How are there mosquitos in a hospital?


Break It Up
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Season: 1
Episode: 20
Production code: 121
Broadcast number: 20
Story by:
Chris Thompson
Written by:
Jenny Lee
Directed by:
Shelley Jensen
Broadcast Information
Original airdate:
July 24, 2011
International airdate:
September 20, 2011 (Netherlands / Flanders)

September 30, 2011 (Italy)
October 15, 2011 (Germany)
October 15, 2011 (Hungary)
October 29, 2011 (Israel)
November 19, 2011 (Romania)
December 7, 2011 (France)
December 9, 2011 (Catalonia)
December 9, 2011 (Spain)
December 17, 2011 (Czech Republic)
December 31, 2011 (Poland)
December 31, 2011 (Latin America)
January 7, 2012 (Brazil)
January 28, 2012 (Japan)

Break It Up (also known as Summer It Up) is the 20th episode of season 1 of Shake It Up and the 20th of the overall series. It first aired on July 24, 2011.


During summer break, Rocky is dared by CeCe to let loose and dive in the lake nearby. She has fun for a few seconds before injuring her foot on a piece of glass. CeCe feels guilty because she's the one who dared her to go in, and she's worried that Rocky might never be able to dance again.

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Episode Summary

The episode begins with Rocky, CeCe, Flynn, Ty, and Deuce all going on a vacation together. Gunther and Tinka are staying in the cabin next door. At first Flynn refuses to go because he is scared, but his mom persuades him by telling him they're gonna stop for ice cream. When they get there Flynn is now even more scared with his mother not caring. Suddenly everyone screams which makes Flynn even more terrified. CeCe, Rocky, Deuce, and Ty all make comments about camping. "This is terrible! There's no cable. There's no internet. Our cell phones don't have reception. I didn't even see a TV." Their mom tells them they don't need any of that stuff and they should become active until the vacation is over. Then at nighttime when they play Truth or Dare, CeCe dares Rocky to jump in the lake. Rocky does the dare, but ends up landing on a broken bottle, thereby cutting her foot. She is taken to the hospital and Rocky fears that they can't fix her foot, and that she 

Rocky in the hospital.

will never be able to dance again. Meanwhile, Gunther and Tinka are left babysitting Flynn. Now again Flynn is still terrified by hearing rustling in the bushes and he is really scared but Gunther and Tinka pull out sock puppets. But Gunther goes too far and pulls 

Big Hug!

out a big foot puppet and scares Flynn by having the big foot puppet pretend to eat the Flynn puppet. At the end it becomes a miracle Rocky's surgery is a success, but CeCe ends up breaking her leg by tripping really hard and ends up in the hospital alongside Rocky (deeply caring for her best friend and blames herself she wanted to have the accident instead of Rocky).


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Memorable Quotes

Deuce: How are there mosquitoes in a hospital?!


  • The episode was originally called "Summer It Up" but changed for unknown reasons.
  • This is the second appearance of Marcie Blue.
  • This is the first time a character has been in the hospital.
  • This is the second episode CeCe tried to spare Rocky's feelings.
  • The episode's production code is 121 meaning it was the last episode of season 1 produced, but second-to-last episode of season 1 to air.
  • When Rocky is taken into surgery, CeCe starts praying, calling God, "Big Guy", and asking him to have them go back to last night and for CeCe to step on the bottle instead of Rocky, claiming that she should not be able to dance again, not Rocky. After CeCe breaks her leg, she thanks God for fixing Rocky's foot.
  • The picture of the monster that Flynn was holding was a parody of "The Patterson Film".
  • In the original airing and initial repeats, the episode cuts to commercial after CeCe prays to "the big guy", in recent airings, it goes to commercial After CeCe hurts her leg instead of the part where she prays, in order to keep the show secular.


  • There is no way they could have gotten in contact with a pizza place if they didn't have any internet, phone bars, and the pizza place was a long drive away.
  • Rocky stepped on the broken glass bottle and got hit in the reer end.
  • If Rocky had broken her foot and bone was sticking out, she would have been crying due to pain. However she could have been trying to hide it.
  • CeCe was worried that Rocky would have to get a foot transplant, and that they'd give her another left foot, and "you can't dance with two left feet." However, the foot that Rocky had cut WAS her left foot, so her worries were void.
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