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Adinsley (Ad/am and A/insley) is the real-life pairing of Adam Irigoyen and Ainsley Bailey

Ainsley comments about Adam

  • When asked by Star Scoop "How do you and Adam [Irigoyen] get along in real life? What is your relationship like?" Ainsely responded by saying "Thankfully, we hit it off great, like as soon as we met each other. Because that would have been really awkward if we did not get along [laughs]. We get along really well and he’s hilarious. I tend to spend most of my time with him on-set, because we’re in all the same scenes. He’s very funny, so we joke around a lot."
  • When asked by CleverTV "What is it like working with Adam on the set?" Ainsely replied by saying "So much fun!! He’s absolutely hilarious, and we hit it off from day one. We have a lot of fun playing with the dynamic between our characters!"
  • When asked by Feeling The Vibe "Who is your best friend in the cast?" Ainsley stated "I probably spend the most time with Adam on set since most of our scenes are together. He’s hilarious and a total blast to work with!"
  • In a interview with Wzra TV when asked "How do you like working with Adam Irigoyen" Ainsley answered "He's hillarious. He's so funny. He's always like making jokes and he's so good at physical comedy. He always has something crazy to do. He's really fun. He's like my little brother. He's just really fun to hang out with."
  • When asked by BOP and Tiger Beat "How was your first day on set? Were you so nervous?" Ainsley answered "I was a little nervous on my first day! I almost felt like I was the new girl at school — I knew the cast already knew each other. But everyone was so sweet and welcoming! Especially Adam, since most of our scenes are together."
  • When asked by Celebuzz!! "Who would you say is the most hardworking of the entire cast?" Ainsley answered "Adam [Irigoyen] always cracks me up with his physical comedy."
  • When asked by StayFamous “Describe each of your fellow cast members in a word or sentence.” Ainsley answered "Adam [Irigoyen] to me is just so funny. He’s wise beyond his years. I feel like he’s very mature for his age."
  • In an interview when asked by two young girls "How's your relationship with Deuce coming?" Ainsley answered "It's funny cause like in real life he's like my little brother but he's so funny and we get along really well. So thankfully were good friends. It would be awkward if we like didnt get along but he's awesome. So I got lucky."
  • In another interview from the same event as above, when asked by the interviewer "Now Deuce, he's a cutie?" Ainsley answered "Yes, he's precious. He's in real life kind of like my little brother but we get along great and he's so funny. So we I think we play off each other really well with like our comedic styles. We mesh well. So it's I got lucky with him. He's great." Ainsley was then asked "Have you had a funniest moment on set with him?" Ainsley answered "Oh gosh theres been a lot of funny ones. One of the most recent episodes I did we were like at a pep rally and we were like both really excited just because we've never really been to a real pep rally cause with acting you miss a lot of school stuff so it was fun. We had fun like experiencing that together and we were like way too into it. We were so excited."

Twitter Moments

August 5, 2013

@AinsleyBailey: @adamirigoyen Happy birthday! Hope you had an awesome day! :]

December 28, 2012

@AinsleyBailey: @SmalDirectioner No, Adam and I are just friends. :]

November 13, 2012

@AinsleyBailey: @adamirigoyen omg just saw the music video!! It was soo awesome! you did such a great job!

@AinsleyBailey: RT @adamirigoyen It's out!!! Chck it out!!

August 18, 2012

@AinsleyBailey : @adamirigoyen I'm so excited to hear it!!

‏@AinsleyBailey : @adamirigoyen It sounds awesome!! Congrats!! :D

August 7, 2012

@AinsleyBailey: @adamirigoyen Ahh you're at disneyland?! So jealous!!

August 5, 2012

‏@AinsleyBailey: Happy birthday @adamirigoyen !! Hope you have an awesome day!

June 5, 2012

@adamirigoyen: @AinsleyBailey Hey I just saw the new episode of SIU and you did soooooo good!! Hahaha I laughed soo hard haha

@AinsleyBailey: @adamirigoyen Haha ahhh thank you! You were hilarious with the wrestling part, that was the first time I'd actually seen it. SO funny!


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