This Ty Guy is Really Cute.....
CeCe to Ty in Remember Me
Ty and CeCe in Switch It Up
Relationship Information
Between: Ty Blue
CeCe Jones
Status: Friends/possible crushes
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Roshon Fegan
Bella Thorne
Cast Ship: Rella

Cy is the romantic/friendship pairing of Ty Blue and CeCe Jones (C/ece and T/y). Ty seems to be getting closer to CeCe as they appear in more scenes together. Even though this couple is seperated by age difference and personality, many fanfiction writers support these two. Their love can also be forbidden because CeCe is Rocky's best friend and Ty is Rocky's older brother. Rocky could be disturbed that her best friend is dating her brother and would feel uncomfotable. This is one of the most popular couples, next to Tynka, Rogan, DeCe, Runther, GeCe, and Reuce. There are some things they have in common like, they both are obsessed with themselves, they both love to dance, CeCe is obsessed with boys and Ty is obsessed with girls, and they both think they are so cool. It's difficult for these two to have moments because there were hardly any scenes in Season 1 with both of them in them, but they seem to be appearing in more scenes together. In most scenes with Ty, he is at CeCe's house either baby-sitting or hanging out with Flynn, or with Deuce either at the Blue's or CeCe's house.

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Possible Names for the Pairing

  • Cy - (C/eCe + T/y) - Official Couple name
  • TyCe - (Ty + Ce/Ce)
  • Tece - (T/y + C/ece)


  • Both are excellent dancers.
  • Both have a very close relationship with Rocky. Ty is her older brother and CeCe is her best friend.
  • Both have a position on Shake it Up, Chicago. CeCe is one of the dancers and Ty is the co-host along with Gary.
  • Both have a romantic interest in Gunther and Tinka respectively.
  • Both have dated Gunther and Tinka at one point. Ty and Tinka went out in Add It Up, CeCe and Gunther went out in Hot Mess It Up.
  • Both are very cool and obsessed with their good looks.
  • Both can sometimes be mean to their best friends (Cece-Rocky; Ty-Deuce).
  • Both are the eldest sibblings in their families.
  • Both their sibblings are the opposite gender to them.
  • They both hate Logan.

Rival Pairings


Season One

Start It Up

  • CeCe told Ty that he's a really good dancer and that he should audition for Shake It Up Chicago.
  • CeCe asked Ty to talk to Rocky about auditioning for Shake It Up Chicago, meaning she thinks he can solve the problem.
  • CeCe looked impress while Ty was dancing. She even shouted "Yeah!" In approval.
  • Ty smiled and looked happy when CeCe cheered for him.

Meatball It Up

  • When Ty introduced his date, CeCe agreed with Deuce when he said, "Not cool," possibly showing a hint of jealousy.
  • CeCe and Ty sit next to eachother while CeCe chomps on the noodles when they found out they can't pay for dinner.
  • CeCe looks at Ty when she got a phone call and said " It's Phil, our banker" all flirty, possibly trying to impress him.
  • Ty was upset that CeCe (And Rocky) didn't buy him anything at the mall.
  • CeCe said "How cute are we!?" and looked at Ty possibly hoping he would say something nice back.
  • CeCe offered to take Ty (And Deuce) to their favorite restauraunt, and Ty looked really happy.
  • Ty (And Deuce) called CeCe (And Rocky) generous and thoughtful.
  • While Rocky was talking, CeCe was staring at Ty.

Show It Up

  • Cece begged Ty about dancing with them.
  • Cece grabs Ty's leg.
  • CeCe was upset when Ty said he wouldn't join them in dancing.
  • CeCe leaned in close to Ty when saying "May the force be with us"
  • CeCe and Ty (And Rocky) danced together in the talent show.

Vatalihootsit It Up

  • Cece called Ty when she could have called Deuce.
  • CeCe knows Ty's number and Rocky didn't.
Cy 67

Model It Up

  • Ty told Rocky when she leaves to New York he was going turn her room into a media room, and while he said that CeCe went along with it.
  • Ty's arm was around CeCe.
  • Ty and CeCe clap hands.
  • Ty hid behind CeCe when he was about to cry.
    Cy 0001
  • Both Ty and CeCe are upset that Rocky might have left.
  • Ty listens to Cece about pretending not to care that Rocky is leaving.

Break It Up

  • When they visit Rocky in the hospital, Ty says "If CeCe starts freaking out we (meaning Deuce and him) are dragging her out of there", when Deuce could've said the same thing.
    Cy Profile Gif
  • Ty tells CeCe that everything isn't always about her and she seems hurt by this.
  • Also at the camp fire CeCe seemed to be smiling at Ty a lot, maybe a hint she likes him.
  • CeCe never took her eye of Ty when he was telling her that it would be okay and that it was about Rocky until he walks away.
  • Ty touches CeCe's shoulder to comfort her because she was worried before he walked away after telling her that Rocky would be fine.
  • Also, Ty might have been trying to take some of the guilt of her when he say its not about her its about Rocky.
  • When Ty and Gunther switched clothes, Gunther pointed out that Ty looks good and CeCe nodded, agreeing that he looks good.
  • When they were in the hospital, CeCe almost tried to hold Ty's hand when she said she can calm Rocky
  • When Ty is telling CeCe everything will be okay, they seem like they like each other.

Season Two

Doctor It Up

  • When CeCe, Rocky, and Ty hugged CeCe and Ty glanced at each other and smiled for a moment.
  • Ty was back to back with CeCe when he was singing but didn't go back to back with Rocky.

Auction It Up

  • CeCe smiled at Ty when he told Deuce "You better watch that hand".

Reality Check It Up

  • When Gunther shoves Rocky and Cece off the table, Ty catches Cece in his arms.
  • When the show was about to start, CeCe hands Ty a plate.

Rock and Roll It Up

  • Gary's grandma says that she was like CeCe when being a teen and Probably Ty was like Pheenix.
  • CeCe seemed more and more interested in the story. Probably because of Ty and her dancing in the story.
  • Ty and CeCes characters danced together in the story and were close.
  • It seemed like Pheenix (Ty) had a crush on Edie (CeCe)
  • Pheenix (Ty) told Edie (CeCe) to Shake her hips.

Season Three

Home Alone It Up

  • CeCe asks Ty to stay in her apartment in case Flynn decided to come home while she and Rocky went out to look for him.
  • CeCe laughs after Ty reveals that that he likes Sleepless In Seattle.
  • CeCe tells him where he can find the Sleepless In Seattle DVD.
  • When CeCe asks Flynn for an explanation, her arm is touching Ty's leg.
  • CeCe screams Ty's name and he comes even though he is sick.
  • Ty stays in CeCes apartment for her just incase Flynn comes.
  • CeCe looked really happy and thankful that Ty said he would stay there.

Ty It Up

CeCe trying to kiss Ty.

  • Ty finds the parrot that CeCe thought she killed.

I Do It Up

  • CeCe almost kisses Ty.
  • They walk out dancing together at the end. 

Switch It Up

  • Ty picks CeCe as one of the feature dancers 
  • CeCe pushes Ty out of the way and gets hit with Bag.

Remember Me

  • Ty worries about Cece's condition. Later, he gives her flowers as a 'get well' present.
  • Ty was happy when CeCe was well again
  • They hugged


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Cy song"Best Friends Brother" by Victoria Justice

Cy fan name: CyCoolers (CeCe and Ty both act cool)

Cy Season: Summer (Went camping together in summer) 

Cy Accesories: Hats (constantly wearing them throughout the show.) 

Cy Food: Spaghetti and Meatballs. (Helped Deuce and Rocky eat it in Meatball it up.) 

Cy Day: March 17th (The day I Do It Up came out.) 

Cy Number: 10 (The weight of the giant meatball.) 

Cy Movie: Sleepless in Seattle. (The movie CeCe went to Ty.) 

Cy Animal: Chihuahua (The animal that Gunther left in CeCe's room when Ty went to go get her camera.) 

Cy Queen: @Silly1! 

Cy Ambassaor: @Chelseakangaroo

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