I'm Gary Wilde and we'll see you next week on Shake It Up, Chicago!

–Gary in Start It Up

Gary Wilde is the devilishly handsome, egocentric executive producer and co-host of the televison dance show, Shake It Up, Chicago!. He was originally called "Gary Knight" for the original "Dance Dance Chicago" pilot. However, they changed his name when the show began production in July 2010. He tends to take credit for what other people do and is a bit self-involved at times. However when it comes down to it, he usually ends up doing what is right.

Gary Wilde is portrayed by R. Brandon Johnson.


He has a tendency to forget people's names ("Hook It Up"), and has tried multiple times to get Oprah Winfrey to like him at one of his parties, though she never does. He also invited Rocky and CeCe to one of his parties only to have them work as waitresses ("Party It Up"). He is shown to possibly love Georgia. He's similar to Ryan Seacrest from American Idol and Mario Lopez from ABDC. He is funny, wacky, silly, and "Wilde!"


Season 1

  • Start It Up: Gary Wilde is first introduced as the host of Shake It Up, Chicago! He hires Rocky and the Hessenheffers and later in the show, he hires CeCe.
  • Meatball It Up: Gary Wilde hands out paychecks at the beginning of the episode. At the end of the episode, he has a catered Italian meal served to the dancers.
  • Give It Up: Gary hosts the dance marathon for Shake It Up, Chicago!.
  • Add It Up: Gary flirts with Georgia Jones when she visits the set.
  • Age It Up: Gary gets Justin Starr to be a guest on Shake It Up, Chicago! and warns the other dancers to treat him like a normal person.
  • Party It Up: Gary hosts a party and has Rocky and CeCe serve the food.
  • Hook It Up: Gary needs to fire some employees. Gunther, Tinka, Rocky, and CeCe kiss up to him in hopes of not being fired.
  • Match It Up: Gary hosts Shake It Up, Chicago!.
  • Glitz It Up: Gary has to host the Little Miss Cutie Pageant for community service for his speeding ticket.
  • Heat It Up: Gary hosts Shake It Up, Chicago!.
  • Hot Mess It Up: Gary asks Rocky and CeCe to host a webcast for Shake It Up, Chicago!'s website. Later, he advertises Gunther and CeCe's 'showmance' on the website.
  • Reunion It Up: Gary lets Rocky and CeCe have the main dance as long as they keep doing chores for him.
  • Vatalihootsit It Up: Gary hosts Shake It Up, Chicago!.
  • Sweat It Up: Gary hosts Shake It Up, Chicago!.
  • Model It Up: Gary hosts Shake It Up, Chicago!.
  • Twist It Up: Gary is at the Shake It Up, Chicago! set.
  • Break It Up: Gary hosts Shake It Up, Chicago!.
  • Throw It Up: Gary is too sick to prepare for the show so he has Rocky and CeCe take care of the details.

Season 2

  • Shrink It Up: Gary recommends his new therapist to CeCe and Rocky.
  • Three's a Crowd It Up: (mentioned)
  • Shake It Up, Up & Away: Gary takes the Shake It Up, Chicago! cast to Alabama for a community service event.
  • Double Pegasus It Up: Gary has Theodore Vainglorious come to the Shake It Up, Chicago! studio to teach the dancers a new dance routine.
  • Auction It Up: Gary hosts a Shake It Up, Chicago! event and auction at the mall. He also hosts a contest for a free phone.
  • Split It Up: Gary choses CeCe and Gunther as the dancers to be featured on Good Morning, Chicago and for the spotlight dance.
  • Copy Kat It Up: Kat kisses up to Gary in hopes of taking CeCe's spot on the show.
  • Egg It Up: (mentioned)
  • Whodunit Up?: Gary believes that his life and his job are in jeopardy when a phantom attacks the Shake It Up, Chicago! studio.
  • Tunnel It Up: Gary hosts the Shake It Up, Chicago! national special.
  • Reality Check It Up: Gary attends Rocky and CeCe's viewing party of Shake It Up, Chicago!'s story on True Teen Life. However, he leaves when he gets offended, because the show is making fun of him.
  • Rock and Roll It Up: Gary's grandmother visits the Shake It Up, Chicago! studio. Gary also makes an alternate appearance as Perry Collins.
  • Made In Japan: Gary goes to Japan with the rest of the winning Shake It Up, Chicago! cast.

Season 3

  • Fire It Up: When Shake It Up, Chicago!'s studio burns down, Gary is out of a job. Deuce offers him a job at Crusty's, but later has to fire him, because he is a terrible employee. It is discovered that Gary's tanning bed was what caused the fire.
  • Ty It Up: (mentioned)
  • Loyal It Up: Gary Wilde is the host of a new show called Dance Factor. He tries to get CeCe, Rocky, and Tinka to join his show, but in the end, Phil takes the offer to be the host of Dance Factor while Gary goes back to be the host of Shake It Up, Chicago!
  • Remember Me: Gary hosts the celebrity fashion show and he almost takes CeCe out of the Shake It Up, Chicago! finale number due to her loss of memory, but brings her back when she regains it.



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  • "Save some for Oprah."
  • "What? She hasn't said no yet."
  • "I'm Gary Wilde and we'll see you next week on Shake It Up, Chicago!"
  • "I'm sorry, but you're... IN."
  • "Last hired, first fired."
  • "And for that special little lady I met last night... I WANT MY WATCH BACK!"
  • Gary:"Listen up, dancers. I have news. Nobody had better news in Shake It Up Chicago world history..." CeCe:"You got new cowboy boots?" Gary:"Yes I did!"
  • "It's about to get Wilde up in here!"

Hook It Up

  • CeCe: "But you didn't, it's Rocky and CeCe."
    Gary: "I don't think so."

Party It Up

  • "She's an international super model. She must be obeyed!"

Whodunit Up?

  • "No I'm worried that I am gonna get the job and Shake It Up Chicago's not gonna let me out of my contract, not that I blame them, would you let, this go?"

Throw It Up

  • "Mommy, is that you? Can I please have pancakes?"

Shrink It Up

  • (To Gunther & Tinka) You know, you two are mean, maybe that's why nobody likes you!

Fire It Up

  • "Can I get a 'Oh Yum'!"
  • "Avoid eating at Crusty's because Deuce Martinez does his kissing practice on the pizza dough!"
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