Flynka Oh Brother It Up
Relationship Information
Between: Flynn Jones
Tinka Hessenheffer
Status: Frenemies
First Interaction: Meatball It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Davis Cleveland
Caroline Sunshine

Flynka (Fly/nn + Ti/nka) is the relationship between Flynn and Tinka.

Tinka and Flynn's relationship is frenemies. Flynn said that Tinka is weird and that the second he saw her ("Meatball It Up") he know this that she out of the state. Tinka thinks Flynn is cute and not resemble the other one (CeCe). Though never going to happen, is liked by Cy and Reuce fans.

Season 1

Meatball It Up

Break It Up

Season 3

Oh Brother It Up

  • Tinka was babysitting Flynn while Georgia was at the beauty salon.
  • Tinka helps Flynn make Jeremy's birthday cake.

I Do It Up

  • Tinka fixes Flynn's hair at the wedding.

Love & War It Up

  • Tinka auditions for Flynn (and Deuce's) air guitar band.
  • Flynn didn't understand Tinka's air accordion.
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