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• 11/30/2013

Shake It Up's Future

I've seen the efforts of several members of the wiki as they try to get Disney to consider a spin-off, reunion, etc. I'm making this forum to discuss some of the things that get lost in the comments, such as when we can expect answers.

Drawing on what I know, it takes time to develop a show and generally the public doesn't hear about it until the main cast and writers are hired. I'm guessing here that we'd have to wait possibly a year or more until we hear any real news about SIU. The sets were all taken down and some of the cast no longer have contracts with Disney.

Now onto what we can expect, as far as I know, Bella and Zendaya may be out of the equation entirely. Bella stated that she wasn't sure that she wanted a lead role in a tv show for the time being, although she could guest star. Zendaya is currently working on her new show and if it is ordered by Disney then she won't be available to do more than guest star. Basically, it would be a spin-off based on one of the side characters or all new characters in a similar environment.

As a last statement, I don't know exactly what she meant, but Bella did say something along the lines of politics being involved since the creator of SIU is creating Zendaya's new show. I'm not sure what she meant by that. It might mean that a spin-off or reunion will not take place as long as Zendaya's show is under consideration or on the air.

I'm just curious what your opinions are. Realistically, what do you think a spin-off would be about? Are SIU characters or SIU universe more likely? Who would it feature? When do you think a spin-off and/or reunion will occur? Do you suppose Disney might consider a movie option instead?

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• 11/30/2013

A movie option is more likely. Like the whole Wizards reunion earlier this year, or maybe even a DCOM like Suite Life, which would only take a few weeks to shoot.  

I watch SIU for Zendaya and Bella, so without them, the spin-off show just doesn't interest me as much. Plus, which side character is strong enough to play the lead? Hardly, any of them.

Flynn - Davis isn't too pleased with Disney's deciscions lately so who knows if he'll even come back. He isn't too young to have his own show (when you consider that the ANT Farm and Girl Meets World lead roles were/are 12 in the first season.) But what can he bring to the table? 

Ty - Roshon seems a little too old now. Debby Ryan got a show when she was only 18, but Ro is already 21. Plus, we know how his life turns out, workingfor Flynn. Now if he was striving to become a rapper as initially planned, Disney could probably make a show based on that. But I'm doubtful.

Tinka and Dina's accents might not be suitable enough for a main character, since it's never happened before and some people might not take too it kindly (Think of Cat from Victorious, wonderful character, but her voice can be overbearing. ) 

In my opinion, none of them are strong enough to lead a show on their own. But who knows? Maybe they could find something that works.

• 12/1/2013

I think the movie option is most likely too. They've already done that with WOWP after all and I think all (or most) of the cast would be open to that. Maybe even some of the recurring characters could be included.

I agree with you about the other cast members taking over the show. I'd prefer a spin-off based on all new characters. One of the reasons I loved SIU in the first place was the whole dance aspect and I trust that they could have another dance crew with characters that are just as dynamic.

• 12/2/2013

My fear for the spin-off show is if the writers begin to recycle ideas, or if the ratings aren't so good. Or what if the show just doesn't seem to match up to what Shake It Up used to be? If you know about the Nickelodeon show, All That, Nick tried to do the same thing with that show once the original cast was gone. But the show went downhill with the new cast, and it was finally cancelled. If Disney wants to keep Shake It Up going, they better be ready to pull a miracle to keep people tuning in. Maybe they should change the location to Shake It Up Los Angeles or even New York. (I'd like to see how Kat ended up.) And I wonder if they'll keep the buddy comedy aspect of the show. 

• 12/28/2013

I agree with you completely. The ending of your paragraph is exactly what I was thinking. Something far removed from the original with some familiar aspects, such as dancing, original music, maybe some guest appearances from the original cast, etc. SIU was losing viewers every season, so I can see where Disney might be unwilling to try. As for the recycling ideas, I was annoyed enough with all the recycling happening in Season 3. It was my main concern about a potential Season 4 or a spin-off.

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