• Junatina

    Hey guys!

    This is my very first admin blog. :)

    Anyways I've been talking with Rae (which was a long time ago but I made the blog now) and I told her that the quotes need to be more organized instead of just one whole bunch of quotes.

    So I need your help!

    On characters pages if you know which quote goes in which episode under quotes make a sub heading and name the episode the quote came from and using the dialogue quote put the quote under the episode's heading.

    Like let me out these quotes that aren't real and are just MADE UP, these are just an example.

    Cece: I love Gunther.

    Rocky:I love math.

    Ty: I'm going to dance on Shake it up Chicago.

    Flynn: Atop bossing me around!

    Deuce: I'm Martin Martinez!

    Instead of just putting it all together, we could di…

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  • Beckward

    Finalizing The Wiki

    November 14, 2013 by Beckward

    It's that time that we need to get the wiki in it's best shape so that it is presentable with all the facts for the future visitors who happen to stumble upon this or decide to check out what Shake It Up is about.

    First up: Character Pages

    Here's some of my thoughts on how to improve and clean up the character pages. I've been visiting some wikis for completed shows and I have some thoughts of my own, so here goes.

    • Have a poll for the quote at the top of each page so that we can make sure it's a majority favorite.
    • Keep the intro. simple and spoiler free. (We want this wiki to be friendly to people unfamiliar with the show)
    • The infoboxes are way too clunky. Take out any information that will be repeated below. Decide on the content that should s…

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  • Beckward

    Character Page Edits

    August 1, 2013 by Beckward

    Character pages are meant to be general glimpses of a character, so that new viewers can get to know them quickly, without giving away every plot. There are many sections to the character pages, please read the rules of the wiki and/or this blog before editing those pages. I'm going to be putting bits & pieces from various profiles as an example here.

    The first section is the introduction to the character. This should contain the most summarized and general information about the character. As you can see in the example below, there is a short description, containing all the essentials, nothing more. Someone can quickly see the character, a quote of theirs, and a short paragraph of necessary information.

    Moving on to the infobox. These really…

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  • Beckward

    Future It Up Edits

    July 31, 2013 by Beckward

    Please do not change the characters' names or add any of the Future It Up information into the general character bios. The episode is stand alone and not relevant to the rest of the episodes. I have put Future It Up sections on each character's page and the information from that episode should stay in there. The characters are not married, do not have children, and have their parents' last names in all the episodes except one. Let's not change everything around to where it will confuse someone who hasn't seen every episode. Thank you.

    Here is a blog to explain what, where, and how much should be on each character page.

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  • Beckward

    Allied Wikis

    March 9, 2013 by Beckward

    This wiki is now accepting Allied Wikis. You can apply for your wiki to become an Allied Wiki if you are an admin of an active wiki that is age appropriate to a Disney channel tv show. Your wiki's logo as a link will be on our front page. This wiki has more than 100,000 views per week. Just comment below if you are interested or check out the front page to see how your logo would look.

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  • Beckward

    Fifth Harmony Wiki

    March 3, 2013 by Beckward

    Hey Shake It Up fans! If you love music, you should check out the Fifth Harmony Wiki.

    This wiki is about Fifth Harmony, the girl group who was formed on the 2012 X Factor USA. They finished the show in third place and are currently signed to a record label.

    Members from left to right: Camila Cabello, Normani Hamilton, Dinah-Jane Hansen, Ally Brooke, and Lauren Jauregui.

    Be sure to stop by!

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  • KataraFan

    Hey guys! I'm really excited for the Made in Japan and I just created a new background and logo specifically for Made in Japan! I think it looks really great and I hope you guys do too. Also, I got Wikia to give us a spotlight, so you will be seeing advertisements around Wikia for the Shake It Up Wiki pretty soon! I also added something new to the main page! See if you can figure out what it is. (It's pretty obvious). Tell me what you guys think of the new theme below:

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  • InsaneBlueberry

    Hey, guys! So, this wiki has been here a while and has come such a long way since I first joined it over a year ago. It's turned out amazing! I'm so happy.

    There's only one down side to this wiki growing and the pages becoming more informational and such. There happens to be a lot - and I do mean a lot - of ship warring and bashing. Obviously, we do not accept this here on this wiki.

    Now, here on this blog, what I want you guys to do is tell me what you consider to be bashing and warring? What offends you when someone says something rude towards your ship? Let's say, someone says "ShipCouple is such a lame ship compared to ShipPairing" does that offend you? Make you annoyed? Et cetera? We want to know what you all consider bashing and warrin…

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  • Mixitup21

    Please do not upload images that already exist on the wiki. That includes fan art, screencaps, official images, and anything of the like. I've noticed an influx of duplicate images lately, and it's just taking up space. I don't want to single anyone out, but some of the Runther fanarts get uploaded as much as three times sometimes, and a lot of the episode screencaps as well. Instead of re-uploading images for comments, for example, which I've noticed happens a lot on the Runther page, please insert the existing image instead. Go to the appropriate gallery and grab the filename and use the code: [ [ File:*INSERT IMAGE FILENAME HERE*|thumb ] ] (just remove the spaces).

    I'm currently working on categorizing the images on the wiki and deleting any unus…

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  • SeddieLove4ever

    Here the Winners of the RTD AWARDS: First Edition


    1° PLACE: @SeddieLove4ever

    2° PLACE: @Ashleighlsl

    3° PLACE: @ZentonRoshonline


    1° PLACE: @SeddieXOXO & @Zoeywolfgrowl

    2° PLACE: @Ninjacupcakex

    3° PLACE: /


    1° PLACE: @SeddieXOXO

    2° PLACE: @Ninjacupcakex & @GlitterGirl123

    3° PLACE: @ZentonRoshonline & @ShakeItUpWriter


    1° PLACE: @SamFreddieLove

    2° PLACE: @TopessaSeddie

    3° PLACE: @ShakeItUpWriter


    1° PLACE: @Seddie4986

    2° PLACE: @Ninjacupcakex

    3° PLACE: /


    1° PLACE: @ZentonRoshonline

    2° PLACE: @ShakeItUpWriter

    3° PLACE: /


    1° PLACE: @SeddieLove4ever

    2° PLACE: @Ninjacupcakex

    3° PLACE: @ZentonRoshonline


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