CeCe Tinka Gif
Relationship Information
Between: CeCe Jones
Tinka Hessenheffer
Status: Close Friends/Former Frenemies
First Interaction: Start It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Bella Thorne
Caroline Sunshine
Cast Ship: Carolla

Cinka (C/eCe and T/inka) is the friendship/conflict pairing of CeCe Jones and Tinka Hessenheffer. They are classified as frenemies, often competing against each other while they appear as dancers on Shake It Up! Chicago together. They both attend John Hughes High School.

Cinka Moments

Season One


Start It Up

  • Tinka comes up to CeCe.
  • Tinka shows off the Shake It Up!, Chicago flyer to CeCe (and Rocky).
  • Tinka and CeCe smile at each other after the first round of try-outs.
    Kick It Up 32

Kick It Up

  • CeCe is the one that realizes that maybe she and Rocky are more like Gunther and Tinka, just as Deuce said.
  • CeCe and Tinka end up going to the movies together after CeCe fails to find anyone else to hang out with.
  • CeCe calls Tinka her "frenemy", pointing out that the first part means "friends", while Tinka points out that the second part means "enemies".
  • They both pretend to have a good time while at the movies.
  • CeCe seemed confused when Gunther showed up, and Tinka proceeded to make her think twice about not spending time with Rocky.
  • CeCe admitted that she learned something from the twins.
  • Tinka offers her "weenie-corn" (popcorn and cocktail weenies).
  • CeCe calls her "Tink".
  • Tinka doesn't mind when CeCe calls her "Tink".
    Hot Mess It Up 37

Hot Mess It Up

  • After being urged by Gunther, Tinka comes up to CeCe and compliments her on her dress (which was supposed to be Tinka's), and said it was time for them to move past their petty disagreements since they were going to be "sisters".
  • Tinka asked CeCe to pull her fingers and proceeded to tell CeCe that she had strong enough hands for milking goats.
    Cinka 1

Vatalihootsit It Up

  • When complimenting Rocky and CeCe, Tinka says she admires the way CeCe's personality lights up a room even without sparkles.

Break It Up

  • Tinka begs CeCe to not leave her alone with Deuce at the campfire.
  • CeCe and Tinka were checking Gunther and Ty out when they swap outfits.

Auction It Up 015

Season Two

Auction It Up

  • When Rocky begins to say that despite the twins being so mean, CeCe is smiling and looking at Tinka and finishes off saying that they're actually nice, caring good friends and puts her hand on her shoulder.
  • After Rocky shoved a cupcake in Gunther and Tinka's face, CeCe tasted frosting off her face.
  • Tinka gives CeCe the money to Miss Nancy's Fancy Dance Academy.

Split It Up

  • CeCe didn't believe Tinka would sabotage her, and doubted her best friend Rocky instead.
  • CeCe wanted to kill Gunther, but not Tinka even though Tinka is involved.
    Slumber It Up 042

Slumber It Up

  • CeCe invited Tinka to her sleepover because CeCe felt bad that Tinka never had one.
  • CeCe respected that Tinka's good at science.
  • Tinka said it can't be any more embarrassing than how Rocky looks, and even more now she's has that mask on. That means she thinks CeCe's prettier.

Made In Japan

  • CeCe helps Tinka (and Gunther) from being deported back to the old country.

Fire It Up 01

Season Three

Fire It Up

  • Tinka comforts CeCe and reassures her that Shake It Up, Chicago! will be rebuilt and hugs her.
  • Tinka was hugged by CeCe (and Rocky).
  • CeCe (and Rocky) accepts Tinka's friendship.

Spirit It Up

  • CeCe and Tinka both helped Rocky to stop dancing.

Ty It Up

  • CeCe and Tinka were both worried about the audition; CeCe was worried about freezing again, while Tinka wondered who she was supposed to dance with.

Forward & Back It Up

In The Bag It Up

  • CeCe and Tinka (along with Rocky) rent a purse they like.

My Bitter Sweet 16 It Up

  • Tinka had a gift for CeCe (and Rocky) at the Sweet 16 party.

Loyal It Up

  • CeCe and Tinka (along with Rocky) were asked by Gary to audition for 'Dance Factor'.


Kick It Up

Tinka: I have to say, CeCe, I am very surprised you invited me to the 3-dimensional motion picture spectacular.
CeCe: Why? I've always wanted to hang out with you.
Tinka: But I don't like you. And I've always hope you do not like me.
CeCe: Come on Tinka, we tease each other but that's what we do. We're frenemies. And the first part of frenemies is friend.
Tinka: Yes, and second part is enemies.

CeCe: Let me ask you a question. Do you ever worry that if you spend too much time together that you're not individuals?

Tinka: We are individuals. We're just individuals together.

CeCe: Can't believe I'm about to say it, but I think I just learned something from you.
Tinka: Weenie-corn? CeCe: No thanks, Tink. Actually, I have to go talk to a friend... about being a friend.
Hot Mess It Up 38

Hot Mess It Up

Tinka: You have strong hands, good grip; the goats like that. You'll be the most popular goat-milker in the village. Aside from me, of course.
CeCe: Okay, woah. No milking, no goats, no sister, no wedding, no way!

Vatalihootsit It Up

Tinka: And CeCe, I admire the way your personality lights up a room... even without sparkles.


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