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FlyCe Quit It Up 01
Relationship Information
Between: CeCe Jones
Flynn Jones
Status: Siblings
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Bella Thorne
Davis Cleveland

FlyCe (Fly/nn and Ce/Ce) is the sibling relationship between CeCe Jones and Flynn Jones.

Possible Names

  • Cynn - C/eCe and Fl/ynn
  • FeCe - F/lynn and C/ece
  • Cenn - Ce/ce and Fly/nn
  • FleCe - Fl/ynn and Ce/Ce
  • CeCynn CeC/e and Fl/ynn


Season 1

Start It Up

  • Flynn wants CeCe to make him bacon.
  • Flynn told CeCe about what happened to him in 3rd grade.
  • CeCe and Rocky give Flynn "1-minute breakfast" (much to his dislike).

Give It Up

  • CeCe has to stay up all night with Flynn, after he drinks one of the energy drinks she brought home.

Kick It Up

  • When CeCe and Rocky are taking a break from each other, CeCe spends a little time with Flynn.

Heat It Up

Heat It Up 36

Even when he's feeling low, CeCe is always there for her brother.

  • CeCe and Rocky took Flynn to the park.
  • CeCe comforts Flynn.
  • She puts her arm around his shoulders and gives him a small hug.
  • She also kisses his cheek.
  • CeCe mentions getting ice cream when Flynn had his tonsils out.

Hot Mess It Up

  • Flynn videotapes for CeCe and Rocky's webcast.

Model It Up

  • CeCe is offended when Flynn calls Rocky "my favorite sister."
  • Flynn says "No offense" so that he doesn't hurt her feelings.
  • When Flynn says "This is like losing my favorite sister," CeCe says "What?"in a very suprised way.

Throw It Up

  • CeCe made breakfast for both Flynn and herself because their mother was sick.
  • CeCe didn't have to make Flynn breakfast, she chose to.

Season 2

Shake It Up, Up & Away

  • Cece asked Flynn to sit on her suitcase to close it.
  • Flynn snuck inside Cece's suitcase.
  • Both looked at the smallest ball at the bus station.
  • Both flew onboard the plane.

Parent Trap It Up

  • Flynn and Cece took their dad to Crusty's to have lunch.
  • CeCe ask Flynn to talk to Rocky about the relationship between their mom and dad.
  • Flynn and CeCe ( and Rocky ) invited their mom and dad to assist their dad's proposal to their mom.
  • Both talked to Rocky about their dad's girlfriend. Cathy.

Weird It Up

  • Flynn wants CeCe to care about him.
  • CeCe thinks Flynn is more capable than anyone she knows.
  • CeCe apologizes to Flynn for not being there for him.

Made In Japan

  • Flynn persuades CeCe to make up with Rocky after their big fight.
  • CeCe's rooting for Flynn to stop the virus.
  • CeCe replaced Flynn with Henry's robot, Andy, to plug in the flash drive through the fan in the vent because Flynn's afraid of losing his arm though the fan.

Season 3

Fire It Up

  • Flynn was suspicious of what CeCe was talking about with Georgia.

Funk It Up

  • Flynn tells CeCe that she's loud and annoying but got him through one or two thunderstorms.
  • Flynn tells CeCe that he loves her but tells her not to tell anyone.

Lock It Up

  • CeCe thought Flynn was at home watching cartoons, not knowing that he was in the hospital with Rocky.

Merry Merry It Up

  • CeCe tells Flynn not to get used to the hot tub.
  • CeCe asks Flynn what day it is and he tells her it's Christmas Eve.

Home Alone It Up

  • CeCe asks Georgia if she can watch Flynn while she's away.
  • CeCe panics when Flynn goes missing.
  • CeCe (and Rocky) go to Crusty's to see if Flynn is there.
  • CeCe (and Rocky) search for Flynn in the ball pit.
  • CeCe kisses Flynn on the cheek when she finds him at home.
  • Flynn tells Georgia that CeCe is super responsible before CeCe tells the truth about what happened.
  • CeCe (along with Rocky) puts on a puppet show for Flynn using Mrs. Locassio's puppies.

Oh Brother It Up

  • CeCe seemed jealous that Flynn and Logan were getting along.

Quit It Up

FlyCe Quit It Up 02
  • CeCe asks Flynn if he finished her favourite cereal.
  • Flynn tells CeCe that his blood type is marshmellow positive.
  • CeCe did't like that Flynn posted a video of her dancing at the mall on the internet.
  • Flynn (along with Logan) watches CeCe's performance as a dancing zit at the mall.

Clean It Up

Clean It Up CeCe & Flynn
  • Flynn helps CeCe get Georgia's wedding dress back.
  • Flynn distracts the owner of the dry cleaners while CeCe searches for Georgia's wedding dress.

Switch It Up

  • CeCe and Flynn switch bodies.



FlyCe! The two Indiana Jones.