Chen Neeman
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Musician
Composer: Shake It Up
It's Alive
Something to Dance For
Moves Like Magic
Something to Dance For/TTYLXOX (Mash-Up)
A Space in the Stars
This Is My Dancefloor

Chen Neeman is a singer, songwriter, and producer in the entertainment business. He has written and produced loads of songs with his partners Jeannie Lurie and Aris Archonitis for movies and television shows like Good Luck Charlie, Austin & Ally, Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance, Shake It Up, Lemonade Mouth, The Muppets, Camp Rock/Camp Rock 2, Princess and the Frog, and Starstruck.

Personal life

He fluently speaks Hebrew and English. He currently resides in Sherman Oaks, California with his wife and two kids.

Chen Aris

Chen and partner Aris

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