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• 4/9/2018

OMG!!!!!!! This is bad

Hi I am a big fan of Shake it up bc i loved that show but now I have learned that Shake It Up is not on disney anymore! MY HEART IS BREAKING!!!!!! WHY did the cast & crew cancel Shake It Up?
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• 4/9/2018

OMG!!!!!!! This is bad

Hi I am a big fan of Shake it up bc i loved that show but now I have learned that Shake It Up is not on disney anymore! MY HEART IS BREAKING!!!!!! WHY did the cast & crew cancel Shake It Up?
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• 4/9/2018

OMG!!!!!!! This is bad

Hi I am a big fan of Shake it up bc i loved that show but now I have learned that Shake It Up is not on disney anymore! MY HEART IS BREAKING!!!!!! WHY did the cast & crew cancel Shake It Up?
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• 3/29/2018

Hiya! I'm looking for a specific episode! Fans Unite!

I'm looking for the episode where CeCe and Rocky are praising Tinka and Gunther, think it was something like a dream sequence. Thanks for any help! <3 Love -ShakeItUpFan826
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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/9/2016


I'm new to Wikia and I love Disney's Shake It Up! I hope to contribute lots here! See you guys soon! :)
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• 12/31/2015


Hey guys, so I was wondering in Deuce's page it says that: He wears blue boxers in three episodes and is embarrassed all of those times. but I cant only think of two. 1) when he lost his clotthes while arm wrestling Gunther (which btw doesnt make much sense because he says that you are just lucky I won back my underwear while he is still wearing an undershirt I mean who gives away their underwear when they can just lose an undershirt). 2) when Flynn took them off magically while Deuce was chained up. I cant think of a third time did I skip an episode  by mistake? :P btw I dont think he was embarrased but it was pretty funny
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• 10/17/2014

Full Season Order

It hasn't even come out yet, and already KC Undercover has a full season order!!! :D
Read here: KC Undercover JJJr
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• 10/7/2014

EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bella Thorne will reunite with Zendaya as a guest star on KC Undercover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's the link: JJJr
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• 2/22/2014


So everyone knows that Zendaya's Debut album came out already! I want to say that I'm totally proud of her album! The tracks had a kind of fun vibe that you can groove to and She sang beautifully in every song! And I'm not saying it all because I'm a zswagger! lol
I would like to know your thoughts her first album! :)
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• 2/22/2014

Bella Thorne's Debut Album!

Hello everyone! Everyone know that Bella thorne will be having her first album? Then that's great. I would like to say that Bella Thorne wasn't really a good singer at first (Bellarinas/os please don't hate me lol) but I know that she improved a bit. And I bet she has improved a little more in her 1st album! I would like to see many messages on this discussion! :)
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• 2/22/2014

Super Awesome Katy

Hello guys! It's nice to be back again! So I have a question for you guys! Will anyone join SAK wiki? :)
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• 2/19/2014

Character Galleries

Hey guys. :)
Sorry I haven't been around a lot but I promise I'll try to come on daily and edit around the wiki. :D
Anyways, Beckward and I have both agreed that lots of the character galleries (mostly the main character galleries) are very and I mean very messy so we decided that we're going to remove all the pictures and put it into a blog so we won't lose all the pictures and we'll start from scratch and put each picture in a section.
So the galleries that are very messy will be locked so no user can ruin it. We will leave a little note to the blog for the gallery so you can still visit and look at the pictures.
Any questions? Feel free to ask below. :)
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• 1/31/2014
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• 1/11/2014

2014 on the Wiki

2014 has already started and since the holidays are over, hopefully we'll all have a little more time to work on finalizing the wiki. Even though the show ended a couple months ago, there's still a lot of work to do.
I'd like to have the character quotes nominated and voted on by February. So if you have a favorite quote from any of the characters, leave it in a reply here or on this blog. I'll start the polls when it looks like we have a good amount of nominations.
If you'd like to become part of the admin team, there are two spaces for dedicated wiki users who don't mind a little extra work. You can apply here.
If you have any topic that you want to bring up, our forums are starting to generate a bit of traffic. You can talk about anything with the other users, play a SIU themed guessing game, or start a thread all your own.
Let me know if there is anything you think can think of that would improve around the wiki. I'm open to any suggestions to make things easier or more welcoming to visitors.
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• 1/10/2014

New Admins

Since I'm now a bureaucrat and most of our admins aren't able to come here as often, I will be promoting 2 new admins. Some things I'm looking for is someone who is familiar with the site policy, comes to the wiki often, doesn't argue/gets along with other users, and is willing to do a lot of work to help me finalize the wiki. Mind you the work will be very boring and won't give you many if any points. Check out my edit stats and notice the percentages with main edits and file edits. File edits are behind the scenes and as you can see, that's the majority of my edits. My page edits are slightly less than my comments, mainly because when I first joined, I really didn't edit. Check out your stats and compare them to mine. It might show you how much more I'll be expecting you to do.
If you want to be an admin, I will be accepting up to 10 applicants. I will tell you what I think are your good points and what you'd need to improve on to be an admin then watching your activity for one to two weeks to determine if you're serious about the position. After I've had time to see who will work the hardest and take the job seriously, I will select 2 admins. You'll be my support team and I would like the most reliable team possible.
To apply, just post a reply here with the reason why you think you'd make a good admin and your timezone (so I know when I can expect you to be online).
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• 1/8/2014

Season 4 episodes

Here is my season 4 and upcoming season 5/movie episodes of SIU, for Wizards, Suite Life and Sonny please go to my blog instead
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• 1/8/2014

Plots and links for your stories

Hay guys :) i talked with Beckward a few days ago and we decided to make a site to write here the plots and so on for your stories or your blogs :)
Means if you have for example a season 4 or an other story from SIU and you want the others to write them then write here the link for it and maybe also with a short explanation, what the story is about so everybody can read it and might get interested :) 
I made this, that there won't be spam at the Remember Me page anymore and that everybody could post their links . :) If you have other stories from other sections to share, i would still say that should go at the message walls but every story, promo, plot for SIU can be posted here :)
Love you guys as always xx
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• 12/29/2013

Guess the Episode

So if anyone wants to, I have a game. I've watched the SIU episodes so many times that I have all this useless information and nothing to do with it. How it goes is someone picks an episode for the others to guess (I'll start) and gives a really tiny detail as a clue. Someone makes a guess and if they're right, they are the next one to pick an episode. If they are wrong, then I (or whoever's turn it is) will give another small clue.
Without further ado, guess which episode I'm thinking of!
In this episode, Rocky wears a shirt with a sparkly skull on it.
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• 12/28/2013

Dispute Resolution

Here's the place where you can bring up something you feel another user is doing wrong or could do better.
Rules: If you're going to leave a comment, make sure you leave a solution or a positive suggestion on how the user can improve their contributions to the wiki not just what they could improve. This is meant to be a positive place for resolving disputes, please keep it civil. If you find your name here, you are allowed to respond, but make sure to do so politely or just take the suggestions on board. This is a place for discussion, so feel free to talk to each other about what is bothering you as long as it doesn't turn into an argument. The Site Policy still applies here, so be careful about how you make your statement.
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