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–Flynn's catchphrase

Flynn Jones is a main character and a recurrent deuteragonist/tritagonist in the TV series, Shake It Up. He is the youngest character of them all on the show at 9-11 years old. He is the son of Georgia Jones and J.J. Jones and the younger brother of CeCe Jones. He lives in an apartment with his mom and sister in the suite below the Blue family, Apartment 3B. He is often babysat by some of his friends; Ty Blue, Deuce Martinez, and sometimes Gunther Hessenheffer (along with Tinka Hessenheffer). He is often seen with his best friend Henry Dillon. He attends an elementary school in Chicago, Illinois. His parents are divorced and his father lives in California

Flynn is portrayed by Davis Cleveland.


Flynn may look cute and little like any young boy, but he is wise beyond his years and knows how to take advantage of any situation. Flynn is described as precocious, has a great sense of adventure, is mature for his age, and is very mischievous. He has a lot of interesting hobbies which include video games, karate, robots, and magic tricks. He also enjoys bacon for breakfast and energy drinks. Whenever the doorbell rings, he (along with his sister CeCe) has a tendency to yell before opening the door ("I'll get it, mom!") He is a very mischievous kid who gets scared watching horror movies. When no one is around, he likes to run around in his underwear and pretend he's a cowboy, as seen in "Kick It Up". In "Heat It Up", it is revealed that Flynn was promised by his dad that they would take a road trip but he bailed out on him which in turn made Flynn mad, and even more upset when his mom promised a road trip but canceled when conflicts of interest with Rocky's mom came up. Flynn also has had a few pets including a goldfish (Mr. Goldberg) that Deuce accidentally killed, and a baby tarantula that was killed by Ty. Even though it is shown that he is sly and greedy, he does have a soft spot and can be rather kind. It is revealed that he has a teddy bear named Mr. Wubby. (Twist It Up)

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Relationships With Other Characters

CeCe Jones (Older Sister)

Flynn CeCe Start It Up Gif.gif

CeCe is Flynn's older sister. She often babysits him while their mother is at work, where she cooks for him (including bacon, his favorite, and One-Minute Breakfasts), puts him to bed, and tries to keep him out of trouble. Although their relationship is usually shown to be made up of bickering and typical sibling rivalry, CeCe was the first to comfort him about their failed roadtrip in "Heat It Up". The two of them understand their parent's divorce situation and together even had to explain it to Rocky in "Parent Trap It Up". In Weird It Up, Flynn was upset when Cece kept forgetting to pick him up from school. Later she said that she does care about him and sometimes she forgets that he needs help from his sister. They still have a good relationship. (See: FlyCe)

Rocky Blue (All Seasons: Good Friend)

Flynn Rocky Gif.gif

Flynn has known Rocky for a long time since she is his older sister's best friend. Therefore he thinks of her as another older sister. He loves her and missed her almost immediately after she "left" in the limousine to the airport in the episode "Model It Up". It was thanks to her advice that he decided to take off on an adventure, tagging along in his sister's suitcase while they were en route to Alabama, then Los Angeles in "Shake It Up, Up & Away". Rocky helps CeCe babysit Flynn in episodes throughout the seasons. (See: Flocky)

Deuce Martinez (All Seasons: Close Friend)

Show It Up 29.jpg

Flynn and Deuce are close friends, with Deuce babysitting him several times throughout the series. They often get into crazy situations such as chasing a loose mouse in "Wild It Up" and holding a funeral for Flynn's goldfish that Deuce accidentally killed in "Reunion It Up". In "Throw It Up", Flynn tricked Deuce into blowing off the errands set by Flynn's mom, Ms. Jones and going to a baseball game instead, getting them both grounded. Deuce is easily influenced by Flynn to go off-track due to Flynn's charm and sneaky personality. Deuce has a similar personality so they easily work well together, though Flynn is seen usually out-smarting Deuce, such as trapping Deuce to a chair in chains in "Show It Up". Flynn also helped Deuce MC the talent show at JHHS, pretending to be Deuce's second head. In Loyal It Up, Flynn and Deuce try to make spongy cakes after they are discontinued. (See: Deucynn)

Ty Blue (All Seasons: Close Friend)

Flynn Ty Gif 01.gif

Flynn and Ty are good friends and neighbors and Ty babysits Flynn almost all the time. He is like a big brother to Flynn and he has taught him many things like how to whistle, dance, and flirt throughout the series. He taught Flynn how to talk to girls, in-particular Destiny, in "Hook It Up" .Flynn was jealous when Ty was paying a girl more attention than him in "Egg It Up", going as far as firing him and hiring Gunther instead. Flynn has also helped Ty, especially when it comes to his aspiring rap career. They get into interesting situations and adventures together, such as working for a toy company as toy testers ("Shrink It Up") and auditioning for a commercial ("Vatalihootsit It Up"). In My Fair Librarian It Up, Ty is worried that Flynn likes Logan better than him. Ty is usually heard calling Flynn "Little Man." (See: Tynn)

Henry Dillon (Season 1 & 2: Best Friend)


Henry and Flynn are best friends and pretty much the complete opposite of each other; Flynn being outgoing, while Henry keeps to himself. The two met in "Add It Up" after Henry was assigned to tutor CeCe in math. Flynn introduced him to normal boy things like video games. The two often get into interesting situations together. They go to karate class together ("Kick It Up") to help Henry get over being hit by a girl. Flynn helps Henry to prepare for a camping trip in "Match It Up". In "Twist It Up", they both play with an evil robot that comes to life and in "Apply It Up", Henry informs Flynn of a meteor that is heading towards earth, and they call NASA to try and prevent it. In "Judge It Up", Henry tries to teach Flynn how to ride a bike, but in the end just creates a bike that automatically drives itself, making Flynn think that he actually knew how. (See: Flynnry)

Gunther Hessenheffer (Season 1 & 2: Frenemy)

Break It Up 32.jpg

Gunther was introduced to Flynn when he babysat him with Tinka in "Meatball It Up". Flynn takes advantage of the fact that they come from a foreign country, making up many things babysitters do in America. He watched him again, when they were left behind by everyone else while Rocky was rushed to the hospital ("Break It Up") and in "Egg It Up" when Flynn fired Ty as his babysitter. They appear to get along well while Gunther takes over as his babysitter, dressing up like rock stars and performing together. Gunther and Ty worked together to get back at Flynn for using both of them in the same episode. (See: Guntynn)

Tinka Hessenheffer (All Seasons: Frenemy)

296px-Flynka-Oh Brother It Up.png

Flynn and Tinka have only interacted a few times. She and Gunther babysit him for the first time in "Meatball It Up", where Flynn calls her "Tinkle". They then babysit him again in "Break It Up" where they play a few games while the rest of the group is at the hospital following Rocky's foot injury. Tinka made a "Little Flynn" sock puppet, much to his delight, but Gunther scared him away with the Lake Monster sock puppet and when he ran away she laughed. In "Oh Brother It Up", Tinka helps Flynn bake a cake for Jeremy Hunter's birthday. In Love and War It Up, Flynn and Tinka (Along with Deuce) form an air guitar band.

Logan Hunter (Season 3: Close Friend) 


Flynn and Logan first meet in the episode Oh Brother It Up. Flynn likes him because Logan makes a great impression towards him. They seem to share similar personalities and they love teasing CeCe. (See: Fogan)

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • Start It Up: CeCe and Rocky are in charge of feeding Flynn breakfast. In revenge for the less than desirable breakfast they serve him, Flynn keeps the key to the handcuffs Rocky uses to get CeCe back on the show.
  • Wallpaper-Flynn-shake-it-up-17309911-1024-768.jpg
    Meatball It Up: Flynn tricks his babysitters, Gunther and Tinka, since they aren't familiar with the 'American ways' of babysitting.
  • Give It Up: Flynn consumes the energy drinks that CeCe bought to help her and Rocky stay awake during the marathon.
  • Add It Up: Flynn meets Henry (CeCe's math tutor) and the two of them are seen playing a video game.
  • Kick It Up: Flynn is taking karate lessons. He convinces his friend Henry to join as well.
  • Party It Up: Flynn ends up getting tormented into telling his mother where CeCe and Rocky are when they sneak off to attend a party, while Ty and Deuce babysit him instead.
  • Hook It Up: Flynn wants to impress a girl, so Ty decides to teach him a few tricks. Later, it is revealed that the girl is twice Flynn's age. 
  • Wild It Up: While Deuce is over babysitting Flynn, they discover a mouse loose in the apartment.
  • Match It Up: Flynn helps prepare Henry for a camping trip.
  • Show It Up: When Deuce can't come up with a routine for his MC performance at the talent show, Flynn helps him out.
  • Heat It Up: Flynn is upset when the plans for his family's road trip are jeopardized. He also helps Ty to construct a 'man cave' in the Jones' living room.
  • Hot Mess It Up: Flynn helps CeCe and Rocky film their webcast. Later, he teams up with Ty and Deuce to create their own webcast.
  • Reunion It Up: Flynn has a funeral for his pet fish, Mr. Goldberg, whom Deuce had accidentally swept up in a mini vacuum. 
  • Sweat It Up: Flynn, Ty, and Deuce take care of a neighbor's dog.
  • Vatalihootsit It Up: Flynn gets a part in a commercial, but he ends up not liking it. Later on, he has dinner at the Hessenheffers' home.
  • Model It Up: When Flynn's game console is broken, Flynn, Deuce, and Ty have to do chores for Mrs. Locassio to earn the money to replace it. Later on, when Rocky is hired as a model and must move to New York, Flynn joins in on CeCe's scheme to convince Rocky to leave.
  • Twist It Up: Flynn enlists Henry to help him defeat a rogue toy robot.
  • Break It Up: Flynn goes on vacation with CeCe and their mother, as well as Rocky, Ty, and Deuce. Later on, the Hessenheffers babysit him and scare him with monster stories.
  • Throw It Up: Because Georgia is sick, she enlists Deuce to help out with a set of errands for Flynn. However, Flynn convinces Deuce to blow off the errands and they go to a baseball game instead.

Season 2

  • Shrink It Up: Ty takes Flynn to a toy company to complain about their toys and they both end up getting hired to test toys.
  • Three's A Crowd It Up: Henry is Flynn's substitute teacher and Flynn joins the rest of his class to make his job miserable.
  • Shake It Up, Up & Away: Flynn, wanting to have an adventure, sneaks into his sister's luggage and joins CeCe and Rocky on their trip. 
  • Beam It Up: When Flynn and Henry go trick-or-treating, they meet a boy who Flynn believes is an alien. 
  • Doctor It Up: When Deuce's uncle's fortune telling machine breaks, Flynn offers to help Deuce out, for a price.
  • Double Pegasus It Up: Flynn tries to help Deuce out when the job of watching Crusty's becomes too much for him and he loses the keys.
  • Camp It Up: Flynn develops a crush on a girl named Suzy, who is a part of CeCe and Rocky's dance camp.
  • Jingle It Up: Flynn tricks Rocky into buying him a hard to find video game.
  • Apply It Up: Flynn and Henry try to save the world from an asteroid.
  • Split It Up: Flynn and Deuce try to help Ty with his rapping.
  • Copy Kat It Up: Flynn introduces Ty to a big time producer, but Ty doesn't like the song he's been given, so Flynn sings it instead.
  • Egg It Up: Flynn replaces Ty with Gunther as his babysitter, thus causing Ty and Gunther to compete. Later, Flynn tricks them into doing his homework for school, and so, Ty and Gunther write the essay as the means of embarrassing Flynn.
  • Judge It Up: Henry tries to teach Flynn how to ride a bicycle.
  • Parent Trap It Up: CeCe and Rocky think Mr. Jones is going to propose to Georgia again, so Flynn helps them try to make the moment happen.
  • Weird It Up: Flynn is upset that CeCe doesn't seem to care about him, so he enters a game show with her and Rocky in order to punish her.
  • Tunnel It Up: Flynn joins Deuce on his date with Dina at the Spring Formal.
  • Wrestle It Up: When Mrs. Jones gets a job as a security guard on a movie set, Flynn, CeCe, and Rocky sneak onto the set.
  • Reality Check It Up: Flynn assists CeCe and Rocky with holding a viewing party at the Jones' apartment for the Shake It Up, Chicago! story on True Teen Life.
  • Rock and Roll It Up: Gary's grandmother tells a story about Shake It Up, Chicago! in the 1950's. Flynn makes a parallel appearance as Timmy, Ace's little brother.
  • Boot It Up: Flynn is unable to go to camp for the summer due to a broken arm, so Deuce and Dina bring camp to him.
  • Slumber It Up: Flynn enlists Deuce, Ty, as well as Gunther to help him look for a treasure that is apparently hidden in Crusty's.
  • Surprise It Up: Flynn helps Rocky to plan CeCe's surprise party. Also, Flynn gives Ty the hiccups and tries to help him cure them.
  • Embarrass It Up: When Rocky and CeCe embarrass themselves on the news, Flynn makes a video of them and charges money for people watching it at Crusty's.                                                               
  • Made In Japan: Flynn goes to Japan with the Shake It Up, Chicago! crew. There he hangs out with Flynn and his android, Andy, and tries to help CeCe and Rocky patch up their friendship.

Season 3

  • Fire It Up: Flynn helps investigate the Shake It Up, Chicago! fire.
  • Funk It Up: For Career Day at his school, Flynn chooses Jeremy instead of Georgia. Later on, he is one of the people who helps CeCe gets out of her funk.
  • Spirit It Up: Flynn is offended when he finds out that he is known for having a bad friend reputation so he tries to be a good friend.
  • Lock It Up: Flynn is locked in a quarantined hospital room along with Rocky. 
  • Merry Merry It Up: Flynn wins a hot tub after being the tenth caller on a radio station. Flynn also makes an alternative appearance as himself in the future.
  • Home Alone It Up: CeCe is in charge of watching Flynn while her mom is gone, but when she leaves for a shoe sale, Flynn leaves the house unattended.
  • Oh Brother It Up: Flynn has Tinka make a cake for Jeremy's birthday. At dinner, Flynn meets Jeremy's son Logan and is excited to get to know him better after Logan suggests taking him to the skate park.
  • Quit It Up: Flynn and Logan, his soon-to-be stepbrother, go skateboarding at Concussion Hill. Later, they decide to go tease CeCe at her new job as a dancing zit at the mall. 
  • Ty It Up: Flynn is at Crusty's.
  • My Fair Librarian It Up: For the soapbox racing contest at Lincoln Park, Flynn enlists Ty, Deuce, and Logan to help him build a race car.
  • Clean It Up: Flynn helps CeCe get their mother's dress out of the dry cleaning business. 
  • I Do It Up: Right before Georgia and Jeremy's wedding, Flynn sees his mother kiss his father. He reveals it later at the wedding. 
  • Forward & Back It Up: Flynn and Deuce open up a fake museum inside Crusty's.
  • Switch It Up: In CeCe's dream, Flynn switches bodies with CeCe after Tinka accidentally uses one of her grandmother's curses.
  • Love & War It Up: Flynn and Deuce invite Tinka to join their air guitar band.
  • In The Bag It Up: Flynn refuses to get involved in the girls' argument about who should use the purse first until Tinka pays him.
  • Brain It Up: Flynn tries to give up his safety blanket with Deuce's help.
  • Opposites Attract It Up: Flynn teases Deuce about his attempt at growing a mustache. He also gives Rocky advice on how to teach science to his class, when she keeps boring the kids.
  • Psych It Up: Flynn visits a psychic when she states that he is the reincarnation of someone from the past. He is then convinced that he is the reincarnation of George Washington.
  • Oui Oui It Up: CeCe books her family and Rocky a vacation in Paris as part of a house swap, but unfortunately, the house in France that she gets them is 500 miles away from Paris. At first, Flynn is disappointed, but when a family of baby ducks hatches and starts following him around, he enjoys the vacation. Eventually they all go to Paris.
  • My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up: Georgia makes Flynn promise to get CeCe a gift that she will love.
  • Stress It Up: When he thinks CeCe is giving him the silent treatment for making fun of her, Flynn tries to get CeCe to accept his apology.
  • Loyal It Up: Flynn and Deuce panic after learning their favorite snack has been discontinued.
  • Haunt It Up: Tired of being treated like a little kid, Flynn challenges Ty and Deuce to a scare off in an old abandoned house believed to be haunted by a young spirit.
  • Remember Me: After Cece gets amnesia, Flynn and Georgia follow the doctor's instructions, and try to let Cece's memory come back naturally.

Future It Up

Although Flynn does not make an appearance in this episode, he is talked about as the President of a successful video games company and Ty's boss.


  • He has always been a fan of Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers, Honor Society (band), and Jesse McCartney. He is similar to Alex Russo and Max Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • He has a teddy bear called Mr. Wubby. ("Egg It Up")
  • He has a best friend named Henry.
  • He is a condor in his scout group "Coyote Rangers". ("Add It Up")
  • When he was 3, he put Wi-Fi in his family's apartment. ("Weird It Up ")
  • When he was 6, he helped his mother with tax refunds. ("Weird It Up")
  • He is a part of the "Coyote Rangers", a scouting organization. ("Weird It Up")
  • He probably knows how to play the drums.
  • He probably has a crush on Linda Lazo. ("Egg It Up")
  • He didn't know how to ride a bike. ("Judge It Up")
  • He had a job. ("Shrink It Up")
  • He is the only main cast member who isn't too old to be a teenager.
  • His catchphrase is, "I'll get it, Mom!". He often yells it when there is a knock on his apartment door.
  • He is the third younger brother's main character in a Disney Channel Original Series after Cory Baxter (That's So Raven) and Gabe Duncan (Good Luck Charlie).
  • He recorded a song and music video with Dave Gold ("Lace It Up!")
  • He is a magician proving that he pulls Deuce's underwear and socks out of the hat. ("Show It Up")
  • He learned how to say, "I'll get it, Mom!", in Japanese. ("Made in Japan")
  • He has a reputation when it comes to friends. ("Spirit It Up")
  • He was born in May. ("Oh Brother It Up")
  • He is bilingual since he can also speak Japanese. ("Made In Japan")
  • He is 11 years old in season three.
  • He will grow up to create a major video game creating company named "Flyndustries". ("Future It Up)
  • Though only having been mentioned, and his actor having appeared as L.J in Future It Up, he has appeared in every episode of season.
  • Though he annoys Cece, he gets upset when she gives him the silent treatment. ("Stress It Up")
  • He acts like a brat.
  • His parents are divorced.
  • He thought that CeCe was giving him the silent treatment when she was actually saving her voice. ("Stress It Up")
  • He said fake things about himself when CeCe couldn't remember who he is. ("Remember Me")
  • He loves "Sponge Cakes" like Deuce.
  • He loves ice cream.
  • He is thought by some fans to be the main deuteragonist and main tritagonist of the series.


  • "Training wheels? Oh no no no no, I'm Flynn Jones, Flynn Jones did not use sippy cups, Flynn Jones does not use bumpers for bowling and Flynn Jones never had a potty seat, oh no, he went straight to the toy-toy! And Flynn Jones does not need training wheels, so step aside pro-fessor (Falls off) Don't just stand there get the training wheels,"
  • "The butterknife cuts what the butterknife wants."
  • "You're having a party and you didn't invite me?"
  • (Doorbell or phone rings) "I'LL GET IT MOM!" But when Mrs. Locassio babysits him, "I'LL GET IT MRS. LOCASSIO!"

    Flynn doesn't want to be "Diaper boy"

  • "Hello, old friend."
  • "It's the circle of life!"
  • "Make it out to Flynn. That's a fly, followed by a N-N!
  • "Yeah right."
  • "Mwahahaha!"
  • "We're fresh out of lions."
  • "I don't want to be diaper boy!"
  • "Bang! Pow! Zoom!"
  • "Back off! That takes 2 hours in the morning!"
  • "I'm having a nightmare! Wake up Flynn, wake up!"
  • "Nice touch! If you pull that one out on the bus, you just might make it through this week with a minimum number of wedgies!" Henry: "What's a wedgie?" Flynn: "Now this is a lesson I'm dying to teach!"
  • (To Deuce) "Why? Do you looovee them?"
  • "Oh, wow you can lift 50 pounds, I hope that impresses her."
  • "Wow, what did I ever do to deserve all this?"
  • "Oh, times Up! (gets up and walks away) ALRIGHT MUM, I'VE PLAYED WITH HER AN HOUR. GIVE ME MY MONEY NOW!"
  • "In 8 years, I'm going to punch the poop out of you!"
  • "Eww, that's what grandma eats!"
  • "It looks like a big bag of vomit!"
  • "Sure she has time to dance on TV but she can't pick me up a lousy pack of bacon!"
  • "Bacon...COOK IT!
  • "It's something I like to call getting even."
  • "Oh yeah? Well I just killed a zombie, stole a bus, and spray painted the word booger on the side of a cop car."
  • "Your plan has one fatal flaw, me, alright we all know the drill, I want fifty bucks, hush money,"
  • "Cameraman? If god wanted me to be behind a camera, would he have given me such an adorable face?"
  • (To Deuce) "Hey what's black and white and has one giant eyebrow? You!"
  • "So what I'm hearing is, you think I'm sweet,"
  • "Grrrrrr,"
  • (After CeCe and Rocky are not friends anymore) "I suggest you two share a nice frosty glass of GET OVER IT!"
  • "You want some biscuits to sop up that gravy?"
  • "Anywhooo!"
  • "Oh, hello Ty,"
  • "I'll save you! (sees CeCe with the ruined dress) Yeah, I'm not gonna save you from that."
  • "You don't take notes."
  • "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good soak."
  • "Now go release some lions."
  • "'Sorry'! An epic poem by Flynn Jones!"
  • (To Deuce) You know what else makes it easier? Not having the upper body strength of an infant."
  • (To Rocky) "Wow, cool hat!" Rocky: "This is my hair!"


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