Relationship Information
Between: Flynn Jones
Henry Dillon
Status: Best friends
First Interaction: Add It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Davis Cleveland
Buddy Handleson

Flynnry (Flyn/n and He/nry) is the friendship pairing of Flynn Jones and Henry Dillon. These two met in the episode "Add It Up" and have since become best friends. They have a lot of sub-plots together.

Friendship Moments

Season One

Add It Up

  • Flynn and Henry meet for the first time in this episode.
  • Flynn introduces Henry to his zombie video games and shares his hair gel with him.
  • Flynn gives Henry lessons on being a 'real boy'.

Kick It Up

  • Flynn convinces Henry to take karate lessons with him so that he won't get bullied.
  • Flynn and Henry attend karate lessons together.

Match It Up

  • Henry asks Flynn for help with getting his camping badge.
  • Flynn has been learning new words from the dictionary that Henry gave him.
  • Flynn teaches Henry about coyote howling, ghost stories, wedgies, and bus songs.

Twist It Up

  • Henry and Flynn hang out in the park together.
  • Henry helps Flynn to get rid of his evil robot toy.
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Season Two

Three's A Crowd It Up

  • Henry is the substitute teacher for Flynn's class.
  • Flynn (along with the rest of his class) plays pranks on Henry, but in the end Henry manages to win the last laugh with his 'human magnet'.
  • Henry and Flynn go out to eat together at Crusty's.
  • Flynn gives Henry his pizza after he tricks Henry into dumping all the parmesan cheese on his own.

Beam It Up

  • Henry and Flynn go trick-or-treating together.
  • Flynn shows off his princess costume to Henry, he was shaking his hips to Henry.

Apply It Up

  • Flynn helps Henry try to alert NASA to the presence of a meteor headed for Earth.
  • Flynn helps Henry make a bucket list.
  • Henry tells Flynn that he's glad he's with him.
  • Flynn and Henry hug under the table.

Egg It Up

  • Flynn mentions that he's going to go hang out with his friend, Henry.

Judge It Up

  • Henry tries to teach Flynn to ride a bicycle.

Made in Japan

  • Henry comes along to Japan with Flynn and the others.


  • Henry: "Greetings young fellow!" Flynn: "'Sup little weirdo!"
  • Flynn: "Next lesson on being a real boy ...... you don't take notes!" Henry: (taking notes) "You don't take notes."
  • Flynn: "Wow, what happened to you. Was there an explosion in your lab? Did you get super powers? Jump on the wall, let's see if you stick!"
  • Flynn: "You think too much. Don't you for once in your life just want to explode into mindless violence!" Henry: "I don't know, let me think about it."
  • Flynn: "Come on, Henry, you can take her. If you pass this class, you get another diploma for your wall!" Henry: "Diploma!"
  • Henry: "I did it! I did it! I did it! Flynn: Yes, Henry, now you can proudly walk around and say you beat up a girl." Henry: "Yeah!"
  • Flynn: Hello my bespectacled friend who is unsuccessfully trying to bring back, the bow tie Henry: Hi flynn Flynn: Hi Flynn? Hi Flynn? Where's the insults? Where's the big words I have to look up after you leave?


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