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Adella (Ad/am and B/ella) is the real-life pairing of Adam Irigoyen and Bella Thorne.

Twitter Moments

@BellaThorne: "i love u"

@AdamIrigoyen:"I love you too!"

@Bellathorne: "had fun presenting w/ @adamirigoyen tonight and was honored to be nominated by @AlmaAwards pls watch this is an awesome sho"

@AdamIrigoyen: "wassup Bell!"

@BellaThorne: "Heyyy Adam!!:

@BellaThorne: what will u do Tues, 9/11?

@AdamIrigoyen: remembering all the people who fight for our country!

@BellaThorne: YES! brave, wonderful people!

Bella and Adam Moments/Trivia

  • Both got chosen to attend the ALMA awards.
  • Both Bella and Adam are Cuban.
  • They are really close on/off set.
  • They hang out a lot off set as well as on.
  • Bella and Adam's pairing name is Adella, and their Shake It Up pairing name is DeCe (Deuce & CeCe)
  • Took lots of pictures together at the ALMA awards.


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