You conned them for me Deucie? That was sweet. You still got it, Baby!

Dina to Deuce in Future It Up

Relationship Information
Between: Deuce Martinez
Dina Garcia
Status: Dating, Married (Future)
First Interaction: Match It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Adam Irigoyen
Ainsley Bailey
Cast Ship: Adinsley

Deucina is the romantic pairing of Deuce Martinez and Dina Garcia. They are best friends and co-entrepreneurs. They are dating on the show. 22 years into the future they are happily married with eight children. Seven boys and one girl. This is the most recent and longest-lasting relationship on the show with one of the main characters. They are shown to love each other very much. The fans are known as DeucinaDancers. They are shipped by the GeCe, Runther, Tynka, and Rogan shippers, and multi-shipped by most of the Reuce shippers.

They are portrayed by Adam Irigoyen and Ainsley Bailey

Possible Names for the Pairing

Dice - (Di/na + Deu/ce)

Dena - (De/uce + Di/na)

Dineuce - (Din/a + D/euce)

Duna - (Deu/ce + Di/na)

Duena - (Due/ce + Di/na)

Rival Pairings


There are some similarities between Deuce and Dina.

  • Dina offers people cheap prices for tickets or real items at school, just like Deuce.
  • Both Deuce and Dina talk in the same slang language.
  • They both wear headphones over their necks and dress similarly.
  • They look alike, with same hair and eye color, nationality, and age.
  • They both have the same size finger, revealed in Review It Up.
  • Their names start with the same letter.

Romantic Moments

Season One

Match It Up

  • CeCe and Rocky try to hook up Deuce with Dina. Rocky tells Dina "So, we'll just introduce you to Deuce, see if you two hit it off, no pressue."  Cece then gives her thoughts. "
    Match It Up 53
    No, she's new to the match making business. Here's how it will go down. Deuce will spot you, realize you are perfect for him, you'll go to the prom together, get married, and stand by him no matter what dead end job he has."
  • Dina tells CeCe and Rocky that Deuce is a con man and it will always work. "Are you kidding me? He's a con Man, It will always work".
  • CeCe asks Deuce if he knows Dina. "So Deuce, do you know Dina?" Deuce then says "Hey, how you doin?" and Dina replies "How you doin?". Deuce then says "Nice headphones." and Dina replies "Yeah, I got them from a guy named.." and simultaneously they both say "Benny". Dina says to Deuce "You know Benny?" and Deuce says "Are you kidding me? My uncle represented him." and Dina
    says "My uncle prosecuted him." Then simultaneously they both say "Small world."
  • When Savannah comes up and says Deuce and her say are back together, Dina looks upset and a little jealous.
  • Deuce and Dina hit it off and have a lot in common.
  • Rocky says that Deuce and Dina are perfect for each other. "Oh see, CeCe, this is an actual set up.  I mean they are clearly perfect for each other."
  • Dina was hiding out while Deuce, Cece,
    and Rocky were talking.
  • Dina comes out of hiding once Deuce leaves and she is shaking her head and tells CeCe that if she wanted Deuce for herself she should have just said so. "Wow, if you wanted him for yourself you should have just said so."
  • CeCe and Rocky roll Deuce to Dina and she catches him.
  • Dina tells Deuce "You remind me of a hamster i once had." Deuce asks Dina "What happened to him?" Dina responded with "He rolled out on to the yard, met a mouse, and they are currently raising a beautiful family." Dina then adds "Let's get you 'out of there and go get some pizza."
  • Dina and Deuce go get pizza.

Glitz It Up

  • Dina's mom makes Deuce a burrito. Dina says to Deuce "My mother says a man who does not love food is a man who does not love women."
  • Deuce wants to take his and Dina's relationship to the next level. Deuce
    MV5BNjY2MTUxMTQ1NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTY4MzE3NA@@. V1. SX640 SY427
    tells Dina "Um. So, anyway, uh, there's something i have been meaning to talk to you about. We've been hanging out for a few weeks now." Dina thinks Deuce may be sick of her but Deuce quickly corrects her and says "No, no, no. I totally dig you. You know instead of being Deuce.....and.....Dina. Maybe we can be you know, Deuce-and-Dina." Dina responds with "Are you serious?" and Deuce responds with '"Yeah, I even want to give you an ID bracelet. Here. pick one. Ive got twenty seven." Dina then says "Aww baby, how sweet. I have twenty-eight."
  • Deuce wants to give Dina a ID bracelet and Dina wants to give Deuce one.
  • Dina makes it known before they can wear the ID bracelets Deuce has to meet her father and gain his approval. Dina says "But before we can wear them, you'll need to meet my father and get his approval. And thats going to be tough since I'm Don Rio Garcia's only daughter." Deuce responds "Meet your pops? Piece of cake. He'll love me. In case you haven't noticed, I'm kind of adorable.''
  • Dina has noticed that Deuce is adorable. "Oh, I've noticed. And it looks like Allison Kelly has noticed too. Keep walking, Allie."
  • Dina says to Deuce "You got Pinkie, that's such a good sign."
  • Deuce says another thing he digs about Dina is her family may be crazier than his. Deuce says "I have another reason why I dig you.." and Dina says "Whats that?" and Deuce says "Your family might be crazier than mine." and Dina nods her head in agreement.
  • Dina says to Deuce after seeing him with Pinkie. "Wow, you really do dig me."
  • Deuce says to Dina "This is no time for jokes Dina. I'm freaking out. I didn't sleep all night, our whole future depends on that walking bag of bacon bits." Dina tells Deuce "So let me tak
    Glitz It Up 133
    e her for one night?" and Deuce says "I can't. Your dad said the pig was my responsibility." and Dina tells Deuce "Relax, he'll never know. I'll take care of everything."
  • Dina tells Deuce how she lost Pinkie. Deuce says "No Dina, you doomed us. Not only are we not going to be Deuce and Dina. Now it's going to be Dina and whatever happened to Deuce, nobody ever heard from him again." Dina tells Deuce "We'll just tell my dad I lost her. At least he'll be mad at me, not you."
  • Dina and Deuce hold hands.
  • Deuce didn't sell out Dina and took all responsibility for Pinkie.
  • Deuce lied about the pig to protect Dina.
  • Don Rio tells Deuce that he past the test. Don Rio says "You could have sold out my Dina, but instead you took all the responsibilty for yourself. Muy macho."
  • Dina tells Deuce "You lied like a dog to protect me. Good lying is respected in my family."
  • Deuce loves Dina's family. Deuce says "So this was a con? You put me through all this and it was just one big con?" Dina says "Sorry?" Deuce responds "Sorry? It was beautiful. You played me like a stooge, yanked my chain, and drove me to Sucker town. I love this family."
  • Dina's father then takes Deuce and Dina out to lunch. He says "Welcome, Deuce! Now let me take you to lunch."
  • Deuce and Dina become an official couple.

Twist It Up

  • Deuce and Dina use baby talk with each other.
  • Dina says "Who's my little Deucie Weucie." Deuce responds with "I'm your littl
    e Deucie Weucie." Then Deuce adds "Who's my Dina Weena."
  • Cece tells Dina and Deuce "Enough with the baby talk, the holding hands, and the hugging"
  • Dina ask's her mom "Seriously ma, you're not inviting my boyfriend to the party I didn't want?"
  • Deuce says to Dina "You know what you need? You need someone to be there with you for emotional support." Dina responds and says "You'd do that for me baby?" Deuce responds and says "No, but Rocky and CeCe will."
  • Dina calls Deuce "Baby." 
  • Deuce wonders why Dina's mom hates him. Deuce asks Ty "Why does Dina's mom hate me?" Ty tells him he has science coming up and do
    esn't have that kind of time to explain. Deuce then says "You know what? I'm not even going to worry about it." Ty responds and says to Deuce "Oh no, no, no, no. You should worry about it. See, if the dad hates you, your a rebel. But if the mom hates you, bring the jelly, cause you're toast." Deuce responds and says "So, how do I get Dina's mom to like me?" Ty responds and says "Okay, look, ladies love dancing. When you are at the party, dance with the mom."
  • Deuce learns how to dance to try and impress Dina's mother. Dina's mom is impressed but then she tells Deuce he was dancing the girls part.
  • They are seen holding hands and sharing some cute moments throughout the episode.

Season Two

Three's A Crowd It Up

  • Tinka tells Deuce that "Your Girlfriend, Dina got it for me."
  • Deuce confronts Dina about taking away all of his customers.
  • Deuce calls out to Dina "Hey Dina." Dina responds with "There you are baby, I haven't seen you all day, I missed you."
  • Deuce says to Dina "Your missing the point, sweetie. Look, it's cute that you do a little business, unless it steps on mine."
  • Dina figures out that Deuce wants her to do and says "Oh, I get it. You want me to stop selling and instead be the cute supportive girlfriend who does her hair all nice and bakes you cakes and stuff'."
  • Deuce responds that Dina read his mind and added cake. Deuce says "Wow, It's like you read my mind, and added cake." Dina responds and says "I was joking. Like i'd ever quit my business just because i'm doing better than you. And if you thought I was out selling you before, just you wait. Now, i'm going to burry you." Deuce responds and says "Yeah, yeah, well I hope you got a shovel." Dina responds and says "I don't, I sold the last one to your mom."
  • Dina helps Deuce up from the ground. Deuce says "Thanks Dina." and Dina respon
    ds and says "You're welcome, Sweetie. But actually, I was holding out my hand for the five bucks you owe me."
  • Deuce calls Dina "Sweetie" and Dina calls Deuce "Baby" and "Cutie".
  • Deuce comes up to Dina in the booth and says "Hey Dina, may I?" and Dina responds with "Of course."
  • Deuce and Dina make-up after the argument about Dina taking away Deuce's customers.
  • As Deuce apoligizes to Dina he says "Look, i'm sorry for the way I have been acting lately. I was thinking about it and i'm proud that my girlfriend is such an awesome business woman." Dina responds with a "Thank's Deucie."
  • Deuce asks Dina "Now, just wondering. Um, would you ever be willing to make me a c
    ake?" Dina responds with "I'll do you one better." Deuce replies with "Two cakes!" Dina tells him "No baby, i've been thinking. What do you say we go into business together?" Deuce reads aloud the business card Dina hands him "D&D, you want it, we can get it. Wait theres no phone number on this?" Dina responds with "Yeah, that way no one can trace us." Deuce responds with "Wow, your good."
  • Deuce and Dina go into business together as D&D.
  • Deuce then says "Just wondering, um D&D. The first D is for Deuce right?" Dina responds with "Yeah, okay. Whatever you say cutie." They then proceed to share a smoothie.

Review It Up

  • Deuce brings Dina a snack.
  • Dina tells Deuce that his joke was "A little cheesy, but funny. Like you."
  • Deuce and Dina share a big hug.
  • This episode is Deuce and Dina's one year anniversary.
  • Deuce is worried about what to get Dina for an anniversary present.
  • Dina wants to plan an elaborate celebration with a 3-d sculpture cake and a reinactment of the first time they've met for their anniversary. Dina says to CeCe and Rocky "So it's me Deucies one year anniversary this Friday, so I got him a life-sized 3D sculpture cake of us, which I will give to him as the Chicago Shakespeare company re-enacts the moment we first met."
  • After CeCe and Rocky talk to Dina, Dina says "You're right, oh I hope it's not too late to cancel the fireworks display that was going to spell out I heart Deucie."
  • Ty tells Deuce to pretend he is Dina as they runthrough how he will give Dina the hope ring. Deuce says "Dina, I never expected my girlfriend to turn into my best friend. But you did, and that's why the best thing thats ever happened to me is finding you."
  • Deuce tells Dina he got her a special anniversary pizza.
  • Dina says to Deuce "Sweetie, we talked about this. You can't cut your fingernails in the kitchen." Deuce starts digging into the pizza and Dina says "Deucie, Sweetie."
  • Deuce gets Dina a hope ring as a present. However, the ring is put in the wrong pizza and Dina never receives it.
  • Deuce says to Dina "That ring was meant for you."
  • Dina calls the ring she didn't receive: "Oh Deucie, thats the nicest present I've never got"
  • Dina says to Deuce "And don't worry, I have a gift to." and Dina hands De
    uce the gift.
  • Dina gets Deuce a ring. Deuce says "You got me a ring to?" Dina nods and Deuce says "It's beautiful."
  • Deuce says to Dina that "And a beautiful ring like this belongs on a beautiful hand. May I?" and he puts the ring on Dina's finger. Dina tells Deuce that he has good taste.
  • Dina tells Deuce "Let's promise that we'll always be ourselves when were around each other other." Deuce says "Deal."

Jingle It Up

  • Dina says to Deuce "Hey Deucie, I brought you a hot cider.” Deuce responds with “Oh thanks Dina. Hot, oh Hot, hot.” Dina then says “Yeah Sweetie, that would be the hot part of hot cider.”
  • Dina says to Deuce “Deuce, they may be your family but i’m the one who may or may n
    ot be standing under the mistletoe later." Deuce then tells everybody “Guys meet Dina, she’ll be joining us this year.”
  • Deuce says to Dina "Wait till you see what I got you for Christmas." Dina says to Deuce "Wait till you see what I got you." Deuce then says "Your going to love mine." Dina responds with "Your going to love mine more."
  • Dina says "Thanks Baby." to Deuce.
  • Deuce doesn't want to tell Dina that she is a bad singer because he's afraid to hurt her feelings.
  • Dina comes up to Deuce and says "Look what I found, Mistletoe."
  • Dina kisses Deuce's cheek.
  • Deuce was happy when Dina brought mistletoe and was happy when she kissed him on the cheek.
  • Deuce tells Dina that she has a beautiful voice.
  • Dina says "Hello, Deucie." and Deuce realizes he is busted.
  • Dina says to Deuce "Why didn't you tell me? We're boyfriend and girlfriend. We've got to be honest with each other."
  • Deuce then tells Dina "Yeah, i'm sorry. From now on, I promise I will." Dina tells Deuce "Good. Me too."
  • They become honest with each other at the end.
  • Deuce and Dina hug.
  • They're wearing matching outfits.
  • Deuce let Dina join his family carol singing group.

Parent Trap It Up

  • Deuce and Dina go on a double date with Ty and his girlfriend, Gina.
  • Deuce really want's the double date to go well. Dina does as well.
  • Deuce and Dina are on the same side of the booth once Ty and Gina arrive.
  • Gina bets Dina that Ty can stay on the mechanical bull longer than Deuce can.
  • Dina says to Gina "Your on! Ty's got legs like a flamingo. Did you see Deuce's thighs? He could crush a watermelon with those."
  • Deuce calls Dina "Baby". Deuce says "Dina, Baby, about me and the mechanical bull? Yeah, I can't" Dina then says "Sure you can." Deuce responds with "Nope, nope. No i can't. When i was five my mom put be on one of those coin operated pony rides and I cried for a week." Dina responds with "Oh Bab
    y, I had no idea you suffered through a horrible childhood trauma like that...Now buck up."
  • Dina calls Deuce "Baby".
  • Dina put Forever Glue on the mechanical bull to help Deuce stay on it.
  • Dina calls Deuce "Sweetie". Dina tells Deuce "Remember sweetie, it's all about facing your fears. You can do this." 
  • Dina calls Deuce "Baby" again after he succeeds at facing his fear. Dina says "Yes you are, Baby!"
  • Dina helps Deuce overcome his fear of riding on a coin-operated mechanical horse.

Weird It Up

  • Although Dina doesn't actually appear in this episode. Deuce proves he is loyal to Dina, as he continually and easily rejects, the advances of Gloria, who is very pretty.

Whodunit Up

  • Although Dina doesn't actually appear in this episode. Dina is mentioned.

Tunnel It Up

  • Dina calls Deuce "Sweetie". Dina says "Not you sweetie, i'm on the phone with a wanna be photographer."
  • Deuce asks Dina if there is anyway he can help for the school dance. Dina says "Not
    unless you can pull a photographer out of that jacket of yours." But it turns out Deuce does know somebody who is a great photographer.
  • Deuce and Dina slow dance with each other at the dance.
  • Deuce tells Dina "You really outdid yourself Dina. I mean everything looks beautiful." Dina says to Deuce "Thank you, Deucie."
  • Deuce says Dina is "The most beautiful thing in the room." at the dance.
  • Deuce says to Dina "And your hair, and your eyes, and your forgiving nature."
  • Flynn interupts the dance and tells Deuce and Dina "The good news is ill be joining you two on your date tonight."
  • Deuce goes to the Punch bowl when Dina tells him to.
  • Dina calls Deuce "Deucie." Dina says she needs him now.
  • Deuce had two of his cousins go to Matt Tucker's house because Dina needed Matt to make Rocky's dance happen.

Wrestle It Up

  • Ty tells Deuce "You found the girl you are going to be with for the rest of your life. Day in and day out. Year after year after year. Deuce and Dina. To the day you die".
  • Deuce tells Dina "You're my everything."
  • Deuce tells Dina "You're the sweetest, nicest, kindest girlfriend in the world".''
  • Deuce tells Kevin "I don't know what you think you're doing with Dina alright, but it's not going to work. She and I are meant to be together." 
  • Deuce tells Ty that Dina "Look she's my girl and I got to fight for her and get her back."
  • Dina walks in while Kevin is holding Deuce and says "Put him down!"
  • Deuce tells Dina the only reason he is wrestling Kevin is "To win back the girl I love."
  • Deuce tells Dina "I can't stand the idea of this athlete slash scholar slash super model taking you away from me."
  • Dina then tells Deuce "I like short guys with big eye brows and deep jacket pockets. I was just doing this to get back at you and to make you jealous."'
  • Dina throws Kevin to the ground after Kevin states Deuce is going to pay for Dina using him.
  • Deuce makes it known he will never ever take Dina for granted again.

Boot It Up

  • Dina and Deuce brought camp to Flynn since Flynn was hurt and couldn't go to camp.
  • Dina says to Deuce "Hi Deucie, I left a bowl of rasberries on the table for you." Deuce then says back "And they were delicious. Thank you."
  • Deuce and Dina share some cute looks throughout the episode.
  • Dina says to Deuce "and Martin Deuce Martinez, after also attaining the required badges i am pleased to welcome you as the newest member of the Rainbow girls." 

Slumber It Up

  • Dina begs Cece, Tinka, and Rocky to not tell Deuce that she wears the headgear.
  • Deuce gives Dina a key to Crustys.
  • Deuce thinks Dina is cheating on him cause Flynn misheard Dina talking due to her headgear.
  • Deuce was visibly upset at the prospect that Dina would cheat on him.
  • Deuce took his anger out on the brick wall when he was being egged on by Flynn, Ty, and Gunther about Dina and the supposid guy she was seeing instead of Deuce. Causing him to singlehandedly (with a sledge hammer) knock the wall down.
  • Dina was not cheating on Deuce and went to the orthadontist with her mom once a week. Deuce shoots Flynn a nasty look and Flynn claims he must have misheard.
  • Dina did not want Deuce to see her with that horrible contraption on her face.
  • Deuce says Dina is perfect the way she is without make-up. "I barely notice it. You're perfect just how you are."
  • Dina says to Deuce "You're the best, Deucie."
  • At the end of the episode, Deuce and Dina try to kiss multiple times but can't because of Dina's headgear, so they shake hands instead.

Surprise It Up

  • Deuce plays a trick on Dina and Dina responds wth "You know what trick I like to play? The I'm not your girlfriend if you ever do that again, trick". Deuce replies with a "Got it".
  • It was Dina's idea for Rocky to kiss Deuce on the cheek to prove that Rocky thinks Deuce is attractive.
  • Dina at the end of the episode forgives Deuce for kissing Rocky. Deuce says it was Dina's idea and Dina made him do it. Dina agrees and asks to make up. Deuce says he's sorry and Dina says "Me too, Baby.".
  • Dina want's to set up a double date with Rocky and Harrison with her and Deuce and Dina tells Rocky they look exactly alike so don't get him confused with "My Deucie." Rocky responds with "Ew" and Dina says "Excuse Me, What do you mean Ew? You think my Deuce is Ew?". Rocky then says "I wouldnt be interested in Deuce in a million years." Dina responds with "So you're saying he's not good enough for you?"
  • After Rocky kisses Deuce on the cheek (who she thinks is Harrison) Dina comes in and says "Well, well, well, wasnt that sweet?". Rocky is surprised that Dina is still here. Dina responds with "Oh, I never left. And you know who else never left? My Boyfriend. Who apparently is not as Ew as you thought."
  • Rocky is disgusted by kissing Deuce and says "Deuce? EW" and Dina tells her to "Save your Ew's for the News. Just admit it, you do think Deuce is attractive. He just needed to spend five minutes memorizing a cheesy greeting card and you were all over him. You kissed my boyfriend! You kissed my boyfriend! Hey, you kissed my boyfriend." and then Dina turns to Deuce and says "What is wrong with you Deuce? Why did you let her kiss you." Deuce looks really c
    onfused afterwards.
  • Dina says to Deuce "Okay, Let's make up?" and Deuce responds with "Okay, I'm sorry." and Dina replies with "Me too, baby."
  • Dina and Deuce share a tight hug and Dina gives Deuce a kiss on the cheek.
  • Dina makes fun of Rocky after she accidently kisses Deuce on the cheek again and says "You kissed my boyfriend again, you kissed my boyfriend again, wait a minute you kissed my boyfriend...again? Ugh what is wrong with me?"

Made In Japan

  • Although Dina doesn't actually appear in this episode, Deuce mentions on his tablet at the end of the episode that Dina is well. 

Season Three

Spirit It Up

  • In the opening scene Deuce and Dina are sitting next to each other while th
    e whole gang is having an intervention for Rocky.
  • Dina says "Hit It Deucie" and Deuce plays a ring tone and Rocky starts dancing.
  • Deuce and Dina are sharing a smoothie when Tinka comes over and says "Ah, Deuce, Dina, So, what are you two love patridges up too?". Deuce says "Just sharing an after school smoothie." Dina then adds "Half the carbs, twice the love."
  • Dina bumps Tinka out of the booth and says "Sorry Tinka, this is a booth for two, so go crack open a fresh box of beat it."
  • Dina then says to Deuce "Isn't this smoothie juicy, Deucie?" Deuce the res
    ponds with "Well Sweetie, it's certainly sweeter than you are."
  • Dina sees Deuce's point and allows Tinka to join them.
  • Deuce and Dina share some cute glances with each other while Deuce is at his locker.
  • Deuce asks Dina "So Dina, what times our movie date this afternoon?"
  • Tinka interupts Dina and says there had been a change of plans and they are going to the night showing of the movie.
  • Deuce then says "Tinky's coming with us." and Dina and Tinka nod in agreement with Deuce.
  • Deuce then says to Dina "Honey, can I, can I talk to you for a second." Dina then walks up to Deuce.
  • Deuce says to Dina "Whats the deal? For the last two days she's been like a third wheel. Eatin
    g with us, Studying with us, what happens after the movie when I try to kiss you goodnight? Are you both gonna slap me in the face" Dina responds with "But Sweetie, I really like having a new girlfriend. And it was all your idea." as she gives Deuce a friendly little poke. Deuce then responds with "Yeah, your right. I'm sorry. Kiss and make up?"
  • Dina then playfully slaps Deuce in the face and says "Deucie, not in school." as she giggles and gives Deuce a few cute looks and they both walk away.
  • Deuce while taking orders at Crusty's is looking up at the ceiling and he tells the customers "There's nothing up there, I just tweeked my neck sitting in the front row at the movies while my girlfriend and her new best buddy enjoyed the 3D experience from the best seats in the house. But am i bitter? Darn right I am"
  • Deuce then says "Dina, can we talk? alone?"
  • Dina then says "Deucie, whats wrong?"
  • Deuce says to Dina "At first, I was worried Tinka was becoming the third wheel but now, I just realized i'm the third wheel." Dina responds with "Well, you know, the third wheel is the most important wheel on a tricycle."
  • Deuce then says "I can't take this anymore, I miss my girlfriend. It's either Tinka or me?" Dina says "You're making me choose?" and Deuce responds "I'm making you choose." and Drina responds back "You're making me choose?" and Deuce responds again with "I'm making you choose." and Dina answers with "Fine! I choose Tinka." Deuce then to himself says "Wow, that did not go how I thought it would."
  • Deuce finds Dina at the pep rally and apoligizes. Deuce says "Dina, look, I'm sorry. I thought I was right and you were wrong, but when I told Rocky she was right, I found out I was wrong." Di
    na responds with "Okay, I heard the word sorry in there so i'm going to assume that was an apoligy and say that all is forgiven, baby."
  • Deuce tells Dina he will be fine and to go watch the pep rally with Tinka.
  • Dina realizes what Deuce was saying all along.
  • Dina then heads back to Deuce smiles and says "You know Deucie, I was thinking. I'd much rather sit with you then Tinka." Deuce then says to Dina "She blew you off, huh?" Dina responds with "No, but this sister missed her Mister." Then Deuce and Dina put there arms around each other.

Lock It Up

  • Dina comes up to Deuce and says "Hey, Sweetie." and asks Deuce if she can leave her history book in his locker because it would save her a few extra minutes between class. Deuce says it's so Dina can spend the extra time "Lavishong attention on her awesome boyfriend." And Dina says she was going to say "Receiving lavish attention from her awesome boyfriend." Dina then asks Deuce if it's okay or not and Deuce says "Mi locker is Su locker." and let's Dina put her history book in his locker.
  • Dina then comes back and put's a sweater and her lunch into Deuce's locker.
  • Deuce then arrives at his locker with Dina doing her makeup and says "Sweetie, you know, i kinda need to put away my book into my locker."
  • Dina tells Deuce where he can put his book and says "Gotta run, See you soon Baby." and gives him a smile.
  • Dina is waiting by Deuce is locker when Deuce arrives late. Dina asks Deuce where he has been.
  • Dina tells Deuce to give her his locker combination.
  • Deuce gives Dina the combination and Dina says "Thanks, Sweetie"
  • Ty tells Deuce that he can't wait till one day when Deuce is "Mrs. Dina Garcia." Deuce nods his head in agreement and says "Yeah."
  • Dina comes up to Deuce at his locker and says "Hey Deucie. I got your text. What's the big surprise?"
  • Deuce mentions he bought out the locker next to him and knocked out a wall so they can have one big locker where they can each fit there stuff in.
  • Dina says to Deuce that it's too soon and she's not even sixteen and to stop pressuring her, so she grabs her things and takes off.
  • Ty congratulated Deuce saying his plan worked, and Deuce agrees but says now his locker feels so empty without her.

In The Bag It Up

  • Dina walks up to Deuce and tells him to sign a petition. Ty trys to talk him out of signing it but Dina ends up convincing Deuce to sign it so he tells Ty "You know what? Dina's right."
    In The Bag It Up 018
  • Dina walks into the bowling ally with her mom and see's Deuce and his dad, she says "Hi Deucie. Hi Deucie's dad." Deuce and his dad both say "Hey Dina." as Deuce stands up. Deuce then introduces his dad to Dina's mom. Mr. Martinez tells Dina's mom that "May I say your daughter is the perfect young lady." Dina's mom tells Mr. Martinez "Oh Thank you. And your son...well...well..He doesn't bother me as much as he used to." Mr. Martinez then responds "You and me both."
  • Deuce asks Dina and her mom "So, um, what brings you guys down here?" and Dina responds "My Ma and I gotta practice for Saturday's tournament." Deuce responds "Hey, were in a tournament Satuday to. What a coinkydink. What times yours?"


  • Deuce goes up to Dina at her locker and says "Sweetie, look I just wanted to say I'm not upset about the whole tournament thing. I mean I'm guessing it was your pushy mothers idea. It's not your fault. I get it. Your under her thumb." as Deuce makes a movement with his thumb. Dina grabs his thumb and says "It's going to be pretty hard to bowl without your thumb."  Deuce then says "What? Did I say something wrong, are you mad at me?" Dina responds "I'm furious with you."  Deuce then asks "For what? You don't belong in that tournament. Like my dad says, there are some traditions that are just for boys. Like father and son tournaments and ?? in a cup." Dina then responds "Oh Really, then why did you sign Mariel's petition for the exact oppisite position?" Deuce then says "Well, I was.." then Dina interupts Deuce and says "I'll tell you why, It's because you don't have your own opinions." Deuce then says "But.." Dina interupts Deuce again and says "Your like a weathervane. The wind blows you one way. Then the wind blows you another. Why don't you just blow it out your ear."  then she storms off down the hall.

  • Deuce then see's a few guys by the lockers and says to them "Yeah, you know, sometimes you just got to show these girlfriends who's boss. You know. rrrrr..." Then off screen you hear Dina scream "Deuciiiiie..." and Deuce yells "I'm coming." and goes after Dina.

  • Deuce and his father are chatting. Mr. Martinez says "We got to outwit and manipulate them. Who raised you? Now go ahead. I'll work the mother, you work the daughter."

    In The Bag It Up 122

  • Deuce goes to Dina. Deuce says "Sweetie, can i talk to you for a minute?" Dina reponds "Sure," then a few seconds later Dina adds "Who's opinion are you gonna give me now?" Deuce then tells her "I just want to apoligize. I mean i guess i got a little emotional because bowling is really the only thing my dad and I do together. He's always so busy working, and barely get to spend any time with him, and.." Dina interupts Deuce and says "You mean, his plumbing business is number one and you're.." Deuce then adds "Number two." Dina then holds her heart as Deuce emotionally says "I guess I just wanted to make him proud, and you know if I don't win then...nevermind." then choked up Deuce says "Good luck." and walks away.

  • Mr. Martinez is talking to Dina's mom and says "It's just that Deuce has such low self esteem." Dina's mom then responds "Well who could blame him, what with the fact he hasn't grown in two years." Mr. Martinez then says "I worked so hard to try to build him up and try to find a sport that he would be good at. Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, and at one point I thought foosball would be it. But he got scared by the tiny people." Dina's mom says "oh, you think he would feel comfortable around his own." Mr. Martinez then responds "Mrs. Garcia, this tournament may be the last chance he has to taste victory before a lifetime of certain loss, dissapointment, but don't worry about that." Then he walks away choked up and says "Good luck to you and your daughter."

  • Dina's Mom then heads down to talk to Dina and says "I think we have to drop out of this tournament. I just spoke to George and he has devoted so much time to try and build up Deuce's self esteem." Dina responds with "Woah, woah, woah, ma. Ctrl, Alt, Back Space it up. Deuce just told me some sob story about his father not having any time for him."   Dina's mom says "Oh, something stinks here in the indoor fun zone and it's not just Deuce's shoes."''


  • Dina and her mom head over to Deuce and Mr. Martinez. Dina says "Too busy, huh?" Dina's mom says "Low self esteem, huh?"  Dina's mom then adds "I'm sorry, your stories hold about as much water as your leaky pipes, Mr. Toilet King." Dina then says "We figured you Martinez boys out and we are going to destroy you."

  • Dina's mom bowled a strike and her and Dina went over to Deuce and Mr. Martinez. Dina's mom then says "Did you see that? A delicate little women knocked down all those pins. Just like were knocking down your big family ego." 

  • Deuce only needs a spare to win the match and knocks down seven pins. Mr. Martinez goes to Deuce and says "It's okay son. You can do it. Show them what you think of women invadi
    ng an all male tournament."  Dina and her mom head up to them and Dina says "Or, show us that you have your own opinion and can think for yourself." Mr. Martinez then says "He knows what he thinks. He thinks what I think. Isnt that what you think son." Dina then asks "Well, "Do You Deucie?" Dina's mom then asks "Yeah, Do You Deucie?" Mr. Martinez then asks "Do You Deucie?" Deuce has enough and says "You know what I think? I'll tell you what I think. I think all this competition is and trash talking has sucked all the fun out of this tournament. Which used to be the whole point of doing this dad. Now if i don't make this spare your going to be mad at me." as he looks at his father. Then he looks at Dina and says "And if I do make this spare, your going to be mad at me." Then he looks at Dina's mom and says "And you, your always mad at me." Deuce then says "So you know what, for once i'm going to do what i want or otherwise ill be mad."
  • Deuce throws a Gutter ball. Dina goes over to Deuce and gives him a big hug. Dina says "I'm sorry I put you through all that baby. Forgive me?" Deuce says "Of course, besdies, it all worked out."  Dina then says "You threw the game on purpose didn't you?" Deuce says "Yeaahhh."  Dina then smiles and kisses Deuce on the cheek, but close to the lips.

Opposites Attract It Up

  • Dina walks into Crusty's and goes and sits at the bar to talk to Deuce. Dina says "Hey Deucie, is my order ready? My Ma's double parked out front." Deuce says "It's right here. So hey, um, notice anything different about me?"  Dina responds "Oh, you got schmutz on your lip. Here." and she licks h
    Opposites Attract It Up 03
    er finger like she is going to whipe it off Deuce's face. Deuce then says "No, no. It's a mustache. I'm growing a mustache." Dina responds and says "Oh Deucie, how mature of you. Now shave it off." Deuce responds "Shave it? No, it looks good." and Dina responds "Sweetie, it looks like your nose hairs moved down to your lip. It's a little sparse."  Deuce responds "Are you kidding me? This is a lush and luxuried man made mouth cozy." then Dina says "Please, I have a thicker mustache." Deuce responds with "Excuse me," and Dina nonchalantly says "Nothing." Dina then adds "Shave it off Baby, we got my parents anniversary party this weekend and there will be a photographer there." Deuce then interupts Dina and he says "Whats the difference? your mom cuts me out of all the pictures anyway." Dina then responds "True, but your still not ready to grow a mustache. You should wait a little while." Deuce then asks Dina "How long." and Dina replies "Until you and I go to seperate colleges."
  • Back at Crusty's Dina is sitting at the table and Deuce is taking her order. Dina asks for "On
    Opposites Attract It Up 05
    e chopped Salad, One side of cheesy bread, and a clean shaven Boyfriend."  And Deuce recites the order "'One chopped Salad, One side of cheesy bread, and one manly mustachioed Boyfriend. Oh wait, you already got one of those. Boom." Dina replies "Come on Deuce, you've got to shave." Deuce responds "But it makes me look like a man." Dina replies with "Your going to look like a single man if you don't shave."
  • Dina and Rocky go up to Cece at her locker. When Cece said she thinks Jam
    Opposites Attract It Up 04
    es feels she isn't smart enough for him, Dina tells her "Well, you know, he is on the debate team, and the robotics team, and your Jacob." Rocky says to CeCe "Look CeCe, do not take romantic advice from Dina. Let's not forget, her Boyfriend is Deuce." Dina makes a cat like gesture and says "Meow-ouch. Although you do have a point." After Rocky tells CeCe that she is overthinking it, Dina says "Wow, Deuce thinks he can pull off facial hair, Rocky's ''
    failing in a classroom, and CeCe's dating a smart guy. Has the whole world gone mad?"
  • Dina goes up to Deuce at his locker and says "Hey, Sweetie." and Deuce says "Dina, I think i've figured it out. It's not the mustache thats upsetting you. It's what the mustache represents. My newfound, unrestrained masculinty." Dina responds "No, it's the mustache. But if your happy, then I'm happy. In fact, I thought it would be fun to grow out our hair together." Dina then raises her one arm to show a lot of armpit hair, Deuce then says "Oh My. Thats a little unsightly." Dina responds with an "Oh, would you prefer the braided one?" and Dina raises her other arm to show that the hair on that pit is braided. Deuce starts to run off and Dina says to him "Where you going?" and Deuce tells Dina "To shave. But I find it very scary that you were able to put this together so quickly."
  • Dina is at Crusty's waiting on Deuce. Dina says "Come on Sweetie, were going to be late for my parents anniversary party." Deuce says "I'm coming, coming."  Deuce walks out with bandeges on where his
    mustach used to be and he says "Well, the mustachioed version of Deuce is no more." Dina respnds and says "Oh Baby, I know your sad but those little hairs have gone to a better place. Down the drain." Deuce responds "I know, your right, I just wish you being right didnt invlove me taking razor sharp steal to my face." Dina responds and says "Well, your not the only one who got hurt during this little process." as she raises up her arms to show bandages where the hair on her armpits used to be. Deuce tells her "Well, you know, at least we'll be the best looking couple there right?" Dina responds "That's right, Baby." and they kiss. Deuce responds with an "Ow." and Dina says "Sorry" as they walk arm and arm both in pain with Dina saying "Ow" and Deuce saying "Sorry."

Future It Up

  • 22 years into the future Deuce and Dina are happily married and expecting another baby.
  • Deuce and Dina have seven kids, all boys, and Dina is pregnant with her eighth.
  • Deuce and Dina are now the owners of Crustys. Rocky says "So you and Dina, the owners of Crustys."
  • Dina comes out and says "Hey Rocky," and Rocky replies "Same old? Looks like that's new." as she points towards Dina's stomach.
    Future It Up 017
  • Rocky goes up to Dina and hugs her and says "Dina, are you pregnant, again?" Dina replies sarcastically "No, i'm just smuggling out a giant ball of mozzarella."  Deuce with his arm around Dina chimes in and adds "It's our eigth, all boys, one more and we'll have our own baseball team." Dina then responds with "Not if they inherited your athletic ability." Deuce responds "I'm flat footed and you know it." Dina changes the subject and says to Rocky "So hows Mark? We haven't seen him since the wedding." 
  • Dina says to Rocky "Well come on, everyone's meeting at our place." Dina then yells out "Boys, lets go!" then suddenly seven boys follow Dina up the stairs to exit Crustys and Dina yells out loudly "Deuce!" and Deuce responds with "Coming" and follows behind.
  • Rocky is sitting in Deuce and Dina's living room and says to Deuce and Dina as they come out "Wow, I, I love what you've done with my old place." Dina then respon
    Future It Up 038
    ds "oh, doesn't always look this good. I've had the kids locked in there rooms for a week."
  • Deuce and Dina live in Rocky's old apartment.
  • Dina tells CeCe and Rocky after she finds out they have not seen each other for a while "Wow, I thought you'd be besties forevs" then Dina adds "After all, you were voted most likely to be besties forevs."
  • After CeCe mentions her and Rocy's careers, husbands, and kids. Dina interupts and says "One kid each, must be exhausting."
  • Deuce gives Dina pedicures. Ty says to Deuce "Oh, Like you stand up to Dina when she makes you give her pedicures." Deuce then responds to Ty and says "Someone has to
    Future It Up 192
    do it. I mean the women hasn't been able to see her feet in a decade let alone reach them."
  • Dina tells Rocky and CeCe "The DJ will be over here, and the deserts will be over there." Rocky interupts and asks Dina "How did you find time to organize this reunion? You have seven and three quarters kids." Dina responds and says "And I'd do anything to get an hour away from them." Dina then continues on "Anyway, after I give my speech. This will be where you guys will do your dance number." When asked about the dance by CeCe, Dina says "The dance you and Rocky are going to perform that will remind everyone of all the fun we had as youngsters."
  • Dina says "Deuce must have forgot to ask. I didn't go gray because I had so many kids, It's because I married one." Dina then adds "Can't you guys throw something together?"
  • Dina says "But everyone is looking forward to it. You can't disappoint them. And when I say them, I mean me. All I do is make babies. Come on, Give me one good dance."
  • Dina says "Come on, this is silly. You're both talented, creative, successful women."
  • Dina says "Maybe you guys can put something together for the 30th reunion." then Dina wonders allowed "Oh, I wonder if it's too late to book Gary Wilde." ''
    Future It Up 220
  • Dina says to Deuce "Some reunion. Rocky and CeCe are in a big fight and aren't going to be there. This reunion is a bigger disaster then President Biebers plan for a dance based economy. We should just stay home."
  • Deuce says "Stay home? We have stayed home for the last decade. We're not spending another night in this appartment. I mean its cloustrphobic. The walls are closing in. There's just not enough oxygen for all these people."
  • Dina responds with "Fine, we'll go. But i'm changing my earings. These make me look huge. I'm still dissapointed Rocky and CeCe won't be there"
  • Deuce says "Deuce Martinez does not disappoint his wife. Okay I do, but he doesn't let other people disappoint her."
  • Deuce uses a future gadget to change his voice to Dina's. Deuce says "Phone, activate voice pattern, little angry momma." then it changes his voice to Dina's and he starts talking "Rocky, I'm at the reuinion and I'm going into labor. I can't find my dopey but uncommonly good looking husband. Come right away. I'm gonna pop"
  • Deuce then says "And Dina said this app was a waste of $500.00"
  • Deuce then uses the same app to sound like Dina while on the phone with CeCe. "I'm at the reunion, i'm in labor, there's no sign of my Deucie and his chiseled pecks. anyway, you have got five minutes to get here before number eight does."
  • Dina is in the middle of the floor and says "Really, dirty napkins on the floor. Like i don't have enough to clean up at home." 
  • Rocky and CeCe run up to Dina freaking out and Dina doesn't understand "What are yo
    Future It Up 274
    u talking about?" and Rocky tells her that "You just called me and said you were having the baby." CeCe says "Dina, don't worry Ill find Deuce." then Deuce comes out and CeCe says "Great news, I found Deuce." and Dina then says "What is wrong with you guys? Why would you think i was having my baby right now?"  Deuce says "Well probably because I called them using my Dina voice app to trick them into coming to the reunion. I did it for you Dina" Dina responds "You conned them for me Deucie? That was sweet. You still got it, Baby! No use letting a perfectly good lie go to waste. What do you say? Dance!"
  • Dina tells Rocky and Cece "That's it. Stop it. Your both acting like teenagers. Strike that, your both acting like little babies. And there is no room in this reunion for babies. Ay. Maybe room for one baby." Deuce tells Dina "Dina, honey, fake labor isn't going to work again." Dina responds "Ah, it's not fake. The latest Martinez is fighting it's way out." and Deuce says "Oh, No!"
  • Dina says in response to Rocky saying they need to get her to a hospital "Ah, no time. Oh Great, I don't wanna have a baby in the middle of a gym, again."
  • Deuce is pacing in the hallway saying "Oh No, Oh No," and Tinka says "It's your 8th kid. Don't you have this down already?" then Tinka adds "you know, a couple of deep breaths, a big push, and bang another Martinez is born."
  • After Deuce here's some screaming he asks CeCe if Dina is okay
    Future It Up 142
    . "Is She Okay?"
  • Ty says to Deuce "So you're going to be a dad again. How does it feel?'" 'Deuce responds "Number eight and it's still the best feeling in the world. How about you, any regrets in not settling down and having kids?"  Ty says he still has time to settle down and Deuce tells him "Well don't wait too long, you don't know what your missing."
  • Deuce and Dina's eighth kid turns out to be a girl.
  • Deuce asks Rocky and CeCe about his daughter "How is she?"
  • Rocky and CeCe help Dina give birth to her 8th kid. A daughter. With two eyebrows. The first in the family.
  • Rocky and CeCe agree that Dina did most of the work delivering the baby and Rocky mentions "Dina's a pro."
  • Dina is rolled in the gym in a wheel chair holding her baby and says "Hold it. We ain't going anywhere untill you two agree to dance."
  • Deuce and Dina are shown dancing in the audience.

Oui Oui It Up

  • Although Dina doesn't actually appear in this episode. Deuce proves he is loyal to Dina, as he tells Ty that he is with Dina so he wouldn't make a move on Brigitte.

My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up

  • Ainsley Bailey was credited as being in this episode and is in a promo pictur
    e from the episode. According to a shake it up writer the episode must have went long and she was cut from the main story.
  • Dina was supposed to be helping Tinka with the gifts for Rocky and CeCe and Dina also helped Tinka deliver the gifts to them..
  • Dina was however in the background during the party scene while Cece's talking with and dancing with her mother.
  • Also you can see Dina and Deuce heading to the dance floor together as the screen fades to black.

Haunt It Up

  • Dina, Rocky, and CeCe arrive at the haunted house and once they go inside they see that Deu
    Haunt It Up 003
    ce, Ty, and Flynn are there, Deuce screams and then realizes theres nothing to be afraid of and says "Hi Dina'".
  • Dina then says "Hi Boo" and Ty says to Deuce "She said Boo. I'm surprised you didn't scream".

Remember Me

  • Dina is at Crustys trying to get Deuce's attention. Dina says "Hey Duece?....Deuce?...Deucie?...DEUCE!!!" and Deuce turns around and says to Dina "Oh i'm sorry. Are you talking to me?" and Dina responds with "Yeah, thats what I meant when i said, Deuce, Deucie, Deuce!" Deuce responds with "You must not have seen my E-Blast. From now on, I only respond to my given name. Martin Martinez." Dina then says to Deuce "Oh I got that E-Blast but it went into my spam folder because I don't know anyone named Martin Martinez. What's wrong with Deuce?"
  • Deuce responds to Dina and says "The whole Deuce thing was holding me back!" Decided to recreate myself." Dina responds with "Really? You took a good hard look at yourself and you decided the thing that needs changing is your name?"
  • Deuce and Dina are at the Chicago Hospital in the waiting room with Ty and Rocky waiting on news about CeCe. The hospital clerk pages Deuce as Martin Martinez and Dina says "Are you kidding me? You had yourself paged?" Then the hospital clerk pages him again to tell him his lights are on his car. Dina responds with "Yeah, your lights are on but nobodys home."
  • Deuce and Dina are at Crustys and Deuce says to Dina "Hey, hey. Check out my name tag? Martin! Pretty sweet huh?" Dina responds with "No, not sweet, your acting like a complete buffon, Deuce!" Deuce responds to Dina and says "Don't you mean. I'm acting like a complete buffon, Martin?"  Dina smiles to herself and then grabs Deuce hand and says "You know what sweetie? If theres anything I have learned from this horrible situation with CeCe losing her memory it's that you have to appreciate what you got. And what I got is a wonderful boyfriend. So, call yourself Deuce, call yourself Martin, call yourself anything you want as long as you call me your girlfriend."
  • Deuce is shown not paying attention and responds with "What? Oh i'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention. Ah, Did you say something?"  Dina throws her hands up in the air and grrs as she
    walks away, Deuce then says "What?"
  • Ty, Dina, and Deuce all walk into CeCe's apartment and they have a pizza. CeCe makes a comment how Deuce always cries and Deuce responds "Hey, I can't help it if i cry. I'm an emotional man." Dina then puts her hand on her heart and starts rubbing Deuce's shoulder. 
  • CeCe makes another comment about Deuce and Deuce reponds "Hey, my names not Deuce anymore. It's Martin!" Dina then puts her hand on her head and goes "Oy, oy, oy."
  • The whole gang shares a group hug. First Rocky, CeCe, Tinka, Ty, Deuce, and Dina. Then the next group hug with CeCe's mom and Flynn also invoved.


Deucina -6


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The Books "Bring It!" and "Born to Dance" each have one adapted Deucina episode. "Glitz It Up" and "Spirit It Up".


  • Deucina Color: Purple (Dina oftens wears blue or purple and Deuce's Crusty's t-shirt is red.)
  • Deucina Food: Pizza (Deuce and Dina often go out for pizza together, Deuce works at Crusty's, and Deuce made Dina an anniversary pizza.)
  • Deucina Animal: Hamster (Dina compares Deuce to a hamster in Match It Up.)
  • Pizap com10 170730102341622111353621640736
    Day: November 6 (The day when Review It Up aired. Being the episode where they celebrated their anniversary.)
  • Deucina Episode: Match It Up (The episode where Deuce and Dina were first paired up.)
  • Deucina Boss: CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue (CeCe and Rocky introduced Dina to Deuce.)

Fan Fiction

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Deucina Song List

These are songs that remind many shippers of Deucina.

  • A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez and the Scene
  • Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran
  • Here We Go Again - Demi Lovato
  • What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) - Backstreet Boys
  • Same Heart - Bella Thorne and Zendaya
  • Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
  • Fall - Justin Bieber
  • Tell Me That You Love Me - Victoria Justice & Leon Thomas III
  • Love Of A Lifetime - Firehouse
  • The Flame - Cheap Trick
  • To Make You Feel My Love - Garth Brooks
  • Story Of A Life - Harry Chapin
  • All I Know - Art Garfunkel
  • Angel Eyes - Jeff Healey Band
  • Go - Sparklehorse
  • If - Bread
  • Helpless When She Smiless - Backstreet Boys
  • The Luckiest - Ben Folds
  • When Did You Fall - Chris Rice
  • You Are Everything - Matthew West
  • Days In Avalon - Richard Marx
  • Love You Till The End - The Pogues
  • Wonderwall - Oasis
  • Never Stop - Safetysuit
  • All My Life - Kci & Jojo
  • Beautiful - MercyMe
  • God Gave Me You - Dave Barnes
  • How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding
  • Love You Like A Love Song - Selena Gomez & The Scene
  • DNA - Little Mix


  • Ainsley Bailey stated in an interview that Deuce and Dina are a match made in heaven.
  • Ainsley Bailey stated in another interview that Deuce and Dina are like an old married couple.[1]
  • Ainsley Bailey stated in another interview that Deuce and Dina is a very sweet relationship to have on the show![1]
  • Ainsley Bailey stated in another interview that both Deuce and Dina really care about each other and are always there to cheer one another on.[2]
  • Ainsley Bailey stated in her ustream that she hopes Deuce and Dina end the series together and that she loves the relationship they have.
  • Deucina is the only canon pairing on the show.



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