • When Gunther said 'Las Vegas' he touched CeCe's shoulder.
  • Gunther did't hit CeCe with his bread.
  • Maybe CeCe agreed to go to Gunther (and Tinka's) apartment so she could see Gunther.
  • CeCe wanted to make Gunther (and Tinka) happy by going to their apartment to celebrate with them.
  • CeCe looked upset when Gunther complimented Rocky.
  • When the girls had come inside, Gunther had touched CeCe's arm.
  • Maybe CeCe wished Gunther complimented her.
  • CeCe technically complimented Gunther twice.
  • At first CeCe said Gunther was the most original boy she ever met, then CeCe said Gunther could really pick a shirt.
  • When they were "shaking their booties" CeCe was kind of enthusiastic about it and didn't make a weird face, respecting Gunther's (and Tinka's) tradition, but Rocky visibly thought it was a bit odd and made a weird face.
  • When Gunther and Tinka were talking to Rocky, Gunther was the one who said 
    Vatalihootsit It Up 48
    "Why are we wasting our time with this one? She is obviously the sidekick."
  • Gunther thought that Rocky was CeCe's sidekick.
  • When Tinka said "Yes, we should have gone straight to CeCe" Gunther nodded in agreement, and was already heading in CeCe's direction.
  • CeCe seemed upset when Gunther slammed the door in her face when the girls were were leaving.
  • In the end, CeCe calls Gunther (and Tinka) her friends.
  • When CeCe calls Gunther her friend, she gently touches his hand.

Model It Up

  • In this episode it's revealed that Gunther reads CeCe's emails.
  • When everyone was clapping, Gunther and CeCe were staring and smiling at each other.
  • When everyone was clapping, CeCe turned around to smile at Gunther.
  • When everyone was clapping, Gunther looked at CeCe and smiled back at her.
  • When Gary finished hosting, Gunther and CeCe walked off together.
  • When Gary finished hosting, Gunther and 
    Gece 0002
    CeCe walked off in the same direction.
  • When Gary finished hosting, Gunther and CeCe were talking.
  • Gunther and CeCe stood next to each other when the picture was taken.
  • CeCe and Gunther were already working together to practice modeling.
  • CeCe said that Gunther and her work together which means that they hang out a lot.
  • CeCe told Rocky that "Gunther was a model in the old country" in an impressed voice.
  • When Gunther said that he modeled for the "Home Sheeping Network," CeCe sarcastically told him she "saw that." Maybe to not hurt his feelings.
  • When Gary was finishing off the show, Gunther walked over to CeCe.
  • Gunther could've stood anywhere, but he chose to stand next to CeCe.
  • Gunther smiled at CeCe when she was jumping down excitedly.
  • When Gunther was telling CeCe how to do the modeling, he was holding on her shoulders for quite some time.
  • When Gunther was modelling, CeCe was staring at him, smiling, nodding and pointing at him.
  • When Gunther picked out CeCe's jungle cat, the snow leopard, CeCe jumped up and down excitedly, saying that that was her inner cat.
  • When Gunther was teaching Rocky how to model, CeCe looked at him with adoring eyes.
  • As Gunther was cheering Rocky on, CeCe was looking upset.
  • When Gunther finally talked to CeCe, she became excited and happy again.
  • CeCe chose Gunther to teach Rocky how to model and was learning from him already, this may or may not have indicated that she thinks he's a good model.
  • When Gunther imitated the panther, CeCe looked in the same direction and smiled.

Break It Up

  • In the begining of the episode, Gunther (and Tinka) gave card board cut-outs of themselves to CeCe (and Rocky).
  • Gunther put his cut-out close to CeCe.
  • Evidently, it was Gunther's idea to go over to their cabin. He may have wanted to see CeCe.
  • Gunther and CeCe looked at each other frequently and sometimes even smile.
  • Gunther and CeCe helped Rocky when she hurt her foot.
    SHAKEITUP Y1 021 013
  • At the beginning of the camp fire, they seem to be looking at each other.
  • Also when Ty and Gunther traded clothes, CeCe seemed to be checking Gunther out and Tinka was checking Ty out.
  • When CeCe was about to get her mom, her and Gunther looked at each other.
  • When Deuce said "Yeah, she's the one who looks like a fool" CeCe laughs and looks over at Gunther.
  • When Ty says "Look at Rocky, she looks like a fool" Gunther was looking and smiling in CeCe's direction.
  • During the dialogue before the dance in the studio of Shake It Up Chicago, Gunther looks at CeCe a lot.
  • When Flynn said that he thought CeCe was a drama queen, Gunther frowned a little.
    211px-BIU 901 (1)
  • Gunther (and Tinka) agreed to babysit Flynn while they were taking Rocky to the hospital. Maybe it's because he's CeCe's little brother.
  • CeCe said "That is truly embarrassing" when Ty and Gunther switched clothes. She was clearly saying that about Ty, and not Gunther. Maybe that's because CeCe thinks Gunther looks good in Ty's clothes.
  • If CeCe was saying "That is truly embarrassing" about Gunther too, that means CeCe thinks Gunther looks good the way he is already.
  • At the end, just before Deuce fell down the tree, Gunther and CeCe stare directly at each other.
  • At the end when Tinka insulted Rocky, Gunther was looking over at CeCe.
  • Gunther thought that CeCe (and Rocky) would miss him on their summer vacation.
  • Gunther (and Tinka) gave cut-outs of themselves to CeCe (and Rocky) so that CeCe (and Rocky) wouldn't miss Gunther (and Tinka) too much.

Season 2

Shake It Up, Up & Away

  • During the first dance, part of Gunther's and CeCe's clothing were the GeCe color.
  • Immediately after Gary refused Gunther and Tinka to continue singing their random song while they were on the bus, they went over to CeCe. Gunther started singing the exact same song he sang to Gary only to be stopped by her.
  • When CeCe told Gunther the jar would be getting stuffed in his gufenhugen, you can see him looking upset.
  • At the beginning, Gunther and CeCe were the only ones who talked to Gary.
  • Throughout the dance, Gunther and CeCe were close together.
  • Throughout most of this episode, Gunther mostly talked about CeCe.
  • Although Georgia seemed a bit annoyed by him, she seemed to prefer Gunther than Tinka.
  • Gunther helped Georgia find CeCe.
  • When Gunther stood behind CeCe at the end, he was standing incredibly close to her.
  • At the end, when CeCe was reading the directions off the map, Gunther was standing behind her.
  • Gunther was behind CeCe for most of the dance.
  • Gunther was looking at Georgia's phone to see if he could see where CeCe was.
  • Gunther was trying to see CeCe (and Rocky) in the air.
  • At the beginning, the Shake It Up dancers danced to Bring the Fire, the official GeCe SIU Soundtrack.
  • When the girls were getting up to leave to go to the bathroom, Gunther was smiling at CeCe.
  • Gunther smiled at CeCe whilst singing her the song.
  • Tinka made fun of the way CeCe spoke to her and Gunther first, meaning if Tinka hadn't made fun of her, Gunther wouldn't have made fun of CeCe either.
  • CeCe then tells him "Gunther, if you don't stop singing, that jar is getting stuffed in your Gufenhugen." After which, Gunther and Tinka mimicked the way she talked and then left.
  • Out of all the people he could have chosen, Gunther chose to sing the song to CeCe after Gary.
  • Gunther makes CeCe's mother a shirt that says Hot Cop, and since she's her mother, that means Gunther must think CeCe is hot too.
  • CeCe seemed upset when Gunther told Gerogia to kick her off Shake It Up Chicago.
  • Gunther and CeCe went to LA together at the end.
  • Tinka ask Gunther if he was sure nobody was home when they broke into CeCe's house. He tell her yes, Flynn is at summer camp and the mother works from 6 to 8, so Gunther must've been reading CeCe emails again to find out if anyone was at home.
  • Gunther (and Tinka) broke into CeCe's house.
  • It was Tinka's idea to kick CeCe (and Rocky) off the show, not Gunther's.
  • Gunther and CeCe both got punished by Georgia.
  • Gunther agreed to find out if CeCe's family was at home.
  • Gunther must've been reading CeCe emails again to find out if anyone was at home.
  • Gunther did research on CeCe's family.
  • When CeCe switched buses with Rocky, she pretended the two old people next to them were Gunther (and Tinka).

Beam It Up

  • CeCe falls for a tall blonde boy, a Gunther look a like.

Shrink It Up

  • During the final dance, CeCe wears a sparkly black vest top, something Gunther (and Tinka) would wear.
  • Gunther and CeCe looked at each other several times during the final dance.
  • If you listen carefully to the lyrics of the song Turn It On, you will find it kind of describes the relationship between Gunther and CeCe during the episode Split It Up.
  • Gunther and CeCe went past each other several times during the dance.
  • Sometimes Gunther and CeCe were dancing next to each other and smiling at each other.
  • CeCe stared at Gunther when he was walking away.
  • When they finished rehearsing at the beginning, Gunther had an orange top on, the GeCe color.
  • Gunther smiled at CeCe when he went past her in the dance.
  • Gunther and CeCe look at each other in the eyes when they were dancing.
  • During the rehearsal, CeCe and Gunther snook next to each other.
  • When Gunther was grabbing Tinka's arm, it almost looked like he was about to grab CeCe's arm.
  • During the final dance, CeCe's and Gunther's outfits matched.
  • Gunther and CeCe wore the same shade of blue, and some black during the final dance.

Three's a Crowd It Up

  • When CeCe tells Rocky about her date, and when she's out with Julio, Rocky and Tinka, she wears a sparkly black top, much like Gunther's (and Tinka's) attire.
  • Tinka thought Julio should be with CeCe because he wasn't too bright, and Gunther isn't very bright either.

Double Pegasus It Up

  • During the first scene, CeCe wears a sparkly gold top, like Gunther and Tinka's attire.
  • Afterwards, CeCe wears a top with the numbers 86 on it, which were sparkly and black, something Gunther (and Tinka) would wear.

Auction It Up

  • Gunther and Tinka gave CeCe and Rocky the money they need to help Miss Nancy.
  • After Rocky shoved a cupcake in his face, Gunther looked at CeCe.
  • While Rocky was eating frosting of his face, Gunther looked at CeCe.
  • IMG 0912
    When Klaus turns the lights out and CeCe, Rocky, Gunther, and Tinka run, Gunther holds CeCe.
  • When the girls get scared, CeCe holds on to Gunther more tightly.
  • When Tinka admired Klaus' work of decorating the shoebox, Gunther walked in, with CeCe following closely behind.
  • When Gunther and Tinka came back from the concert, and CeCe was talking, she talks to Gunther and they look directly at each other.
  • CeCe sold the bidding to Gunther (and Tinka).
  • At CeCe's house, CeCe is wearing zebra pants and Gunther is wearing zebra t-shirt.
  • Instead of pushing him off her shoulders, probably something she would do, CeCe let Gunther keep hold of her.
  • CeCe and Gunther held hands when clutching on to each other.
  • Just before CeCe and Rocky met Miss Nancy, they were checking out the picture of them from Shake It Up, and if you look closely, Gunther stands behind CeCe and it looks like she's leaning towards Gunther.
  • When Gunther holds CeCe, they stand extremely close together.
  • CeCe and Gunther were both wearing striped t-shirts.
  • When Gunther holds CeCe, she leans against him and grabs his hand.
  • In a way, Gunther looks like he was hugging CeCe.
  • Gunther and CeCe both had the same kind of tops on.
  • Gunther holds on to CeCe, and CeCe holds Gunther's hand. 
  • Gunther and CeCe hold hands tightly, and stand extremely close together.
  • Gunther and CeCe both wore white waistcoats.
  • CeCe looks really scared, and Gunther holds on to her, maybe to comfort her.
  • When Gunther said "Hello Bay-Bee", he was staring at CeCe.
  • Gunther and CeCe don't let go, even when Tinka reassured them.
  • CeCe holds on more tightly, an action which is shortly mimicked by Gunther.
  • When Tinka reassures them that they're fine, Gunther looks relieved and smiles, still holding on to CeCe.
  • When CeCe screams Gunther looks at her with a worried look on his face.
  • When Gunther says "Goodbye to all the single ladies" CeCe looks at him, and if you look carefully, she kind of looks a bit happy, probably because she's single.
  • When Gunther says "Goodbye to all the single ladies" he smirks a bit, probably to CeCe, because she's single.
  • Gunther (and Tinka) spent $1500 on hanging out with CeCe (and Rocky).
  • In the end, Gunther (and Tinka) paid CeCe (and Rocky) the money they need to help Miss Nancy.

Camp It Up

  • When the girls are writing their book reports, CeCe has a little bit of orange in her outfit, and orange is the GeCe color.

Split It Up

  • Gunther and CeCe are selected to be guest dancers on Good Morning, Chicago.
  • Gunther doesn't want to repeat Tinka's bad language in front of CeCe (and Rocky).
  • Gunther called CeCe a young lady. 
  • They compliment each other's dancing in a good way.
  • During the dance, they smile at each other.
  • Gunther and CeCe seem to dance really well together.
  • They are staring and smiling at each other for a short while before getting interrupted by the delivery of the balloons.
  • When Gunther and CeCe read the card from Rocky, they stood really close together.
  • Gunther and CeCe were friendly throughout this episode.
  • CeCe doubted Rocky instead of Tinka, who is Gunther's sister.
  • The song that Gunther and CeCe danced to relates to them.
  • It hurt Gunther more to think that Tinka was doing the dance without him more than he was doing the dance with CeCe.
  • Gunther didn't mind that he was dancing with CeCe.
  • When Gary called Gunther and CeCe to talk to them, you can see Gunther and CeCe looking at each other and they shook their hands.
  • This episode reveals that CeCe and Gunther have their own handshake.
  • Gunther seemed to be upset when CeCe went to hug Rocky.
  • CeCe freaked out when she saw how bad her hair looked, probably because she didn't want Gunther to see her like that.
  • CeCe and Gunther say "aww" simutaneously after she reads the card from Rocky.
  • Gary Wilde gives CeCe and Gunther the Spotlight Dance.
  • Gece326
    After Gary tells them they have the Spotlight Dance, the two do their handshake, before CeCe stops in the middle of it and runs to Rocky.
  • Gary Wilde seems to like the two of them together.
  • Gunther and CeCe said not to tell anyone that they thought each other were good dancers, this means that secretly Gunther thinks CeCe is a good dancer, and secretly CeCe thinks Gunther is a good dancer.
  • Gary selected CeCe and Gunther to be guest dancers on "Good Morning, Chicago". That means that he thinks that Gunther and CeCe are the best dancers and they are good at dancing together.
  • When CeCe left in the middle of their handshake to talk to Rocky, Gunther looked upset.
  • When Gary says that they are good at dancing together they laugh awkwardly. They seem to be embarassed, maybe because they thought Gary was saying that they are like a couple.
  • When she was reading the note from Rocky, Gunther moved his head closer to CeCe.
  • CeCe says that she is going to "kill" Gunther when she gets out of the locked dressing room.
  • CeCe seems to be upset when she found out that Gunther helped Tinka to lock her in the dressing room.
  • CeCe smiles as Gunther talks.
  • Gunther said he "helped" Tinka lock the girls in the dressing room. This means it was Tinka's idea to lock them in, not Gunther's.
  • When they were dancing, Gunther was wearing yellow and CeCe was wearing red, which combine to make orange, the GeCe color.
  • When they were dancing, Gunther had animal print on, the GeCe pattern.
  • When CeCe and Gunther were complimenting each other, they smiled at each other in a friendly way, but could have remembered they were frenemies and suddenly looked aggressive.
  • When Gunther and CeCe complimented each other, they seemed flattered.
  • When Gunther and CeCe complimented each other, they stood really close together.
  • When Gunther and Tinka were talking to CeCe and Rocky from the window of the locked dressing room, Gunther winked at CeCe.

Copy Kat It Up

  • At the beginning, at Crusty's and when she's rehearsing with Rocky, CeCe wears sparkly pants, like Gunther's (and Tinka's) attire.

Judge It Up

  • CeCe and Gunther look at each other directly in the eyes in one scene.
  • Gunther seems to keep looking at CeCe.
  • Gunther and CeCe were the first ones out of their duo to tell the flashbacks.
  • Gunther says to CeCe "Like the hairdresser who cuts your bangs, we should take the blame". This could imply that Gunther prefers CeCe without bangs.
  • Gunther said "Like the hairdresser who cuts your bangs, we must take the blame." This means he was concentrating and thinking about CeCe.
  • When CeCe finished showing Rocky that Teen Court is real, she smacked her lips, and in Auction It Up Gunther smacked his lips, and Gunther smacked them at CeCe.
  • Gunther teased CeCe about her bangs, and they say when a boy teases a girl, it means he likes her.
  • CeCe and Gunther were the last ones to reach their bench.
  • During CeCe's flashback, Gunther said to the girls they'll need all blood sweat for all the dancing they're going to be doing, Gunther was checking CeCe out.
  • CeCe seems to keep looking over at the other side, probably at Gunther.
  • After Gunther said he didn't understand what the judge said, CeCe said it.
  • When Deuce played the real footage, CeCe said "See, our costumes look nice", and Gunther looked a bit guilty.
  • CeCe and Gunther both told flashbacks of what happened at school.
  • They both came to Teen Court through the same side of the door.
  • At school, CeCe had a sparkly top, something Gunther (and Tinka) would wear.
  • When Deuce showed everyone the real video and everybody ruined the cake, the cake was just mainly on CeCe's and Gunther's hands.
  • At the real party, and everyone were talking to Klaus, CeCe and Gunther stood close to each other.
  • When Gunther, Tinka, CeCe and Rocky were arguing, Gunther was looking at CeCe, and at one point she looks back at him.
  • When the girls were dancing to "We Right Here", on the right corner you can see Gunther pointing at CeCe to Tinka, with an amazed expression on his face.
  • Gunther (and Tinka) felt bad for not paying CeCe (and Rocky).
  • Gunther and CeCe both don't understand most of what the judge says.
  • During Rocky's flashback of when CeCe and Rocky were dancing, Gunther looked like he was looking at CeCe for most of the time.
  • During Rocky's flashback when Gunther and Tinka were introducing CeCe and Rocky, Gunther said CeCe's name first.
  • When Gunther and Tinka had finished introducing CeCe and Rocky, Gunther clapped for CeCe (and Rocky) a bit longer than Tinka.
  • During Gunther's flashback, CeCe went on her knees and seemed to be begging and looking at Gunther, and Gunther smiled and looked like he thought it was cute.
  • When Deuce played everyone the real footage, and the girls were done dancing, CeCe and Gunther stood close together.
  • CeCe (and Rocky) agreed to dance at Klaus' party for Gunther (and Tinka).

Parent Trap It Up

  • During the first part of the show, CeCe wears a glittery shirt, like Gunther's (and Tinka's) clothes.
  • At school, CeCe wears another sparkly top, something else Gunther (and Tinka) would wear.
  • CeCe says to Rocky "You need a reality check!" Reality Check It Up was a GeCe centric episode, where a national TV show claims CeCe is in love with Gunther, causing Gunther to flirt with CeCe.

Weird It Up

  • Flynn said that he needed some ingredients for "Crazy Cookie Day", and cookies are the GeCe food.

Whodunit Up?

  • Gunther said he will protect the girls, including CeCe.
  • When pointing at Gary, Gunther and CeCe stood very close to each other.
  • Whodunitup-12
    When pointing at Gary, Gunther's arm was touching CeCe.
  • CeCe looks the most disbelieving when Gunther runs away screaming after saying that he would protect the girls.
  • CeCe is leaning against Gunther when they are hiding in the supply closet.
  • When the light fell, Gunther's hands were really close to CeCe, like he was going to hold her.
  • When the show was finished, Gunther and CeCe came out from the same side of the stage.
  • Gunther and CeCe help Gary up.
  • At the end, there was a reference to Scooby Doo, when Sammy said "I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!" In a way, Gunther and CeCe represent Freddy and Daphne,
     as Freddy has blonde hair, and Daphne has red hair, and Freddy and Daphne are a couple.
  • When Tinka was saying "Way to shoot them down, Gary" at the beginnning, Gunther was checking CeCe out.
  • When Gunther picked up Tinka and ran away, CeCe stared after him.
  • At the beginning when Tinka was finished talking, you can see CeCe staring at Gunther.
  • When CeCe and Rocky were checking the basement to prove that there's no phantom, and when they met Gunther and Tinka at the studio, and when they met Gary at the studio too, CeCe had a sparkly gold top on, something Gunther (and Tinka) would wear.
  • In many parts of this episode CeCe and Gunther are really close.
  • When they are in the supply closet, and the janitor told Gunther to stop putting herring in the microwave, CeCe looked at him and he sunk down of embarrassment.
  • When Gunther was embarrassed about the herring and was sinking down, CeCe looked at him for the longest out of the three girls.
  • When Tinka said "There is CeCe. But we've learnt to live with you." Gunther smiled sweetly at her.
  • CeCe is still standing in front of Gunther when confronting Gary.
  • When the show was finished, Gunther and CeCe came out together.
  • When the light fell, CeCe was scared and leaned further into Gunther.
  • After the dance, CeCe and Gunther stand really close to each other.
  • After the dance, CeCe was standing in front of Gunther.
  • After the dance, CeCe's and Gunther's arms were touching.
  • When CeCe shouted "Gary!" Gunther looked at her and he seemed a bit worried.
  • Gunther doesn't look like he minds at all when CeCe leans on him.
  • After helping Gary up, Gunther and CeCe kept their hands on Gary's shoulders.
  • After helping Gary up, Gunther and CeCe look like they were looking into each other's eyes at one point.

Tunnel It Up

  • CeCe wanted the crown for the Spring Formal, and in Vatalihootsit It Up, it's announced Gunther's family is royalty.

Protest It Up

  • At the assembly CeCe and Rocky sit in front of Gunther and Tinka and out of the corner you can see Gunther staring at CeCe.
  • When CeCe says that she doesn't snore, Gunther answers "Yes, you do!" (along with the others).
  • Even before Tinka insulted CeCe, Gunther was staring at her.
  • When CeCe was taking Rocky in front of the camera, Gunther was looking and smiling at her.
  • When CeCe and Rocky were in front of the camera, Gunther was still staring at CeCe and his smile was even bigger.
  • When CeCe screams, Gunther looks at her.
  • Both CeCe and Gunther join in the protest against the uniforms.
  • When Tinka said her biggest nightmare was coming true; wearing the same pants as CeCe, Gunther didn't join in and start throwing insults and CeCe.
  • Gunther's smile wasn't as big as before when Tinka insulted CeCe.
  • When Tinka said Gunther and her built a house, CeCe had a big smile on her face.
  • When Tinka said her and Gunther bulit a house, CeCe seemed impressed.
  • At first, Gunther and CeCe didn't want to wear the uniforms.
  • When CeCe screamed, Gunther looked over at her and his hand was on his heart.
  • CeCe probably invited Gunther (and Tinka) at the protest because she didn't seem that surprised when they showed up.
  • When Gunther said the protest was pointless, CeCe was smiling at him and shaking her head.
  • Gunther and CeCe stood next to each other quite a few times during the protest.
  • Gunther and CeCe were both trying to get seen in the camera.
  • CeCe watched Gunther when he walked away.
  • When Gunther and Tinka explained why they were at the protest, CeCe looked at Gunther, and he looked back at CeCe a couple of times.
  • Gunther and Tinka said Rocky's protest was pointless, and they used their To-Do List as an excuse. However, Gunther could have only said that probably because CeCe invited them to come, and he didn't want to disappoint CeCe.
  • Gunther (and Tinka) probably only came at the protest because CeCe invited them.

Reality Check It Up

  • When Gunther pushes the girls off the table, he smiles over at CeCe.
  • CeCe indicated at the beginning of the episode that True Teen Life was seen all over the country, so now people all over the country think that she's in love with Gunther.
  • When CeCe and Rocky are on the table and Gunther pushes them off, CeCe falls onto Ty and Gunther sends him a dirty look as Ty catches her.
  • The reality show, True Teen Life, claims that CeCe is in love with Gunther in the "Love 
     and Romance" portion.
  • When CeCe puts her hand and shoulder on Gunther's arm, he smiled.
    246px-GeCe 24
  • Gunther puts his arm around CeCe.
  • When CeCe threw Rocky next to Gunther, CeCe and Gunther were on either ends of the couch.
  • At the end, CeCe walked Gunther tho the door, when she could have stayed where she was.
  • When True Teen Life started, it showed pictures of Gunther and CeCe from the same dance.
  • When Gunther made the joke about Rocky's sour grapes, he seemed to be looking at CeCe and smirking, like he was expecting her to laugh.
  • There is no proof that CeCe was in love with Gunther's jacket, not him.
  • Gunther uses breath spray, implying that he wants to kiss CeCe.
  • Gunther says he loves it when CeCe plays hard-to-get.
    246px-GeCe 28 (1)
  • When Rocky and Tinka were discussing how Tinka was the heart and soul of the show, Gunther was checking CeCe out.
  • When Gunther made the joke about Rocky's sour grapes, CeCe was staring a him and was smiling a little bit.
  • At the end, Gunther was about to leave, but just before leaving, when he said "Oh CeCe, I love it when you play hard-to-get", his face was incredibly close to hers.
  • At the beginning of the show when CeCe was on the TV, Gunther was staring at her, and sometimes smiling.
  • Gunther extended his arm across the couch to share a tortilla chip with CeCe.
  • As Gunther puts his arm around CeCe, she was smiling.
    Tumblr m5igdoGZqP1r79on1o1 500
  • He called CeCe baybee personally.
  • CeCe mocked Gunther by saying Me! I can resist (doing the same thing Gunther did with the eyebrow) this.
  • Gunther seemed kinda happy that he was alone with CeCe.
  • People at the party thought that CeCe was in love with Gunther, and they saw Gunther flirting with CeCe, so now they think that CeCe and Gunther have feelings for each other.
  • Gunther stared at CeCe when she's throwing Rocky next to him.
  • When CeCe and Gunther are alone, she sits next to Gunther, even though she could have sit somewhere else.
  • When CeCe says that she doesn't love him, he doesn't believe her and he keeps flirting with her.
  • On the show, CeCe sees Gunther at the clothes rack and says "I'm in love" (when she's actually in love with his jacket), walks over to him, and touches his arm and shoulder.
  • Everyone that was at the party, are now under the impression that CeCe likes Gunther.
  • Gunther looks very proud of himself that CeCe is "in love" with him.
    Tumblr m5iginxQP51r79on1o1 1280
  • Gunther says he knew CeCe couldn't resist him, to which CeCe counters that yes, she can.
  • When CeCe kept claiming she wasn't in love with Gunther, she didn't sound very convincing.
  • He puts his arm across the back of the couch, closer to her.
  • He doesn't take his eyes off her when she goes to storm out of the apartment and goes to sit back down.
  • When CeCe goes to sit back on the couch, Gunther's arm moves back across. When CeCe shoves Rocky to sit between her and Gunther, he still looks at her, but takes his arm back.
  • Gunther holds out a chip to feed CeCe; she says "I don't love you" and Gunther shrugs, eating it himself.
  • CeCe and Gunther are the last ones in the Jones' living room. CeCe sits next to Gunther on the couch and he sprays breath spray in his mouth.
  • He tells her that "the camera doesn't lie".
  • This episode was the biggest hint of Gunther liking CeCe so far.
  • It's hinted in this episode that Gunther seems to like CeCe a lot, and Gunther is a kind of person who isn't afraid to show his feelings.
  • When everyone was watching TV and CeCe and Rocky were dancing on the screen, CeCe wears a black sparkly outfit, something Gunther (and Tinka) would wear.
  • CeCe doesn't move away from him and smiles, but tells him that he can leave on his own, or in an ambulance.
  • When Rocky said that True Teen Life had to issue an on air apology, Gunther scratches the back of his neck with an awkward look on his face like he didn't want an on air apology. Maybe it's because it claims that CeCe was in love with him.
  • CeCe had an awkward look on her face when Rocky said she wanted an on air apology. Maybe it's because True Teen Life claims she's in love with Gunther.
  • CeCe claims she was in love with Gunther's jacket, meaning she thinks Gunther has nice clothes.
  • She walks him to the door and he tells her "I love it when you play hard to get." CeCe proceeds to push him out of the apartment.
  • CeCe tells Rocky that she understands why the show made it look like she was in love with Gunther,because it was made for good television.
  • CeCe had to force Gunther out of her apartment meaning Gunther wanted to stay there, alone with CeCe.
  • This episode shows that Gunther may have a crush on CeCe.
  • This episode shows that Gunther could have feelings for CeCe.
  • CeCe said she and Gunther were good television.

Rock and Roll It Up

  • When Flynn is talking to everyone in the studio, CeCe and Gunther are sitting really close to each other.
  • When Flynn is talking to everyone in the studio, it looks like Gunther's arm is around CeCe.
  • When Gary was saying goodbye to all the TV viewers, Gunther and CeCe were on either side of him.
  • When Grandma Wilde is about to tell the story, at one point it looks like Gunther and CeCe are staring at each other.
    IMG 1697
  • Gunther and CeCe could have sat anywhere at the end, but they chose to sit next to each other.
  • Gunther and CeCe both shouted "Flynn!" at the end.
  • Gunther and CeCe both liked the story.
  • Gunther and CeCe were both eating popcorn.
  • When Gerald said "May I suggest you can that dance sweaty armpits because it stinks" Edie looked really hurt and upset.
  • Gunther and CeCe both wore black tops.
  • When Gerald and Tilly were talking to Edie and Trudy for the first time, Gerald looked like he was smiling and staring at Edie.
  • During the final dance, Gerald was looking at Edie several times.
  • When Grandma Wilde Said "The year was 1974" near the end, Gunther and CeCe were at the front, opposite each other.
  • Gunther and CeCe share more than one glance.
  • When Grandma Wilde was about to tell the last part of the story, Gunther leaned over on to CeCe.
  • When Gunther leaned on CeCe near the end, she didn't try to get him off her, so that means that CeCe wasn't bothered by this.

Slumber It Up

  • At the beginning of the episode when Gunther asked "What is the password?" he was mostly staring at CeCe.
  • CeCe was leaning right against the door when Gunther asked what the password was.
  • CeCe didn't look like she wanted Gunther to leave.
  • Slumber It Up 060
    CeCe laughed awkwardly when she told Gunther he wasn't invited, meaning she didn't want to hurt him.
  • It seemed like CeCe wouldn't mind if Gunther stayed.
  • When Gunther and Tinka said "I am Gunther, and I am Tinka, and we are here to slumber, baybee" Gunther was mostly staring at CeCe.
  • Gunther and CeCe shared multiple glances during the first dance.
  • At the door, Gunther handed Tinka's bag over to CeCe.
  • If you look closely, when Gunther hands Tinka's bag over to CeCe, he accidentally grabs her fingers.
  • When CeCe told Gunther he wasn't invited to the slumber party, Gunther looked pretty hurt.
  • Gunther said that he knew he wasn't invited and he was just taking his sleeping bag for dry cleaning, then he did a fake chuckle, turn around with sadness and left the house, probably because he didn't want to be embarrassed in front of CeCe.
  • The fact that CeCe didn't invite Gunther bothered him.
  • When Gunther made a hole into the freezer, both CeCe and Gunther went to comfort their siblings.
  • When Ty, Flynn and Gunther were getting Deuce angry so he could break the wall and Gunther was making kissy faces and noises in the air, he could have been thinking about CeCe.
  • After CeCe awkwardly told Gunther he wasn't invited she had a frown on her face and looked upset.
  • When CeCe awkwardly told Gunther he wasn't invited, he looked upset and humiliated but tried to play it off cool.
  • CeCe was eager to talk about boys at the slumber party. Perhaps she wanted to talk about Gunther.
  • When they were about to dance, CeCe knocked on the door which Gunther answered.
  • When CeCe and Flynn were talking, Gunther looked at CeCe the whole time.
  • When everyone was leaving the ice cream freezer, Gunther and CeCe cross paths.
  • When CeCe was about to talk to Tinka after everyone was leaving, it seemed like Gunther was looking at her.
  • Maybe CeCe only invited Tinka because she's Gunther's sister and wants to be nice to her.
  • When Flynn was saying that CeCe says Deuce will never find out, at the word "CeCe" Gunther looked up, but before Gunther was looking straight ahead, possibly meaning he was only interested when he found out that CeCe was part of it.
  • When Gunther said "Looks like I made it to the slumber party after all" he was looking at CeCe and smiling, and CeCe was looking at Gunther and smiling too.
  • Gunther said his sleeping bag was brand new. This means he spent some money on a new sleeping bag just so he could go to CeCe's slumber party.

Surprise It Up

  • Gunther invited CeCe to his mailman's funeral, claiming that his sister Tinka was out of town and none of his friends were around. Which is a lie because Gunther doesn't have any friends besides Ty, so he ask CeCe to go with him when he could've ask Ty instead.
    Surprise It Up GeCe 003
  • Gunther says "That's perfect!", meaning that he was happy that CeCe said that she be happy to go anywhere he suggests.
  • Gunther may have waited for Rocky to leave so that he could invite CeCe to the funeral with no one around.
  • CeCe agrees to go not knowing what she was about to get herself into.
  • Gunther tries not to get excited knocking over CeCe phone and breaking it, trying to be this cool dude with her and he offers to pay for the phone.
  • After the funeral CeCe finds out that her phone really is broken and starts to cry, and she seemed to be about to lean on Gunther's shoulder but an old lady showed up so CeCe ended up leaning over her shoulder.
  • Gunther put his hand on CeCe's shoulder.
  • At the end when CeCe is surprised by everyone in her apartment, she is surprised everyone came, even Gunther.
  • Gunther seemed nervous when CeCe was leaning on him and touching his arm when she said "It's ok with me" after Gunther asks CeCe to go to the mailman's funeral with him.
  • Gunther didn't mind when CeCe was about to lean on his shoulder.
  • Gunther could have picked any dancers on Shake It Up, but he chose CeCe.
  • CeCe and Gunther matched, both had black sparkles, and a bit of blue in their outfits.
  • The trip to the funeral home was like a date for CeCe and Gunther.
  • CeCe asked Gunther "Where are we going now?" Meaning she wanted to spend more time with him.
  • Gunther was looking really hopeful for CeCe to text him the party invitation.
  • When Gunther looked at CeCe's broken phone he was looking really upset.
  • When Gunther asked CeCe to go to the funeral home with him, CeCe's and Gunther's tops matched; both were sparkly and black.
  • When CeCe said she would be happy to go anywhere Gunther suggests, Gunther smiles.
  • Gunther still showed up for the party even though he was invited 12 minutes before, and warns CeCe about Porky the vicious dog in her room and then wishes her a Happy Birthday.
  • They seem to be friendlier around each other now.
  • CeCe asks Gunther how she looks when she gasps, and he replies, "Slightly insane."
  • Gunther becomes sad that he wasn't invited, and CeCe feels sorry for him and says the invitation probably just got lost in the mail, meaning she doesn't like to hurt him.
  • Gunther said he felt terrible for breaking CeCe's phone, meaning he doesn't like to hurt her.
  • Gunther called CeCe his friend.
  • CeCe thought that Gunther was the one to escort her to the party, and she was absolutely fine and happy with that.
  • At the funeral home, CeCe's leggings and Gunther's top matched; both were sparkly and black.
  • Gunther was sad that he lost his friends, who was CeCe.
  • Gunther smiled when CeCe said she didn't have any plans.
  • At the end, when CeCe and Rocky hugged, Gunther was smiling at staring at CeCe.
  • CeCe was happy that Gunther turned up at her birthday party.
  • When Gunther turned up at the party, he kept looking at CeCe.
  • When Gunther surprised CeCe, you could see that he blew a noisemaker for her.
  • At Crusty's, CeCe blew a noisemaker, and at her party, Gunther blew a noisemaker.
  • At the party, Flynn was wearing a shirt that had a orange bicycle (the GeCe colour) on it.

Made In Japan

  • Gunther seemed to be checking CeCe out when she walked past him and Tinka.
  • As you can see in the picture, both CeCe's and Gunther's tops matched.
  • At the beginning, Gunther and CeCe jonied in the group hug.
  • Gunther and CeCe were next to each other in the group hug, meaning they must have had their arms around each other.
  • GeCeCheckOutYAY
    You could clearly see Gunther arm around CeCe in the group hug, and CeCe had her arm around him too.
  • At the restaurant, CeCe wears a sparkly silver top, something Gunther (and Tinka) would wear.
  • When they finished recording the Shake It Up video game, Gunther and CeCe stood in similar positions.
  • When they had finished recording the Shake It Up video game, Gunther and CeCe had their arms out.
  • When Tinka was about to get deported out of the country back to her old one, Gunther was very upset, so CeCe jumped in front of him and Tinka to protect Tinka and explained thatGunther and Tinka need each other and you can't break them apart.
  • CeCe saved Gunther and Tinka, that showed that she does care about them and CeCe doesn't want to see Gunther unhappy.
  • At the concert of the "Blue Aliens", 
    1000px-Shake It Up Made In Japan Promo30
    if Ty and Deuce weren't standing there, Gunther and CeCe would've been standing next to each other.
  • When Rocky said "We need to find the quickest route to the airport" Gunther and CeCe looked at each other.
  • Gunther said "CeCe" in a friendly, pleading way, while Rocky said it in an angry tone.
  • Gunther and CeCe both enjoyed the concert of the "Blue Aliens".
  • At the restaurant, Gunther had a orange dye through his hair, which is the GeCe color.
  • At the restaurant when Gunther and Tinka came, CeCe was staring at Gunther.
  • Gunther and CeCe exchanged many glances.
  • CeCe (and Rocky) helped Gunther be reunited with Tinka.
  • You can tell CeCe was upset for Gunther almost losing Tinka.
  • When CeCe, Rocky and Gunther were trying to convince the officer from deporting Tinka back to the old country, CeCe was the first to say something to help Gunther and Tinka, meaning she must have felt worse than Rocky.
  • When Gary's talking to Keiko just before recording the video game, you can see Gunther swapping gloves with CeCe.
  • CeCe (and Rocky) convinced the officer from deporting Tinka back to the old country, and instead her and Gunther went back to the USA together.
  • Gunther (and Tinka) called CeCe (and Rocky) baybees.
  • Many parts of Gunther's clothing was the GeCe color.
  • CeCe was clearly annoyed that Gunther invited Rocky, possibly because CeCe wanted to be alone with Gunther.
  • CeCe was running to get to Gunther, as you can see when she comes in.
  • CeCe probably would have got to Gunther faster than Rocky if it wasn't for her shoes.
  • CeCe stood right next to Gunther when Tinka was about to be deported.
  • When Gunther and Tinka said "Sayonara, baybee" to CeCe and Rocky, Gunther was looking at CeCe.
  • When Gunther thanked the girls for helping him and Tinka, he was looking at CeCe.
  • Gunther texted CeCe to come to help keep Tinka in the country. That means that he must have gotten her phone fixed.
  • Gunther must have thought CeCe would help him a lot, otherwise he wouldn't have texted her to come.
  • Gunther and CeCe show that, despite being frenemies, they really do care about each other.
  • Gunther and CeCe show a friendly connection towards each other.
  • CeCe showed that she cares about Gunther, and Gunther showed that he counts on CeCe to be there for him when he needs her.
  • If Gunther didn't like CeCe, he wouldn't have invited her to come help him.
  • CeCe was visibly upset that Gunther invited Rocky, probably because she wanted to be alone with him.
  • Gunther knew that to recieve the text, CeCe would have to the pay international calling plan, but despite Gunther knowing, he still texted her, probably because he knew CeCe would still help him no matter what.
  • Seeing how CeCe and Gunther are classified as frenemies, CeCe didn't have to come to help Gunther out, but she came, and even looked worried.
  • Gunther didn't have to invite CeCe to help him, but he did, and was even happy.
  • Gunther looked quite happy and relieved when CeCe showed up after Gunther texted her.
  • Gunther texted CeCe, that means CeCe gave him her number.
  • CeCe and Gunther look at each other several times.
  • CeCe could have been doing something important when she recieved that text, but she still came to help Gunther.
  • Gunther and CeCe were both excited about flying to Japan in a private jet.
  • When Gary was about to say who's going to Japan, Gunther was standing behind CeCe.
  • Gunther and CeCe stood next to each other a few times when dancing at the beginning.

Season 3

Fire It Up

  • CeCe was against blaming Gunther for the fire at first.
  • CeCe wasn't happy at all when Tinka said Gunther moved to the old country.
  • When Tinka said "Gunther is Gonether" CeCe didn't say anything but she looked worried, confused and upset.
  • When Tinka said Gunther moved back to the old country, she was looking even more depressed than she already was.
  • CeCe was ready to blame the fire on Gunther, but in the end she took responsibility for what she thought she had done.
  • CeCe probably took responsibility for what she thought she had done, probably because she didn't want Gunther to get into trouble.
  • CeCe wore a lot of orange in this episode, the GeCe colour.

Funk It Up

  • CeCe was in a funk. This may have been because Gunther moved away. It's possible, seeing that this was the episode after Tinka told CeCe and Rocky that Gunther moved away.
  • In CeCe's locker, she hung up a poster that says "Hang In There Baby". It may have reminded CeCe of Gunther, since Gunther called her "baby" a lot (just spelled differently).
  • The poster in CeCe's locker also had a cat on it, and Gunther has often talked about having cats in some previous episodes.

Spirit It Up

  • Seeing how CeCe was the squad president, it was probably her idea to wear the glittery attire for the pep rally. Maybe it's because Gunther wears a lot of sparkles, and all the sparkles and the glitter remind CeCe of Gunther.

Lock It Up

  • At the beginning, CeCe wore an outfit which was mixed with crazy colors, gold and lots of sparkles, quite a lot like Gunther's (and Tinka's) outfits.
  • CeCe broke up with Louis because she didn't anything in common with him. However, she has a lot of things in common with Gunther.

Merry Merry It Up

  • CeCe wore an orange top, and orange is the GeCe color.
  • CeCe said "Two gals in the city, looking for love" to her mother. She could have been talking about Gunther.
  • CeCe got upset when her mother said she was too young to date. Maybe it's because CeCe was hoping she would be allowed to date Gunther.
  • CeCe said she was dreaming about One Direction fighting over her, and one of the One Direction boys, Niall, is blonde-haired and blue-eyed, a Gunther look-a-like.

Home Alone It Up

  • CeCe made a reference to Phineas & Ferb when she said "Flynn! You are so busted!" CeCe kind of represents Candace, because Candace has red hair and dark eyes, and she's really crazy and has a little brother (two brothers but Ferb is not her biological brother) and CeCe wanted to bust her brother. Gunther kind of represents Jeremy, as he's blonde haired and blue eyed, and has a blonde sister who hates Candace, and Candace and Jeremy are a couple.

Oh Brother It Up

  • At dinner, CeCe wore a long sparkly cardigan, a lot like Gunther's (and Tinka's) attire.
  • At dinner, CeCe wore a top with a sparkly anchor on it, like Gunther's (and Tinka's) clothes.

Quit It Up

  • It is revealed the CeCe once played the ukelele (though she quit after two hours). In Shake It Up, Up & Away, Gunther played the ukelele and sang to her on the bus. It is also the GeCe instrument.

Ty It Up

  • The official GeCe SIU soundtrack, Bring the Fire, was featured in this episode.

Switch It Up

  • CeCe liked a tall blonde boy, a Gunther look-a-like.
  • CeCe had a curse put on her, and it was mentioned the same curse was used on Gunther (and Tinka).


  • Gunther-cece-SIU-rooftop
    In a Model It Up clip from DisneyChannelUK's YouTube account, there is a show intro with Gunther and CeCe beside each other.
  • When Selena Gomez performed with the entire Shake It Up cast, Kenton Duty and Bella Thorne were dancing next to each other.
  • On Shake It Up's Facebook page, there is a post made about CeCe and Gunther with a picture of them from Hot Mess It Up and the caption,"Gun-ce or Ce-ter, the latest show-mance on Shake It Up, Chicago?".
  • In a Shake It Up cast rooftop shot, Kenton and Bella, dressed as Gunther and CeCe, are next to each other.
  • On Shake It Up's Wikipedia, under Gunther Hessenheffer characters information, it says that, It's hinted in Reality Check It Up that Gunther may have a crush on CeCe.
  • Showintrogece
    In a Shake It Up behind the scenes clip, at the end, Kenton and Bella (Gunther and CeCe) are beside each other.
  • There is a YouTube account supporting the pairing of Gunther and CeCe, called GeceItUp.

Episodes with a GeCe Plot/Subplot

  • Hot Mess It Up: CeCe needs to ask Gunther to the dance because Rocky thinks he's about to go back to the old country.
  • Split It Up: CeCe & Gunther get the spotlight dance and are picked to dance together on the show "Good Morning Chicago".
  • Reality Check It Up: "Shake It Up, Chicago's" feature story on a national TV show True Teen Life. In the show, it seems like CeCe has a crush on Gunther, causing Gunther to flirt with CeCe.
  • Surprise It Up: Gunther ask CeCe to go with him to his mailman's funeral.


Start It Up

CeCe: We are the best dancers in Chicago!
Gunther: Don't be looney nutty!

Hot Mess It Up

Gunther: I am Gunther!
CeCe: And I am Gunther's girlfriend...
Rocky: And I am loving this!

Gunther: I'll be right back. I'm going to get my "little cookie" a little cookie.

CeCe: (Gunther gives her a cookie) Awww, thank you Gunther.
Gunther: Please, nothing's too good for the future Mrs. Hessenheffer!

Rocky: Oh, hey Gunther. Where's CeCe?
Gunther: She's in the hallway. You know that one, she likes to make a big entrance. CeCe, darling, your BF and your BFF are waiting for you!
CeCe: (From the hallway) I'm good in the hall!
Gunther: But no one can see your fabulous dress out there!
CeCe: I know! That's why I'm good in the hall!

Gunther: I'm going to show off my new girlfriend. Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention! I am Gunther!
CeCe: And I am dying inside!

Gunther: CeCe, we're at a dance. Why are we not busting a move and letting it all hang out? You are the best dancer on Shake It Up, Chicago.
CeCe: Aww, that's so sweet of you! Do you really believe that?
Gunther: No, but as my future wife, you must get used to me lying to you.

Gunther: (While slow-dancing with CeCe, as Little Gunther) I'm having a wonderful time.

CeCe: Hey! I'm that idiot!
Gunther: Then this will not work. I am breaking up with you. Have your dress laundered and returned to me.
CeCe: What? No, you can't break up with me, I was only pretending to go out with you!
Gunther: Ok CeCe, whatever excuse you need to save your pride.
CeCe: I slow danced with your puppet! I obviously don't have any pride!

Model It Up

CeCe: (to Gunther) Stop reading my emails!

Rocky: What do I know about modeling?
CeCe: Don't worry! I've been working with a modeling coach that I think can help you, too.
Rocky: Really, who?
Gunther: Hello bay-beee!

Gunther: I'm a panther. Find your inner cat.
Rocky: (to CeCe) Is he for real?
CeCe: He was a model in the old country.
Gunther: Yes. I modelled wool sweaters on the Home Sheeping Network.
CeCe: Oh, I saw that.
Gunther: You did?
CeCe: No, you dingaloo, it was on the Home Sheeping Network! I don't even think the sheeps watch that!

Gunther: Wait! Where will you hide? Oh! At your best friend's lair! The snow leopard!
CeCe: (jumping up and down) That's me! That's my inner cat! (laughs)

Split It Up

CeCe: Wow, you're amazing! You ever repeat that and I'll cut off your legs.
Gunther: Well you could only be as good as your partner. Ever repeat that and I'll hand you the knife.

Gary: It's not Gunther and Tinka.
Rocky: Ha! In your face!
Gary: The winners are CeCe...
CeCe: I knew it!
Gary: ..and Gunther.
CeCe: Didn't know that!

Whodunit Up?

Gunther: (to CeCe) Your sleuthing is worse than your dancing.

Reality Check It Up

Gunther: (he thinks that CeCe has a crush on him) I can't say I'm completely shocked. After all, who can resist (he licks his thumb and smooths back his eyebrow) this. (he looks at her)
CeCe: Me! I can resist (she mimicks his action) this.

CeCe: (sits beside Gunther)
Gunther: CeCe, I see you've managed to get rid of everybody so you can be with... Gunther. (he looks at her sweetly and all of a sudden uses breath spray)
CeCe: Gunther, do you honestly believe that I'm in love with you?
Gunther: (he puts his arm around CeCe) The camera doesn't lie, bay-bee. (he smiles and looks at CeCe intimately)

Gunther: Oh CeCe, I love it when you play hard-to-get.

Slumber It Up

CeCe: You didn't really think you were invited Gunther?
Gunther: Well of course not, I was just dropping off Tinka and taking my new sleeping bag for dry cleaning.

Surprise It Up

CeCe: How do I look?
Gunther: Slightly insane.

CeCe: I'm happy that you're all here, even you Gunther.
Gunther: Yes, I don't even know what's more pathetic. The fact that I was invited 12 minutes ago or the fact that I even still came?

Gunther: By the way CeCe, there is a very vicious dog by the name of Porky, locked up in your bedroom right now. So happy birthday!

CeCe: I'm CeCe 'unsurprisable' Jones.
Gunther: I thought you were CeCe 'go-with-the-flow' Jones?

Gunther: Wait! You're having a party and I wasn't invited? What a lousy day, I lost my mail carrier and my friends.
CeCe: Don't worry Gunther, I'm sure your invitation got lost in the mail.
Gunther: Or perhaps my mail man died!

Gunther: CeCe, do you have any plans today?
CeCe: You're asking if I have plans? Why no Gunther, I don't have any plans today and I'll be happy to do whatever you suggest.
Gunther: Good, I was wondering if you could accompany me to a funeral today?

IMG 1359

Our GeCeBaybees

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  • GeCe Color: Orange (A sweet combination between Gunther's dirty blonde hair together with CeCe's fiery red hair.)
  • 400px-GeCe -48
    GeCe Food: Cookies (Gunther wanted to bring CeCe a little cookie in Hot Mess It Up. He also gave her the nickname, "Little Cookie".)
  • GeCe Animal: Black leopard (The combination between Gunther's inner cat, the panther and CeCe's inner cat, chosen by Gunther for which CeCe gladly agrees to, the snow leopard.)
  • GeCe Instrument: Ukulele (Gunther played this instrument to CeCe and sang Who Stole The Gufenhugen From The Gufenhugen Jar to her in the episode Shake It Up, Up & Away. Also, in Quit It Up, it is revealed that CeCe owns a ukulele, but had quit playing it.)
  • GeCe Fans' Official Name: GeCeBaybees ("Baybee" is Gunther's expression. Plus, Gunther called CeCe "baybee" a couple of times in the show. Same for CeCe. She has called him "baybee" once in the episode "Hot Mess It Up".)
  • GeCe Boss: Rocky Blue (She definitely was the first one to put them together in Hot Mess It Up).
  • GeCe Lucky Number: 11 (There are altogether 11 letters in Gunther and CeCe's first names, and also 1+1=2, which relates to Gunther and CeCe both being part of a duo. There's also eleven letters in GeCeBaybees).
  • GeCe Month: October (This month has a lot of orange in it, which is the GeCe color.)
  • GeCe SIU Soundtrack: Bring The Fire (This was the song that Gunther and CeCe danced to together, and the song they were supposed to dance to together on Good Morning, Chicago).
  • GeCe Season: Autumn (This season has a lot of orange in it, which is the GeCe color.)
  • GeCe Day: March 20 (The day the first GeCe-centric episode, Hot Mess It Up, aired, and the day Gunther and CeCe dated).
  • GeCe Queen Day: January 22 (The day the second GeCe-centric episode, Split It Up, aired, and the day we celebrate @Beckward, the GeCe Queen.)
  • GeCeBaybee Day: June 10 (The day the third GeCe-centric episode, Reality Check It Up, aired, and the day we celebrate the GeCeBaybees, the fans of GeCe.)
  • GeCe Official Twitter RP Day: March 16 (The day the GeCe Official Twitter RP's got married.)

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Orgin Of The Couple Name

The name "GeCe" means "night" in Turkish language.


  • GeCe is known to be the most loved and supported couple on the show.
  • GeCe is the first 'showmance' on Shake It Up, Chicago.
  • Gunther and CeCe have the most episodes revolved around their pairing.
  • Gunther and CeCe are the first main characters to date (Ty and Tinka would be considered first since they dated in an earlier episode, but Tinka was not yet considered a main character at the time.).
  • Most of the Shake It Up fans are GeCe fans.
  • Jenn Lloyd, a Shake It Up writer, clearly knows about the pairing of GeCe, as she wrote one of the GeCe-centric episodes, and may get Gunther and CeCe to go out.
  • About a website and poll, GeCe is the most known, loved and supported Shake It Up couple in the UK & Ireland.
  • GeCe has the most fanfictions out of all the Shake It Up pairings.
  • In a picture of Auction It Up behind the scenes, there is a picture of Kenton and Bella with their arms around each other, and are staring at each other. Since they are wearing Gunther's and CeCe's clothes, this is considered an official GeCe romantic embrace.
  • GeCe is the only couple where the two people have been shown to hate each other, but one person likes the other. It is both love/hate and love/hope.
  • The GeCe/Gallery is one of the biggest galleries in the whole Shake It Up Wiki, along with it's main rival's gallery, Runther.
  • A lot of websites support GeCe, like Twitter, Tumblr, Fanpop and Facebook.
  • Kenton and Bella, who play Gunther and CeCe respectively, said one of their favourite episodes was Hot Mess It Up, a GeCe-centric episode where Gunther and CeCe dated.
  • Kenton Duty asked on Twitter if fans prefer GeCe or Runther and GeCe resulted to be one of the most supported Shake It Up couples on Twitter, followed by Tynka, Reuce, DeCe and Runther.
  • GeCe has the most videos made for their couple out of all the pairings in the Shake It Up Wiki.
  • The CeCe and Gunther RPs on Twitter ship GeCe, and they're married.
  • GeCe has the most moments together.
  • GeCe has many original, creative and supportive fans.
  • GeCe fans are officially called "GeCeBaybees."
  • Gunther and CeCe have many things in common.
  • Kenton Duty and Bella Thorne, who play Gunther and CeCe, are still best friends in real life.
  • GeCe is obviously being noticed by the writers, and cast of Shake It Up from the support.
  • GeCe has a really big chance of happening, so the writers may consider it when Kenton comes back.
  • It's potentially obvious that Gunther and CeCe have a future.
  • Kenton Duty has acknowledged GeCe in one of his interviews, and gave some hints for Split It Up, saying it was something that fans have been asking for a long time.
  • GeCe have the most userboxes support their pairing.
  • It is rumoured that Kenton Duty and Bella Thorne, who portray Gunther and CeCe, have had major crushes on each other.
  • Kenton Duty and Bella Thorne were best friends before the show, and continued being best friends off set.
  • Gary Wilde is said to ship GeCe, as he wanted Gunther and CeCe to dance together on 'Good Morning Chicago', and gave them the Spotlight Dance.
  • R. Brandon Johnson is a possible GeCe shipper, because a Kenton/Bella twitter support account sent him a picture of Gunther and CeCe with Gary in Split It Up, and he said the picture was 'pretty cool ;)'. He also tweeted a picture of CeCe leaning on Gunther.
  • Kenton Duty and Bella Thorne send very loving tweets to each other.
  • Bella Thorne had once tweeted 'me and @kentonjduty. cece and gunther ftw.' This hints that she is a possible GeCe shipper.
  • GeCe has the most fans (GeCeBaybees) in the whole Shake It Up Wiki.
  • Gunther is the only one out of everyone who understands CeCe, puts up with her, and can also sort her out.
  • Most of the Shake It Up roleplays on Twitter/Tumblr support GeCe, along with Reuce and Tynka.
  • Kenton and Bella, who play Gunther and CeCe, are very close on and off set, and they knew each other long before Shake It Up, when they were very young.
  • It is rumoured that Kenton and Bella, who play Gunther and CeCe, had dated for two months before Shake It Up.
  • GeCe is the most supported Shake It Up couple in the UK, Ireland, Spain and North America. Almost all of the Shake It Up fandom in those countries ship Gunther and CeCe, then Deuce/Rocky and Ty/Tinka.
  • The Shake It Up Writers/Producers clearly ship GeCe, as they were the ones who wrote the episodes where Gunther and CeCe have moments together. (Hot Mess It Up, Split It Up, Reality Check It Up, Surprise It Up)
  • GeCe Twitter Role Play won Best Couple RP, April 13, 2013.

Featured Content

Featured Moment:

When the reality show claimed CeCe was in love with Gunther, he kept flirting with her, put his arm around her, and tried to kiss her.

Moment from Episode: Reality Check It Up

Featured Quote:

Gunther to CeCe: Oh, CeCe, I love it when you play hard-to-get.

Quote from: Reality Check It Up

Featured Video:

Trainwreck - GeCe 

Featured Song:

T-Shirt  - Shontelle

Featured FanFiction:

I've Love You In Every Lifetime - by CloudOfStars

Featured Photo:

GeCe 29

Our GeCe Days

  • March 20 (The day Hot Mess It Up aired. It's also the official GeCe Day.)
  • January 22 (The day Split It Up aired. It's also the official GeCe Queen Day.)
  • June 10 (The day Reality Check It Up aired. It's also the official GeCeBaybee Day.)
  • August 5 (The day Surprise It Up aired.)
  • December 4 (National Cookie Day.)
  • March 16 (The day the GeCe Official Twitter RP's got married.)

Relationship between Bella Thorne and Kenton Duty

Kella 1

Kenton Duty and Bella Thorne (aka Kella)

Kella: Click here to read more about it.
bellathorne: thank the heavens...@kentonjduty is back. i have missed u

kentonjduty: @bellathorne143 haha glad to be back! you too!
bellathorne: @kentonjduty tomorrow will be so much funnnnnnnn <3

— Twitter / November 8, 2011

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