Adam and Caroline

Adaline (Ada/m and Caro/line) is the real life pairing of Adam Irigoyen and Caroline Sunshine, who are very close friends.

Twitter Moments

  • adamirigoyen: I beat @4CastisSunshine in laser tagging twice!!! And I beat her brother in.......something else hahahaha
    • 4CastisSunshine: @adamirigoyen hahaha I will have my revenge!! ;) I can't say the same for johnny hahaha
    • adamirigoyen: @4CastisSunshine Never!!! Hahaha for the both of you!! hahaha
    • 4CastisSunshine: @adamirigoyen haha you and @jakeirigoyen01 only won because red team has #tigerblood lol
    • adamirigoyen: @4CastisSunshine Now your speaking the truth here!! hahah
  • adamirigoyen: Who is the BEST???? Well apparently @4CastisSunshine is "THE BEST" ;) hahaaha
  • 4CastisSunshine: true friend ------> @adamirigoyen
  • 4CastisSunshine: on my way to the shedd aquarium in Chi-town with @adamirigoyen + the fambams! I ♥ you already Chicago!
  • adamirigoyen: Today was my first day in Chicago and I totally loved it!! Having a great time with the fam and @4CastisSunshine!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!


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