Relationship Information
Between: Rocky Blue
CeCe Jones
Dina Garcia
Status: Friends
First Interaction: Match It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Zendaya
Bella Thorne
Ainsley Bailey

DiRoCe (Di/na, Ro/cky, Ce/Ce) is the friendship between Dina Garcia, Rocky Blue, and CeCe Jones.


Season 1

Match It Up

  • Rocky and CeCe set Dina up with Deuce.

Twist It Up

  • Rocky and Cece help Dina plan her birthday party.

Season 2

Review It Up

  • Dina shares her plans for her and Deuce's aniversary with Rocky and Cece and they give her advice (not exactly good advice).

Tunnel It Up

  • Dina helped Rocky and CeCe to make their night better.

Slumber It Up

  • Dina attends CeCe's slumber party.
  • Dina tells Rocky about seeing the orthodontist and asks her to promise not to tell Deuce.

Surprise It Up

  • Rocky and Dina were both at CeCe's birthday party.

Season 3

Spirit It Up

  • CeCe and Dina were both concerned about Rocky's funk.

Opposites Attract It Up

  • Dina goes to Rocky and CeCe for advice.

Future It Up

  • Dina thought that CeCe and Rocky would be 'besties forevs'.


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