Andy Burns is a famous entertainment blogger for a Chicago website. He appeared in "Review It Up" and is portrayed by Ben Savage.


Season 2

  • Review It Up: Rocky often does what he recommends and is not interested if he "burns" it -- until he burns Shake It Up, Chicago!, where Rocky and CeCe are back-up dancers. He said, "To the red-head: Those bangs are not your friend, their dancing stinks, etc." He revealed that, fifteen years ago, he auditioned for the show but was turned down, thus revealing that this is the reason why he dislikes the show so much.


  • "Shake it Up, Chicago! should really be called, "Makes Me Want to Throw Up, Chicago!"
  • "Are the walls coming together like the garbage pit in Star Wars?"
  • "Note to the Redhead, those bangs are not your friend."
  • "Oh no! Not you!"
  • "Andy Burns. Or… what's left of him."
  • "This is the first meal I've had this week that wasn't in the hospital."


  • He has a website where he does reviews for shows, movies, etc.
  • He did a bad review on Shake It Up, Chicago.
  • When he does a bad review on something, it is know that he "burns" it.
  • Him being known for "burning" something is a reference to his last name (Andy Burns).
  • Rocky used to love him before he "burned" Shake It Up Chicago.
  • He is a very bad dancer.
  • Rocky and CeCe tried to show him that there show deserves a good review.
  • He isn't a fan of CeCe's bangs.
  • He needs a new windshield.
  • He had a minor concussion.
  • His contact melted into his eye after CeCe and Rocky accidentally spilled his coffe into his eye.
  • He is allergic to coconut.
  • He likes lobster.
  • He is claustrophobic.
  • He watches Star Wars.
  • He has a very bossy girlfriend.
  • His girlfriend's family is from Florida. This means she may be from Florida as well.
  • He called CeCe and Rocky a nightmare.
  • He accidentally gets engaged to his bossy girlfriend.
  • He auditioned for Shake It Up Chicago and didn't get in.
  • He admitted to only writing a bad review to get even with Shake It Up, Chicago! for not letting him on the show.
  • He said that CeCe and Rocky have come a long way.
  • He promised to right a good review of Shake It Up Chicago.
  • He possibly "burned" Crusty's.
  • He moves into the same apartment building as Cece and Rocky.
  • He moved in down the hall from Cece with his girlfriend.
  • He blamed CeCe and Rocky for what was happening to him.
  • He falls down the stairs.
  • Even though he moved in down the hall from CeCe, he is never seen or mentioned again.
  • He is played by Ben Savage, who is, coincidentally, going to be in a new show called "Girl Meet World", which is a spin off to "Boy Meets World", (which he was the star of), coming to Disney Channel, later in 2014.
  • He shares the same last name as Charles Montgermy Burns, the main antagonist of the Simpsons.
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